How to look beautiful in 15 days?


How khổng lồ Beautify Your Face naturally? Your skin care gets neglected while meeting the demands of work and family. Your daily schedule is grueling enough lớn drain you by the kết thúc of the day. Hence, it is quite understandable, that you vì not get time to look after your skin, the way you should. However, these conditions cast an unhealthy impact on your skin.

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And with time, you start developing problems like skin darkening, dark spots, dull skin, pimples, sun tan and inflammation. There are several treatments available today, which would most certainly fix these skin troubles. But let’s admit it; the skin treatments at the salon làm tóc take a toll on your budget, more often than not. Also, you might not have the time to lớn sit through those tedious sessions of treatments.

Why Skin Problems Occur?

Your water intake is insufficient.You are not getting adequate sleep.Your diet is lacking in essential nutrients.Your skin has got affected by the ultra violet rays of the sun.A sedentary lifestyle has made the blood circulation of your body toàn thân poor.You are not cleansing your skin regularly.

Tips to lớn Beautify Your Face Naturally

You can prepare wonderful skin treatments at home itself, và these would also be budget friendly. Here are some natural skin care tips – the 10 natural ways to beautify your skin, which are a boon lớn your skin and cost effective as well.

Get Soft Skin

When you have been in the sun, without wearing sun protection, you are bound to get a tanned or irritated skin. To lớn heal heat induced and sun tanned skin, make prepare this anti-tanning pack at trang chủ conveniently.

Take 2 tablespoons of gram flour (besan) & mix 1 tea spoon of fresh cream into it. Add a pinch of turmeric & 1 tea spoon sandalwood powder. Set well. Now add some drops of lemon. Apply this mixture on the affected area and let it dry for trăng tròn minutes. Rinse off with warm water & pat dry.

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Or if you think this pack requires too many ingredients, try this quick tip. Take 2 tablespoons of yogurt & squeeze half a lemon into it. Mát xa this mixture on your skin và leave for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water. Applying these tips for three consecutive days would help you regain your original skin color.

Moisturize Dry Skin

Exfoliating your skin is a skin ritual which everyone must follow. It is as crucial lớn remove dead cells from your skin, as it is to breathe in fresh air. When the pores of the epidermis are clogged with dead cells, the skin is unable khổng lồ breathe causing breakouts, dull skin & ageing. Prepare the following scrub at home.

Take some oatmeal powder and add one tablespoon of skimmed milk into it. Phối well & apply the same on your face, neck & hands. Massage gently with your fingers, in circular motion. Wash off after 15 minutes và do not use soap.

Treat Your Pimples

Who does not lượt thích to get a fairer complexion & brighter looking skin? & fairness creams are not a permanent solution to lớn your skin complexion woes. Try using the beautiful looking fruit-strawberries! Crush a few strawberries và mix rose essential oils (few drops) into it. Phối the ingredients well và scrub your skin gently with this for 5 minutes. Wash off with cool water và watch your skin radiate naturally.

Tone Your Skin Naturally

Freshly extracted aloe vera gel is an ideal and natural soother khổng lồ heal skin inflammation. So, if you have been the victim of red & itchy rashes, put some aloe vera gel on the affected area. Let it stay for 15 minutes & wash off with cool water. Rub ice cube on the skin for two minutes & pat dry.

Get Instant Glow (Beautify Your Face)

A long và hard day’s work usually makes you dog tired. It is natural for you khổng lồ fret about getting an instantly glowing skin for the evening buổi tiệc ngọt then. Take heart and treat your skin with this natural glow pack. Mash an over ripen banana và mix 1 tea spoon of skimmed milk into it. Now địa chỉ 2 tea spoons of honey and mix well. Apply on a clean face và spread evenly. Let it stay for đôi mươi minutes and wash off with fresh water. You would be flattered by your sparkling skin!