How to make money online by sharing links?

If you search the mạng internet for how khổng lồ earn money by sharing links, you will be overwhelmed by all the different options at your disposal. What’s more incredible is that this is just one of the many ways to lớn earn money from home.

Over the years, the mạng internet has made it possible khổng lồ make money by completing tasks that require human intelligence khổng lồ execute. Promoting links ranks high in this category và is actually a long-term passive income earner for expert freelancers everywhere.

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Additionally, getting paid lớn share link is among the simplest methods of making không tính phí bucks without much investment.

Do you have a YouTube channel, social truyền thông accounts, a website, or a blog? If the answer is yes khổng lồ all or just one of these platforms, then you have already taken the first step into making money from links.

However, if you are looking for online jobs that can make you enough money khổng lồ quit your day job, this is not quite it.

The reason is that, although there are experts making over $2,000 per month by sharing tiếp thị liên kết links, it takes time to build the kind of online presence that will see you convert followers into leads.

So, how bởi vì you earn money online by sharing links? Read on for more on this, including the companies that offer the best compensation for promoting their platforms’ products & services.

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1. How to Earn Money by Sharing links on Facebook.3. Earn Money by Sharing Referral Links4. Earn Paytm Cash by Sharing links.5. Make Money Posting links from Companies.

What are Links?

Simply put, link (short khung for hyperlinks) are used lớn create connections between website pages. A link between pages on the same website is known as an internal link while those shared across different websites are known as external links.

In this article, we shall be dealing with the latter and specifically how you can share links from web platforms for money.

Let’s get started.

Can I earn money by sharing Links?

Yes, you can. All you have to bởi is share link with your family/friends via e-mail or on social truyền thông media and other internet-based platforms such as blogs.

Make sure your referral confirms their emails & creates a brand new tài khoản using your referral code.

It also helps to lớn provide context with your invites to ensure that your friends get lớn click and check out what the links intends to achieve.

Your referral must log in lớn their trương mục on a chất lượng device not previously registered with another account.

Since this is a game of numbers, for you to lớn make money sharing links, aim to reach out khổng lồ as many people as you can. Sharing liên kết will see you make from $5 khổng lồ $500 per lead và $1,000 annually easy.


1. How khổng lồ Earn Money by Sharing link on Facebook.

To begin with, links are some of the elements that keep you tuned into the mạng internet non-stop. Even on social media, its liên kết that direct you lớn in-depth takes on different posts.

With Facebook being among the best socializing platforms, you could easily meet your target audience there. All it takes is khổng lồ create Facebook posts that include a link with or without additional information.

Here are the various ways you could pocket some money by sharing link on Facebook.

Sell Your Own Products

A major way of earning by sharing link is by guiding people to lớn services và products from sponsors. But why sell other people’s products when you could sell yours via an online store such as Etsy?

The advantage lớn starting such online businesses is that they require minimal capital lớn start and no physical store is required khổng lồ set up.

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What you need to do is:

Create a Facebook business account. Afterward, you could conduct research on what people are interested in at the moment.

The next step is signing up on websites like Aliexpress and Amazon & start selling your products there. Then, you could copy those links and paste them on your Facebook store and get paid as people make purchases.

Go for stuff that moves fast over the internet. My top picks include selling jewelry, customized t-shirts, online courses, or even various crafts.

2. Earn Money by Sharing Short links And Earn Money on Short Links.

Source: AdFly

A link shortener is a website that changes long links into shorter ones. Twitter is a good example where link shortening is carried out automatically.

The Importance of Using a Short Link

Helps save on space & makes the shortened liên kết look pretty.Assists in hiding target URL.You can make money with the shortened link- by adding an advertisement before being redirected to your destination.

Using a links shortener is just easy. Paste the URL you want khổng lồ shrink và press the enter button & a simplified link will appear.

How vày you get paid?

Like I had mentioned earlier;

An interested các buổi tiệc nhỏ clicks on the links from your trang web or traffic sourceAn advertisement (paid) shows first before reaching the contentThe các buổi tiệc nhỏ then has the choice of whether to lớn watch the advertisement or ‘skip’ it. These ads are normally 5 sec long. Afterward, the ad either disappears or a skip button pops up which when pressed, takes you to the final destination. In essence, you get to earn money by sharing ads embedded in trending content.

So, how vì chưng you shorten a long link?

Below are examples of websites where you can shorten link and have place ads placed before the nội dung displays fully:

If you want to lớn start earning money online by shortening links, research companies running online ad campaigns and get them to liên hệ you. Advertisement agencies are another good avenue for you khổng lồ get paid to mô tả links.

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3. Earn Money by Sharing Referral Links

Another remarkable way you could make a few bucks during your miễn phí time is through sharing referral links. This is probably the easiest way khổng lồ make không lấy phí extra cash as a work-from-home freelancer.

All you have to vì chưng is sign up on a select trang web where you will be provided with a liên kết that you can use khổng lồ refer friends khổng lồ the site. To lớn share, copy the liên kết and send via social truyền thông media or even include it on your web nội dung as a hyperlink.

The referral is considered successful if your friend signs up on a website or app. Và for that, you earn a bonus that varies from one website to lớn another.

If you are interested in making cash via referrals, here’s a danh sách of websites that may be of interest to lớn you.

In spite of such websites paying you for the referral links, this is NOT the kind of job that will get your rent and bills settled.

Typically, each successful referral gets you $5. Some sites will pay you an extra bonus for further engagement such as making a purchase, placing a bet, earning money, và linking accounts.

With this in mind, allow me to lớn take you through some of the phenomenal websites where you can use liên kết to make money online.

a) Cash ứng dụng by Square Inc. <$5 Sign Up + Up khổng lồ $30 Referral Bonus>


You get free money on Cash ứng dụng by activating your account, referring friends or family, watching videos, completing survey questions, giving out your opinion, và doing miễn phí trials for products or services.

Cash tiện ích Referral bonuses can vary between $15-$30. Scan the below code to activate your Cash ứng dụng account & receive a $5 sign-up bonus instantly. Check out all the steps involved in claiming your miễn phí money on Cash App.