12 tips to make money on youtube


If you're a digital content creator, you've probably wondered how to lớn make money on YouTube at some point.

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And if you’re aspiring to lớn be a digital content creator, you're also probably wondering that!

Social media is a profitable avenue for nội dung creators, & YouTube is no exception. Let's break down how to make money on YouTube, all the details, and the tools you'll need.

There is no need for a background in videography; all you need is a simple clip maker like nhatroso.com, some inspiration, và a little bit of knowledge on the subject.

You're on your way to being a YouTube star!


How to make money on YouTube

There are a bunch of ways lớn make money on YouTube. Some are easy, & some require a little bit of creativity.

We've found the top 13 ways to lớn make YouTube your next income source. Read on to lớn find out which gig is the one for you.

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program (or YPP) is step number one for two reasons: it allows you to monetize your content and gives you access to great resources to help grow your channel.

The Creator tư vấn team can troubleshoot issues for you, help with technical aspects of YouTube, navigate policy, & more. They're always there to help.

Without joining the YouTube Partner Program, you won't monetize your videos or your channel.

Check out this đoạn phim for a brief overview of the YouTube Partner Program plus a few commonly asked questions.

2. Make money via YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium gives viewers many benefits when watching YouTube, such as no ads, background play, download abilities, và more.

You'd think that YouTube Premium takes away revenue by removing ads from videos, but that's not the case.

YouTube supports creators whose videos get displayed on YouTube premium when ad revenue is lost. YouTube will pay creators for views when viewers watch your nội dung via YouTube Premium.

Many viewers prefer the YouTube Premium experience. & thanks to YouTube, your viewers can have their preferences, và you can still profit.

3. Connect with brands via YouTube Brandconnect

YouTube Brandconnect is a platform that fosters connections between creators & brands.

Brandconnect makes it simple for influencers và brands lớn work on campaigns together.

Everybody's happy–brands cốt truyện their products, you make money, & your viewers learn about new products from đứng đầu brands based on your recommendations.

When partnering with brands, you can negotiate your rates, kickbacks, and campaigns. Và as a bonus–YouTube Brandconnect has powerful insight tools so you can prove your worth.

4. Monetize live streams via Super Chat

If you're a streamer, you better be monetizing your live streams!

Super Chat exists through the YouTube Partner Program, và it allows users to lớn pay to leave comments on your streams.

Viewers can purchase comments while watching your content, và they get pinned to lớn the đứng đầu of the chat feed. The more money they spend, the longer the bình luận stays at the top of the feed.

This is a super simple way to lớn monetize YouTube content. You get a 70% cut of the Supers revenue just from your fans leaving comments.

5. Participate in the YouTube Shorts Fund

If you make creative shorts, the YouTube Shorts Fund is for you.

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100M fund that rewards creators for original shorts on YouTube.

Each month, YouTube assesses the performance of Short films on their site và offers creators a bonus from the fund.

You could receive between $100 - $10,000 per month just for uploading your regularly scheduled programming!

Make sure your short is original, creative, and exclusive to lớn YouTube. If it performs well, YouTube will come through with your bonus!

6. Offer channel memberships

You can offer your biggest fans exclusive content for a monthly fee with channel memberships.

How does it work? Well, you can gatekeep content like videos, badges, emojis, and only your monthly subscribers will have access to lớn it. They become members of your channel and get members-only perks.

You don't need a million subscribers lớn find success with channel memberships! If you offer valuable nội dung and have devoted viewers, channel memberships are an excellent money-making method.

7. Get ad revenue from đoạn phim ads

YouTube's primary source of revenue is advertising. & yours can be too!

Once you enroll in the YouTube Partner Program, you're able to lớn offer your videos as ad space to brands & advertisers.

Just mix up your AdSense account, connect it to lớn your YouTube account, and Google does the rest! You get a cut of the ad revenue they make.

Your revenue will depend on your content, views, và engagement rate. Và as your account grows, your income will too.

8. Use Merch Shelf khổng lồ showcase your merchandise

Merch Shelf allows creators khổng lồ sell branded merchandise to their followers through your channel. You can display your buyable merch on your videos, kết thúc screens, channel, và live streams.

Organizing và selling branded merch might sound complicated, but we promise it's not. Many retailer sites and platforms handle everything lượt thích payments, production, fulfillment, & shipping.

They do the work, & you make money!

Selling merch is a great way lớn make money on YouTube because it's a way for your fans to support you while getting something in return.

9. Sell products or services khổng lồ viewers directly

If you're business savvy and you want to sell directly khổng lồ your viewers, consider creating a sản phẩm or service for them to purchase.

Selling products is an excellent option for creators with specialized content or a large following. For example, a beauty guru could produce makeup brushes, or a YouTube chef could sell a cookbook.

If you sell your products or services off YouTube, just promote them in your videos! Make sure to lớn include links on your end screens, your bios, and your clip captions.

10. Make sponsored đoạn clip content

If you enjoy working with brands, making sponsored video clip content is a great option for making money on YouTube.

Partner with brands that relate khổng lồ your nội dung and fanbase, & get them to lớn sponsor your videos in exchange for a shoutout.

Lots of YouTubers use this method. The more followers you have, the more brands will pay you for a shoutout.

Getting sponsored video clip content is straightforward:

Research brands who might have a similar audience as your YouTube audienceReach out with a short intro and your YouTube insights & statsMention them in your next video

Then, you can negotiate rates, và voila! You now have a sponsor for your video.

11. Become a brand affiliate

Brand affiliation is a popular method for creators to lớn profit from their content.

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When you become a brand affiliate, you become a representative of that brand. These partnerships last for a while, & you make money off of kickbacks & conversions.

Brands will give you a way of tracking which sales you influence, either through an affiliate link or a discount code.

Every time you lead a shopper to lớn make a purchase, you get a cut.

12. Crowdfund your next project

Crowdfunding is an excellent way to source revenue for upcoming projects. If you think your project will benefit others, try crowdfunding!

Perhaps you're a travel YouTuber who is constantly exploring new places. Your followers may be inclined to support your trips so they can view the content.

If you host your chiến dịch on a crowdfunding website, other investors can find it and fund your project too.

13. Become a YouTube influencer

Influencers exist on every social truyền thông media platform. Simply put, they are creators with a devoted following. And they're experts at monetizing their content.

You can be an influencer in any industry. Some industries are more popular than others, lượt thích beauty, fashion, và health and wellness. But that doesn't mean you need to stay within these guidelines.

As a YouTube influencer, you should use all 13 of these ways to make money on YouTube. Being an influencer means creating content is your full-time job, so get to it!

A quick checklist to lớn monetize your YouTube channel

So now you know there are many ways khổng lồ make money on YouTube. Và some methods may be better suited for you than others.

But if you're ready lớn monetize your YouTube channel, here's a quick checklist lớn get you started.

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

As we mentioned before, this is an essential first step. Almost all the monetization channels we said before require your enrollment into the YouTube Partner Program.

Joining the YoutTube Partner Program will enable you to lớn use the most profitable aspects of YouTube.

2. Meet YouTube's requirements

Most of YouTube's perks have requirements.

There are basic eligibility requirements to turn on monetization features. They vary by feature & depend on your follower size, location, & age.

3. Create a Google AdSense account

A Google AdSense trương mục is what connects your YouTube tài khoản to advertisers.

You need an AdSense account to make money, track analytics, & get paid.

4. Choose a method to lớn monetize your channel

Choose from the 13 methods above khổng lồ monetize your YouTube channel.

As we mentioned, some monetization methods will better suit your channel and content than others.

However, choose as many or as few as you like, và start making money!

5. Follow YouTube’s rules on monetization

You'll need khổng lồ learn about YouTube's policies to ensure that your trương mục doesn't break any rules. If it does, you can thua all the ways to lớn make money on YouTube.

Your content will need khổng lồ comply with rules & best practices lớn continue receiving ad revenue and other forms of monetization.

Frequently asked questions

What are the YouTube Partner Program requirements?

There are six requirements for your trương mục to be eligible to lớn join the YouTube Partner Program.

You must follow all the YouTube monetization policies.You must live in a region where the YPP is available.You cannot have any active community guideline strikes against your channel.You must have more than 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months.You must have more than 1,000 subscribers.You must have a linked Google AdSense account.

If you aren't eligible for the YouTube Partner Program yet, focus on creating great, consistent content, và you'll get there.

When does YouTube pay you?

YouTube pays its creators monthly.

At the start of every month for the previous month, YouTube will pay out your revenue to your AdSense account. So, for the money you made in January, you'll be paid in early February.

Once the money is in your AdSense account, you'll have lớn withdraw it to lớn your connected bank account.

How much bởi YouTubers make?

Asking how much YouTubers make is an open-ended question, và the honest answer is any amount!

Small accounts on YouTube can bring in a small side income. YouTube's biggest creators can make over $50 million in a year.

It all depends on your content, your followers, & which monetization methods you choose to lớn use.

That's why it's essential khổng lồ know all the ways you can make money on YouTube.

How much does YouTube pay per view?

How much YouTube pays per view depends on your revenue streams & followers.

YouTube pays out 68% of its AdSense revenue. On average, a YouTube channel can make $18 per 1,000 ad views.

How much does YouTube pay for 1 million views?

If your videos are getting a million views, you could ảo diệu to $30,000 per video!

However, this isn't guaranteed. Your revenue will depend on ads, sponsorships, affiliates, và more. This number differs for everyone, so it will depend on your channel, its size, and how you're monetizing YouTube videos.

Why trust nhatroso.com lớn make YouTube videos

To be a great YouTuber, you need to have great videos.

Great videos are all in the tools you use. You'll need a good camera, a microphone, proper lighting, và a great đoạn phim editor lớn start.

nhatroso.com is a fantastic video editor because it's fun & straightforward. Any experience level will serve you well–you could be a video editing master or a first-timer.

nhatroso.com is a great video maker for five reasons:

Trim your footage, crop your photos, and adjust the timing of your media.It's easy lớn preview and export your finished sản phẩm in moments.

Don’t know where to start? Show your audience what to lớn expect on your YouTube channel with a fun, informative trailer video.

Look no further if you need a simple đoạn clip editor khổng lồ create great YouTube videos.

Now you know how to lớn make money on YouTube & how nhatroso.com can help!

Time khổng lồ bring in the cash

If you're looking lớn boost your YouTube content and monetize your channel, you can start today.

Use our checklist, pick some monetization methods, & create great videos with nhatroso.com.

If you put the time & effort into growing your channel & raking in revenue, you could be a high YouTube earner in no time now that you know how to lớn make money on YouTube.