Traditional tet jam dishes of the northern people


The New Year of the Ox is getting closer & closer, in addition to preparing khổng lồ cook dishes such as frozen meat, pickled onions, và rice cakes, jam is also an unforgettable dish somewhere. Let’s take a look at the delicious, sweet jams right below to địa chỉ to the complete Tet shopping list.

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Coconut jam

This is the most familiar jam for every family on every Tet holiday. Thanks to the delicious & fragrant taste along with many eye-catching colors such as white, green, blue, pink & coconut jam, it plays a role in highlighting the Tet jam tray on the water table. Crispy pieces of coconut are covered with a layer of trắng sugar, creating a sweet, greasy taste that is hard to confuse.

Coconut jam has many variations with all flavors & colors.

Lotus seed jam

Lotus seed jam is also known as bare lotus jam. This is also a jam that many families choose khổng lồ treat guests during Tet. Khổng lồ prepare this jam, the chef must be very meticulous in choosing delicious lotus seeds, evenly distributed. After that, lotus is simmered and then mixed with sugar, creating an even golden màu sắc and then letting it dry to lớn enjoy.

Lotus seed jam, fragrant, light sweet.

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Ginger jam

Ginger jam has a pungent flavor, if enjoyed on every cold occasion of Tet holidays outside the North, it will definitely make the spring atmosphere more complete. This dish is made from pieces of ginger with a bright yellow color, neither too young nor too old. In addition to being a snack, ginger jam also brings a lot of health benefits such as fighting bloating, abdominal pain, vomiting or eating disorderly, …

Spicy ginger jam, eat a small piece to feel warm.

Pumpkin jam

Pumpkin jam is present in the Tet jam tray with white color, kim cương shape và the length of a finger. In addition to lớn the delicious taste, squash jam also brings a lot of good uses for health such as: detoxification, toàn thân cooling, refreshment, … Therefore, this is also a delicious dish. Indispensable for many families on this New Year’s Eve.

Take a look at the indispensable jam dishes during Tet of the Northern people – Photo 1

Kumquat jam

Kumquat jam has a bright yellow color, sweet and sour taste. This dish is not too difficult to lớn make. You can refer to how Vietnamese mothers make kumquat jam here. Kumquat jam is used as a snack to sip on Tet holiday, which is both delicious and easy to lớn digest, while helping to lớn relieve boredom effectively during Tet.

Sweet and sour kumquat jam is very attractive.

Carrot jam

This is a very prominent orange-red jam in the Tet jam tray. Carrot jam symbolizes abundance & luck in the new year. People can process carrots into dishes such as flexible carrot jam, crispy carrot jam, shredded carrot jam, etc. However, no matter how it is processed, this jam also has its own flavor. The taste is very delicious, characteristically blended with a layer of sweet trắng sugar.

Jam is an indispensable dish during Tet. Above are very familiar jam dishes and appear a lot in every family in the North. Choose your favorite jam and prepare lớn celebrate Tet!

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