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Vietnamese Fried Banana Cake

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In the last days of the year, if you go to Ha Giang, vị not miss the opportunity to lớn attend markets và enjoy specialties.

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Delicious food in Ha Giang markets 37

The fairs in the rocky plateau always reserve a corner for the seller of charcoal-grilled white cake. This is a typical image, close, everyone who goes khổng lồ the market also stops by. Cake made from fermented cornstarch, soft, slightly sour, often served with thang co or meat soups.

Delicious food in Ha Giang markets 38

Five-color sticky rice is made up of five different colors, which are red, yellow, blue, purple, và white. Ingredients for making five-color sticky rice include: Sticky rice is fragrant, the seeds are not mixed, mixed with forest leaves lớn dye. Red uses gac fruit, red rice leaves. Green uses ginger leaves, green sticky rice leaves, or grapefruit peels, bitter bamboo shoots, burned & soaked in water with a little lime. Yellow use old turmeric to pound water. Purple uses đen rice leaves or leaves after… Before dyeing sticky rice, clean glutinous rice is soaked in cold water for 6 to 8 hours so that the rice grains can bloom.

Delicious food in Ha Giang markets 39

Cornmeal dumplings are vegetarian dumplings that look like bread on the outside but are made of cornflour. The cake has a light sweet taste depending on the type but is fragrant.

Delicious food in Ha Giang markets 40

Buckwheat buckwheat cake is a typical cake of the hy vọng people in the rocky plateau. The process of making cakes has many stages, the buckwheat seeds are harvested, dried & then ground until smooth, then mixed with water & molded into flat round cakes. The diameter of the cake is usually more than a hand, put it in a mold & then steam it on the stove for about 10 minutes lớn cook evenly. When eating, bake or fry. The cake has a fragrant, sweet, slightly gritty taste.

Delicious food in Ha Giang markets 41

Thang amaran is made from glutinous rice flour, can be filled with beans or vegetarian, a bit lượt thích drift cake in Hanoi, but has many colors. The cake is bigger than a finger, dropped in a bowl with sweet sugar water with coconut milk and ginger khổng lồ create a fragrant, fatty và spicy flavor that is very suitable for eating on cold days. In each bowl of wontons, there are also peanuts or đen sesame seeds.

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Delicious food in Ha Giang markets 42

Banh Cuon soup is a breakfast dish, Banh Cuon filled with wood ear, minced meat, egg served with broth/broth, in a bowl with fragrant spring rolls, chopped cilantro. The broth is greasy, sweet from the stewed bones, & smells hard khổng lồ resist.

Delicious food in Ha Giang markets 43

Chung hump cake is a specialty of Ha Giang, wrapped by hand, the crust is blue or đen depending on the type of rice. If the cake is green, the rice is mixed with the rice, & the black cake is mixed with brown rice. The inside of the cake has both lean meat và fat. Cakes are packed daily by some families in Ha Giang city but must be pre-ordered because quantities are limited. Each cake costs 17,000 VND.

Delicious food in Ha Giang markets 44

Au Tau porridge is cooked from upland sticky rice, pig’s feet, và tubers. The tubers are brought home, washed, soaked in water to lớn wash rice for one night, then simmered for about 4 hours to lớn soften & loosen. The meat is then mixed with rice và cooked in the broth from pork feet. Porridge has the bitter taste of the young pipe. Hiu Tau is usually sold only in the evening. According to lớn people, tubers must be cleaned and simmered. Cuu tuber is very toxic, so it must be processed carefully, drinking alcohol, & fighting joint pain.

Delicious food in Ha Giang markets 45

From September khổng lồ December of the lunar calendar is the time khổng lồ harvest mint honey on the rocky plateau. Along with National Highway 4C to lớn Quan Ba, Dong Van & Meo Vac districts, visitors can easily meet beekeeping shacks & honey mining on the spot. Typical honey has a lemon-yellow color, strong aroma, sweet and cool like mint.

Delicious food in Ha Giang markets 46

The new đen chicken hot pot appeared when tourism thrived, causing accompanying services lớn flourish. The special feature of đen chicken hot pot is to eat in combination with buckwheat vegetables, cabbage, peas… lớn make the taste of the hot pot sweeter.

Delicious food in Ha Giang markets 47

In the northern mountainous provinces, autumn winter is the right time lớn grow vegetables. Cabbage at this time is usually less susceptible lớn pests & diseases because of the cold. The cabbage growing from the rocky plateau is always slightly sweet, not too bitter. Cabbage is a plant grown around the house, along the highway. Each bunch of vegetables sold here is from 3,000 lớn 5,000 VND.

Delicious food in Ha Giang markets 48

Gai cake uses traditional ingredients such as gai cake in the lowlands such as glutinous rice, hemp leaves, green beans… only different from the way of wrapping the cake và forest banana leaves as the crust to create toughness. This is a typical cake of Tan quang đãng commune, Bac quang đãng district, Ha Giang. Follow (vnexpress)