Top 5 website to earn money by uploading file


Have you ever heard of tệp tin sharing websites that pay for downloads? I reckon most of you didn’t come across those file uploading & sharing websites that pay users. Sure, you’d already know about Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega, & a few more cloud storage services.

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Almost every file-sharing trang web has a DMCA system which means your files may be taken down or your account might be terminated if you don’t abide by the rules. You have lớn play fair if you want lớn win this game. It means that you should only upload files that you own or you have the permission khổng lồ share. So as long as we’re clear on that, let me give you a few examples of what you can upload and share for downloading:

SpreadsheetsPresentationsPDF eBooksContent Calendars FormatsBlogging ChecklistsEmail TemplatesAudio BooksVideo Files

Before I share the list of file sharing websites that pay for downloads, I want to clarify that I haven’t used any of these sites. If you want lớn use any of these websites, vì some due diligence before going all in. I won’t be responsible if your account gets terminated or you don’t get paid for your downloads. I might try a couple of tệp tin sharing sites myself.


Now, let’s dive into the file-sharing platforms that you can try out and start getting paid for downloads.

1. Rapidgator

Rapidgator is a popular file hosting website that allows users to lớn upload their files & share them with the audience. The more people download your file, the more money comes into your pocket. There are three uploading methods such as FTP, remote upload, và web upload. They have two models for uploaders lớn make money. You can either choose “pay per download” or “pay per sale” to lớn get started with money making with Rapidgator.

2. File Upload

File Upload is a cloud file storage service that pays users when their files get downloaded. Users can make from $2 to lớn $7 for a thousand downloads, depending upon the tier & file size. Tệp tin Upload is one of those companies that pay out through various payment solutions such as Skrill, Payoneer, PayPal, Western Union, Neteller, Bitcoin, Ethereum, MoneyGram, và more. This service gives an immense opportunity lớn make some extra money with blogging.

3. Birdload

Birdload is a tệp tin storage & sharing service which pays users in two ways. When people upgrade to the premium account of Birdload to get faster tải về speed, users get a commission of 35% of the amount. Moreover, they also get paid for the number of downloads their hosted files receive. They can get paid from $1.50 to lớn $12.50 for a thousand downloads. Once the trương mục has reached $20 in commission money, they can request the payout through Skrill, PayPal, Bitcoin, & Wire transfer.

4. Indishare

Indishare is a file hosting trang web that pays for every 10,000 downloads. They pay between $2 to lớn $10 for different tệp tin sizes across four tiers. The minimum payout is $10, which can be received after one month. They process payouts on every 20th. However, what differentiates Indishare from other file hosting services is that they pay for 10,000 downloads instead of 1,000 downloads.

5. ShareCash

ShareCash is a tệp tin hosting platform that provides users an opportunity lớn monetize their files through nội dung locking. It provides you with landing pages for your audience khổng lồ unlock the files and you get paid for that. Moreover, it also offers trang web page lockers and liên kết lockers that lock your website pages and links so that you could monetize your content and website through ShareCash. They also have a referral system that gives you 5% of the earnings of your referred users.

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6. FileIce

FileIce is also a tệp tin hosting network that uses the pay-per-download model and provides tệp tin uploading và sharing service. You can get paid up to lớn $1 for every download. Moreover, you can kiểm tra out the download reports & statistics too. Wondering how it works? Once you upload the file và share the liên kết with the audience through social truyền thông and blogs, the readers would click through và see a survey size to fill up. Once they fill-up the form, they’d get the file tải về link within a second.


It’s a tệp tin hosting platform that assists you with uploading, hosting, và sharing your files on the internet. However, the platform doesn’t pay users on the downloads, which may surprise you because it still makes it khổng lồ the list. The reason is that it has an Alexa rank of 1,300, which shows it has a lot of visitors và user base. Moreover, you can join their affiliate program that pays 60% on the first sale and 50% on the repeat order.

8. Daily Uploads

Daily Uploads is another file hosting platform that pays up khổng lồ $15 for a thousand downloads. The file size, however, must be at least 1 MB lớn be able to qualify for getting paid. Moreover, they also have a referral program, meaning, you can refer to lớn other users & get paid 10% of their lifetime earnings. The payout methods are Skrill, PayPal, Webmoney, & Bitcoin.

9. is a pay per tải về platform that pays for every thousand downloads. It’s one of the file-sharing sites that pay on 0-10MB size files as well. However, the file must be at least 1MB in size to be qualified as a download. They also have four tiers with tier A being the highest paying zone. The minimum payout amount through PayPal is $5 & Bitcoin is $10. You can get paid from $3 lớn $11 per 1000 downloads.


UP4EVER is a file-sharing platform that has a cloud storage facility. This file-sharing network also has four tiers, & it pays $3 khổng lồ $7 for every 1,000 downloads. One of the good things about this pay-per-download network is that it has a bunch of payout methods such as Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Payoneer, & more. The minimum payout threshold is different for each payout method. For instance, for Payoneer, it has $50, Neteller & Skrill have $5, & most of the payment services have a $1 minimum payment threshold.

Your Thoughts

So I shared a danh mục of tệp tin sharing websites that pay for downloads. It doesn’t matter you use Google AdSense for blog monetization or sell your service through the blog or monetize through affiliate marketing, you can still utilize PPD networks for few extra bucks.

Grab the không tính phí checklist that you made for thư điện tử list building or write a 5,000-word tutorial and offer that through any of these pay-per-download networks. Don’t sign-up on more than one network because it’ll distribute your downloads across multiple networks & you won’t be able khổng lồ cash in on your downloads.