How to whiten your teeth naturally at home

Last modified on Sep 15, 2021 14:18 BST Laura Sutcliffe Teeth whitening: Easy tips for getting whiter teeth naturally at home, including eating trắng foods, oil pulling & using an electric toothbrush.

Let"s face it, everyone wants that super shiny, Hollywood smile. We all crave dazzling trắng teeth, but while there are a number of cosmetic treatments available on the market lớn achieve an enviable smile, from composite bonding to lớn veneers, Dr Hanna Kinsella reveals that the secret khổng lồ a whiter, brighter smile could be as simple as making a few small changes to lớn your diet.

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New mum Hanna, who stars in ITV"s Real Housewives of Cheshire, explains that although the best way khổng lồ whiten teeth is by professionally approved whitening products, there are many ways you can achieve a whiter smile at trang chủ without them.

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1. Be aware of your food và drink

Coffee, tea & red wine can quickly cause yellow or brown stains khổng lồ form, so small things lượt thích being aware of avoiding these drinks if possible, or drinking these through a straw may help to lớn keep teeth white & avoid stains. The nicotine in smoking can also stain teeth, so it goes without saying to avoid cigarettes too for whiter teeth.


How does avoiding certain foods whiten your teeth?

Food colouring stains teeth by binding lớn the tooth surface. Load up on natural food, it doesn"t stain your teeth as much

2. Visit your doctor

Something most people don’t know is that health issues like diabetes, oral cancer, anaemia and some eating disorders can also cause damage to the tooth enamel & oral health, which can result in yellow teeth. Always seek help from a professional if you are experiencing any of these, & your teeth will benefit too.

How does going lớn the doctor whiten your teeth?

Certain health issues can cause oral ill health, always get checked if you think something is wrong, it may be affecting your teeth, too.


3. Brush your teeth correctly

Instead of brushing teeth aggressively with a hard grip - which can be a natural response - try lớn hold your toothbrush at the very end and use a grip as if you’re holding a pen. This will reduce pressure lớn the brush and the teeth, therefore protecting them from damage. All of these things can contribute khổng lồ whiter teeth.

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How does brushing your teeth whiten your teeth?

Brushing your teeth gently reduces damage, và protects them, leading to whiter teeth.

You can add Whites Beaconsfield"s new every day whitening toothpaste to lớn your routine.

The specially formulated toothpaste whitens, detoxes the mouth, dissolves stains, kills bad breath, removes plaque & remineralises teeth.

4. Healthy eating - strawberries can whiten the teeth


Who knew - strawberries contain malic acid which is actually a natural tooth whitener. Obviously don’t go too hard on the strawberries, và don’t rub them on the teeth or keep them against the enamel for too long, but a healthy amount of them can help with whitening! In the same vein, apples are a great way of cleaning the teeth (in some form!) as long as not eaten too aggressively. The rough edges of crispy food lượt thích apples can help to remove bacteria from the teeth.

How vì strawberries whiten your teeth?

They contain Malic acid, which is a natural cleanser.

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5. Use a sonic toothbrush

Using a sonic electric toothbrush like ICY BEAR whitening toothbrush can provide a powerful dynamic cleaning kích hoạt that helps to lớn keep teeth and gums healthy by removing plaque, as well as effective stain removal which helps khổng lồ brighten teeth and restore them lớn their natural whiteness.


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How does using an electric toothbrush whiten your teeth?

electric toothbrushes remove more stains by vibrating or rotating in a more efficient & effective manner than manual brushing alone.

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6. Drink plenty of water

A benefit across so many areas of life, drinking water is essential for wellbeing & also our oral health - it’s a natural cleaner in so many senses and can also help remove bacteria from the teeth. Always have at least a glass of water after eating meals.

How does drinking water whiten your teeth?

Water helps remove bits of food stuck in your teeth after meals, avoiding a build up

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7. Floss, floss, floss

Flossing is that step everyone forgets - but it has so many benefits. It can remove some staining in between teeth & brighten the smile as well as help with overall oral health.

How does flossing whiten your teeth?

Flossing stops decay as it removes food after meals và brightens the smile

8. Visit your dentist regularly

You should be visiting your dentist every six months - they will be able khổng lồ talk lớn you all about the colour of your teeth if you’re not seeing any improvement with your own dental health. You can always consider professional teeth whitenings, veneers or composite bonding to lớn whiten the teeth artificially. If done by a medical professional, the results can be hugely confidence Boosting.

How does the dentist whiten your teeth?

The dentist can offer treatments and point out areas of your teeth that need improving.

9. At trang chủ whitening treatments

Extremely popular thanks lớn the pandemic, at trang chủ treatments can show huge results. Icy Bear Dental has just launched - performance-driven dental care for whiter teeth và brighter smiles which are palm oil free, SLS miễn phí and animal cruelty free. The professionally developed toothpaste và professional whitening strips have a rare ingredient combination containing the finest diamonds which gently clean and reduce stains with no damage to the tooth surface.

How bởi vì at trang chủ whitening treatments whiten your teeth?

Professionally developed, they combine the best, healthiest ingredients to lớn make your teeth glow

10. Gargling ginger và salt water

Gargling with salt và ginger water helps lớn both whiten your teeth naturally và looks after your gums (as it is a natural antibacterial). Set a teaspoon of salt và a little ginger in a cup of warm kettle boiled water (cool it down) và use it as mouthwash.

How does gargling salt and ginger water whiten your teeth?

Salt is a natural antibacterial working by attacking bacterial cell walls.

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