70 Cheap And Easy Dinner Recipes


From kid-friendly pastas khổng lồ classic roast chicken, these no-fuss recipes will put a crowd-pleasing dinner on the table in less than an hour.

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Who ever said that making dinner had khổng lồ be stressful? With the help of a few kitchen essentials like your sheet pan or casserole dish, a time-saving gadget or two (we’re looking at you Instant Pot!) & the right recipes, you can whip up a delicious meal in no time. These recipes will help you get started. We’ve got ideas for everyone"s favorites: stuffed peppers, simple pastas, plenty of ideas for chicken breast and even more. One of our speediest recipes? These mini meatballs, which cook up in a matter of minutes thanks lớn their smaller size. That leaves you plenty of time lớn make a simple, homemade pasta sauce — và get dinner on the table fast!

Rachael makes quick work of dinner by poaching chicken breast in a flavorful mix of chicken stock and beer then shredding & tossing it with a simple homemade sauce for hearty sandwiches the whole family will enjoy.

Tangy chicken with a homemade barbecue sauce and a colorful side of veggie-packed succotash in just 40 minutes? It’s totally doable with this easy recipe.

This dish whips store-bought rotisserie chicken, salsa and beans into a quick enchilada bake that is ready in less than an hour. It"s a great use for that leftover half of a chicken, but if you have a whole chicken, you can easily double the recipe khổng lồ make 8 khổng lồ 12 servings.

Giada’s got your greens covered with this healthy pasta dish. She wilts baby spinach và swiss chard, then tosses the greens with grape tomatoes, chickpeas, pasta và crumbled ricotta salata cheese.

You"ll feel like a chef when you serve this salmon dinner, complete with garlicky smashed potatoes & warm greens. A little lemon zest and paprika go a long way in flavoring this quick and easy meal.

This vegan dinner comes together super fast but is also very hearty. Toasting the peanuts in oil not only flavors the oil, it makes the nuts extra toasty và crisp. Broiling the cauliflower before adding to the skillet cooks out some of the water in the vegetable so the stir-fry stays nice and crisp-tender.

Ree makes a quick marinade with balsamic vinegar, garlic & Italian herbs to địa chỉ deep flavor to lớn the chicken và the veggies before roasting them. The crowning cảm biến is the torn ciabatta she adds during the last ten minutes of baking which turn into crispy croutons.

Ree’s stuffed peppers are what weeknight dreams are made of. She whips up a hearty filling of rice, beef & veggies, then tops the peppers with plenty of gooey cheese.

This easy dinner comes together in less than an hour, thanks to frozen Tater Tots, boiled green beans and a quick pan sauce lớn serve with the pork chops.

You might not think to reach for the fruit preserves when you’re making a chicken dinner but, trust us, you should. Sweet apricot is the perfect complement to lớn tangy Dijon mustard — the two work together perfectly, creating an irresistibly delicious sauce for chicken and veggies.

A little Parmesan goes a long way in Ina’s flavorful dinner. She tops crunchy fried chicken with fresh arugula, an easy lemon dressing and large chunks of cheese.

Just dump a box of pasta, bag of shrimp và a few other pantry staples into a dish and bake. Right before serving, stir in the heavy cream & top with grated cheese and fresh parsley for a rich & creamy weeknight dinner in a flash.

A handful of spices & aromatic vegetables give this quick chicken dish plenty of flavor. A little bit of heavy cream at the end rounds the flavors out — và gives the dish a nice, velvety sauce.

This family-favorite recipe is a breeze lớn make — and it comes together in just 40 minutes. Serve a simple green salad on the side & you’ve got a complete meal the whole family will love.

Enjoy a healthy version of Sunday roast chicken dinner in only 40 minutes. And save big by carving up three roasted chicken breasts for four people (it"s plenty). If you buy a four-pack, roast the fourth breast and set aside to địa chỉ cửa hàng to a green salad or soup later in the week.

Save time in the kitchen by taking advantage of store-bought rotisserie chicken to lớn prep Geoffrey’s meal-worthy, yet simply dressed, pasta salad.

For an easy Italian classic, whip up Food Network Kitchen’s baked ziti. With a tasty tomato sauce và gooey mozzarella cheese, this family-friendly dinner couldn’t be easier.

Not sure what to bởi vì with ground pork? Pair it with fresh ginger, soy sauce and chili-garlic sauce for a savory noodle bowl so delicious it will quickly become a part of your regular rotation.

This showstopper of a roast is actually very easy khổng lồ make. Look for a center-cut piece of tenderloin with an even thickness so it cooks properly. Simply sear and roast it lớn medium-rare, then enjoy the compliments that are guaranteed lớn follow.

Everyone"s favorite night of the week just got easier. The Instant Pot® is the perfect tool for when you"ve forgotten khổng lồ defrost your ground beef ahead of time.

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This hearty Mexican soup is guaranteed to keep everyone full & satisfied with a combination of smoked pork & hominy (a type of corn). Guajillo chile peppers are less spicy than jalapenos but if you’re worried about the heat, try using just one or two peppers in this soups the first time you make it.

Ree cuts down on prep time by chopping her veggies in advance, then storing them in the fridge until she’s ready to cook. That way, her vegetarian dinner is on the table in just 30 minutes.

Pizza is always a dinnertime win. This meat-and-veggie-loaded version comes together quick, thanks to lớn store-bought pizza dough.

Grilled cheese & tomato soup is a classic combination that kids love. Ina"s easy soup recipe features a thick, oniony base và perfectly golden grilled cheese croutons for a sophisticated spin that adults will appreciate.

This easy weeknight dinner is loaded with fiber and protein và feeds a family of four with just one 8-ounce piece of fish. And thanks lớn the whole-grain pasta, this 420-calorie-per-person dish is satisfying as well as economical.

Classic coq au vin can take up khổng lồ two days to lớn prepare, including marinating the chicken overnight. We make a red wine sauce with bacon, mushrooms & pearl onions (the frozen variety, so you can skip the tedious peeling), then slip in rotisserie chicken parts to lớn warm through, và voila!

Make Grandma proud by serving Ree’s retro casserole. Each spoonful has chunks of tuna, creamy egg noodles and a crunchy breadcrumb topping.

Everyone will love Valerie’s creamy yet healthy casserole. It tastes just like your favorite restaurant app, but without the heavy cream and extra cheese.

These wholesome dinner bowls are packed with good-for-you ingredients lượt thích salmon, mushrooms and quinoa & loaded with flavor thanks to garlic, ginger, honey & soy sauce.

Giada says these street-style sandwiches are a staple in Italy. She starts by browning sweet Italian turkey sausage, then simmers the meat và veggies in tomato paste và marsala wine for added depth of flavor.

Molly loves this sheet pan dinner because it’s “quite delicious và there isn’t a lot of cleanup.” She seasons her salmon with a lemony horseradish sauce, then bakes it on the same sheet as fingerling potatoes và broccolini.

Skip the mashed potatoes in favor of creamy, quick-cooking polenta. The simple side dish is ready in just five minutes and pairs exceptionally well with mustard-glazed pork and zesty broccoli.

Simple cornbread biscuits bake atop a sheet-pan take on vegetarian chili, meaning that you can multitask while dinner practically makes itself in the oven.

This is a kid-friendly twist on the classic Italian combination of broccoli rabe và sausage combo. We discovered that cooking mini pierogies pot-sticker style in a hot skillet saved time (no waiting for water khổng lồ boil) and left them both crispy & tender.

Smoked cocktail sausages give this quick-and-simple soup a simmered-all-day flavor that’s impossible khổng lồ resist.

Steaming the ingredients together in a neat parchment packet creates layers of flavor without adding much fat or salt. & with everything contained, cleanup is a breeze!

We use a large skillet khổng lồ cook everything at once for this speedy noodle dish. All but the garnishes go right into the skillet, & in the short time it takes for the broth to come lớn a boil, it"s done!

Ree makes the most of kitchen staples like chickpeas, coconut milk & rice in this easy pantry dinner.

Cut down the time it takes to lớn make meatloaf by cooking it flat on a baking sheet. You’ll have dinner on the table in just 35 minutes.

Stretch your strip steaks, a juicy and delicious cut of beef, by sharing them and serving them alongside a hearty serving of grilled green beans.

We nicknamed this the "broken enchilada" casserole because the soft layer of cooked tortilla chips on the bottom reminded us of enchiladas. But this dish is much easier khổng lồ make!

This Southern classic combines three of the most-satisfying comfort food ingredients around: bacon, cheddar and grits.

This company-worthy dinner-for-four comes together in just 25 minutes (and with only a handful of ingredients) making it simple enough lớn serve up for weeknight family meals, too.

Think of this as a new, healthier (and less messy!) take on pan-fried pork chops & applesauce. We bread these low-calorie, low-fat chops in whole-wheat panko và spray them with cooking spray to lớn get them crispy in the oven. We prefer to lớn use McIntosh or Red Delicious apples, because they soften quicker

Made from a quick stir-fry of chicken and Thai Style Sweet & Spicy Chili Cooking Sauce, these lettuce cups are easy khổng lồ personalize. Put out peanuts, onions, peppers, plus herbs like basil or cilantro if you have them, và let everyone at the table build their own meal.

Using convenient ramen noodles & slicing the steak very thinly make this a fast recipe for busy families. Khổng lồ keep the steak juicy, be careful not lớn overcook it.