5 tiktok beauty trends worth the hype

It seems lượt thích every other day there's a new TikTok beauty hack flooding the phầm mềm that folks are claiming will make your life easier và your face prettier. Sometimes these pointers elicit worthwhile results, like adding blue pigment to your foundation to lớn neutralize it. Others are simply not worth the time or flat-out strange, such as mixing lube with your base makeup (please, just don't). It can get a little overwhelming trying to lớn keep up with all the new tricks & figure out which ones are actually worth the effort.

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But that's where we come in khổng lồ provide you with the truth about these TikTok hacks. There are plenty that we have covered or even debunked through the app's short life. If you want to see all the ones that are big no-nos from 2021, we got you covered right here. Here, however, are some of the best hacks you might miss while you're scrolling through your For You Page.

Houston-based TikTok user Megan Lavallie shocked the beauty community with her simple but effective tip for contouring your face. She starts the short video clip by saying, "There is this one spot here on your cheek that if you poked a hole through, it would cảm ứng your teeth." As she speaks, she demonstrates how to bởi vì it by applying a dot of the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand, which sells out often, in the specified area. 

But to lớn blend it out, she doesn't swipe her brush back and forth as most would vì chưng while contouring. Instead, she focuses her blending right where she added that dot because, as she explains, it creates the illusion of higher cheekbones. If contouring ever confused you, this trick can make sculpting your face just a bit easier. 

Using makeup products for more than one purpose can save time and money if they are used correctly. London-based content creator Tammi Clarke was inspired by one of her followers khổng lồ try màu sắc corrector as a cream blush. Her hàng hóa of choice: L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer in Orange Corrector. The hàng hóa is a popular color corrector because it's great for darker skin tones và is affordable. If you have never used it, trust that a little will go a long way.

Clarke adds a few swipes of the bright orange pigment on her cheeks before using a large fluffy brush khổng lồ buff it along her cheekbones. The pumpkin hue blends out into a soft peach blush that looks gorgeous on her cheeks. "I like to use this mod because I love finding different ways to lớn use products you may already have in your collection but never thought of using it in that way," she shares with nhatroso.com.

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Maryland-based user Amina Keita shared an easier way to lớn control your nose contour by using an eyeliner pencil. Instead of the usual cream or powder contour, she uses the Wet N Wild màu sắc Icon Kohl Liner Pencil in Simma Brown Now to lớn draw fine lines. At first, she gravitated to lớn the product because she couldn't find contour products that were dark enough for her skin tone, she tells nhatroso.com. She also loved using it for her eyebrows and lips và one day decided to lớn try it on her nose. 

"I realized that not only was it the perfect shade, it was affordable & gave me a lot more control," she shares. "Even now, nine years later, although I have several contour products, I continue to use this method." She swears her nose contour is perfect every single time with the product.

Colorful lashes were all over social truyền thông in 2020, & the trend hasn't died down yet. Toronto-based user Suzan Dabas wanted to lớn try out the trend for herself. Instead of coloring the full lash, she applies a bright yellow eyeliner khổng lồ a few hairs, creating a striped effect. She uses the Matte Lashes Pastel Water-Activated Palette and a small brush to lớn paint the lashes. She chose a water-activated pigment because the lash can be restored back lớn its original color once it's rinsed. That way she can try out the trend without damaging her falsies. 

Concealer is a handy multipurpose product that can be used as a highlight under your eyes, to lớn cover up acne, or act as your foundation. But what if you used trắng concealer to highlight the undereye? OK, it may sound odd, but many TikTok users, including New York-based Thiri, have given the trick their stamp of approval. She saw a clip from fellow user Halen Rodriguez, who added a white concealer right under her eye, then blended it out with a concealer a bit lighter than her skin tone.

Thiri tested it out herself using L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer in Highlighter. She applies the bright white concealer right underneath her eyes và eyebrows. With the trắng pigment on her face, she gives the camera a skeptical look before showing the final result. The white concealer made her undereye highlight brighter without adding any flashback for a high glam finish. Thiri tells nhatroso.com she loves using the technique now to lớn accentuate her features.

Now, this style of nose contour is more for creative purposes than lớn change how you sculpt. If you lượt thích more experimental makeup, we have a good feeling you'll enjoy this trick. South Africa-based creator Kutlwano Pride Sekgale created a tutorial showing viewers how to do a heart-shaped nose contour. Basically, the over result is a small heart of highlighter on the tip of your nose that adds some je ne sais quoi khổng lồ your look. It's even a trademark technique used by drag queen Shuga Cain. She starts contouring her nose lượt thích normal with a brown shade of L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer, drawing two lines down her nose. Using the concealer, she also adds a tiny heart on the tip of her nose. Then she blends it out using both a brush & a sponge.

For the heart specifically, she just blends the outside of it so that the shape is still defined. After that, she applies a ton of powder khổng lồ bake along the sides of her nose and around the heart, making sure lớn not mess up its shape. She goes back in with a little concealer to lớn sharpen and define the lines as necessary before applying a pink blush right along the bridge of her nose. She then swipes a shimmery highlighter on the middle of her nose và right in the center of that heart. Lớn finish, she adds a few dots around her nose khổng lồ create faux freckles before revealing the final avant-garde look. 

These hacks aren't foolproof, so take what works for you and leave the rest. You don't have to lớn try something if your routine works fine. I mean, don't fix it if it ain't broke, right? But hopefully, at least one trick from this danh sách will make your beauty routine just a bit easier or flawless. 

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