How to flirt with a guy: 8 tips to catch and hold his attention


Feel awkward or shy around guys? Scared of rejection? We have some tips on how to lớn flirt with a guy next time you go out. (Or flirt with a guy over text if that works best for you!)

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Either way, there are some ways to màn chơi up your flirting game. Because come on, some of us weren’t born flirts!

Flirting doesn’t come naturally or easily lớn everyone. Và even the most confident people can get tongue-tied and flushed in front of the guy they really like.

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The thing is – flirting with a guy is both an attitude and an art form. There’s no “free” ứng dụng for it, and it’s certainly not downloadable!

But whether flirting has become an endangered art form or you’re just out of shape, it’s time khổng lồ study up on what works – and doesn’t work – when it comes khổng lồ flirting. Let’s get you back lớn your flirting game, & fast.

By the kết thúc of this article, you’ll have everything in your arsenal about how to be a master flirter.

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The Flirting trò chơi – Understanding How Men Flirt

The number one thing to lớn make you the master at flirting is understanding the signs in front of you. Because while flirting is an art, it’s also a science. It’s important khổng lồ understand the situations properly because there’s a fine line between “friendly” và “more than friends.”

Is that guy actually flirting with your or merely being friendly? Most of the time, it’s hard to lớn decide which is which. One study found that only 28% of the 100 participants accurately detected flirting.

Now, everyone surely wants to be better than that 28%. Otherwise, misreading the signals can only go two ways, both not-so-great ways – risk embarrassment or miss out on a potentially good match if someone is interested.

So, how bởi vì men flirt?

How vị You Know If a Guy Is Flirting with You?

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What are the actual signs of flirting? What vị guys bởi vì when they lượt thích the girl? How vì chưng you know if a man is flirting with you?

It’s high time to over the guessing game once and for all. Although different men have different flirting styles, here are some tell-tale signs that a guy is trying to lớn flirt with you.

Male Flirting Cue #1: Eye Contact

If a guy is interested, expect him khổng lồ single you out. Before he even starts talking lớn you or comes near you, you’ll notice his lingering eye contact. After all, lingering eye liên hệ is a surefire way to let someone know you like what you see or that they are curious about you, even from across the room.

And if his eyes travel from your eyes down to your lips & back again, that’s one way khổng lồ know that he’s certainly interested.

Male Flirting Cue #2: He Can’t Stop Smiling

If you’re close or talking to lớn a person that you like, you won’t be able khổng lồ stop smiling. The same thing is true for guys.

The key here is lớn tell the difference between a polite or a forced smile and the real deal. But it shouldn’t be hard khổng lồ decipher when he can’t stop beaming at you.

Male Flirting Cue #3: Territorial body toàn thân Language

After all, that small talk and you become comfortable around each other, notice the territorial cues of attraction:

He’ll want to get closer to you & establish physical contact. That could be either sitting next lớn you, moving his chair closer, or leaning in towards you.You might also notice him squaring up, so you’re shoulder lớn shoulder now, or put his hands at the back of your chair instead of having your face to face.Male Flirting Cue #4: He Touches You

Now that’s he’s closer in your space, they will start lớn engage in subtle physical touches. That is a guaranteed cue that he’s flirting.

He will find any excuse lớn get closer and touch you. That could be a light brush on your arm, a tap on your shoulder, or brazenly putting his hand on your knee. And so long as it’s not unwanted on your part, he will likely continue with the subtle touches throughout the date.

How lớn Flirt with a Guy – the 8-Step Process

There is no single way to concretely describe what flirtation is. But flirtation, essentially, needs sequences of acts, và every response matters! You have to indicate genuine interest continuously.

Don’t know where khổng lồ start? Here’s our 8-step process to lớn flirting with a guy to get you on the right track.

1. Build Your Confidence

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Flirting 101 – it all starts with being confident và wearing that confidence on your shoulders. As they say, nothing is sexier than confidence.

Confidence isthe ultimate aphrodisiac when done in a genuine way, with no putting on airs nor look-at-me overconfidence.

Did you ever notice that the most attractive person in the room that gets the guy’s attention isn’t necessarily the “most physically attractive” person? Yes, because it’s usually the girl that exudes the most confidence that moves the room.

So, activate your inner femme fatal, but remember you don’t have to lớn aim lớn be perfect either, or the most beautiful, or the sexiest girl in the room. In fact, ditch that “perfection” word from your vocabulary altogether.

To build your dating confidence, start by taking care of “you” first, then the actions will follow. Smell your best và wear something special. Not because you are dating or flirting with someone special, but because you are!

2. Start with Small Talk

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What bởi you do? How was your day? – No, I don’t mean that kind of small talk. In fact, that’s the kind of petty small talk you should skip. No one wants to giảm giá with that boring chatter.

Instead, skip lớn the good stuff & aim lớn havemeaningful small talk.

Don’t know what that means? Simple – it’s something that can help you connect with the other person in the most genuine way.

Fancy some tips to lớn avoid annoying small talk & cut ahead to lớn more fun and interesting conversations?

Look for stories, not answers. Avoid questions with one-word or one-line answers. It shouldn’t feel like an interview.Ask why (or how), not what. Ask open-ended questions & the kind of questions that invite him khổng lồ tell stories or elaborate.Compliment him. Men love that but go beyond their looks. “You have pretty eyes,” & “you have huge muscles” just sounds unoriginal and not terribly interesting by this point.

All these shouldn’t be too hard if you’re genuinely curious about the other person.

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3. Don’t Forget Eye Contact

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That old phrase “the eyes are the windows lớn the soul” strongly applies when it comes lớn flirting. Giving strong eye tương tác lets him know that you’re attentive to lớn him, which is a nonverbal cue of attraction!

And here’s a fun fact – maintaining eye tương tác triggers oxytocin.

Pro Tip #1: Keep persisting when making flirty eyes to lớn a guy. According khổng lồ research by Psychologist Monika Moore, it usually takes three separate gaze signals for most men to get that they are being flirted with. Và if he’s really slow, that can take up khổng lồ five different eye contacts!

Pro Tip #2: Let them catch you looking at them (from across the room) but before an extended eye tương tác turns a bit creepy, try breaking it up with a wink!

4. A Smile Says It All

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Eye contact is not enough, so pair it with your flirting face with a warm smile, or better yet – a flirty smile. That will absolutely get the attention & even draw their eyes from your eyes lớn your lips. But how vì you vì that without looking creepy?

The fundamentals of a “flirty smile” are not about your mouth or showing your pearly whites. It also leverages your eyes, head and neck, & sometimes even your whole body. A University of Kansas study states that a flirtatious smile is characterized by direct eye contact, head tilt, & a slight smile.

A flirty smile can be:

Small little smirk with one side of your lip raised slightly, closed mouth, & a slightly raised brow.Small smile, biting your bottom lip gently.

But remember khổng lồ make sure your teeth are clean before you unleash that flirty smile!

5. Master the Art of Subtle Touch

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While a smile says it all, a cảm biến tells you even more. One study shows that we are around 48-83% accurate when it comes to lớn deciding what a cảm biến means.

And if there’s a flirty smile, there’s also a flirty touch. If a “touch” happens once, it’s probably accidental. & if you cảm ứng him & everyone else, then that’s just casual.

But when flirting with a guy, you might want to lớn use the 5-in-15 rule of subtle touching. Essentially, you try lớn touch the person you’re interested in five times within 15 minutes.

Pro Tip: For intimate touches, naturally cảm biến someone closer lớn his three Hs: hands, hips, and head.

6. Don’t Be Afraid of Some Playful Teasing

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Teasing, when done properly, can be a great flirting technique!

In a way, your high school self has done it right. Teasing someone you fancy is a fantastic way khổng lồ build attraction. Dating can be rather tiring & monotonous, sometimes too serious and too fast. Where there’s no back and forth, there is no movement. So, don’t be afraid lớn give things a little shake-up; otherwise, what’s the point?

And while men love to tease women they like, it also works the opposite way.

The secret lớn the art of flirting by teasing is doing so with the right intentions. The DO’s:

Tease about things they’re thinking that you absolutely know, like a kiss!Disagree with him (sometimes) for the sake of disagreeing. Just know when khổng lồ stop.

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The DON’Ts of playful teasing when flirting with him:

Don’t tease his appearance.Don’t tease over his lack of knowledge or understanding.Don’t tease his work, mannerisms, or anything that would make him feel emasculated.

Pro Tip #1: Use the pushing-and-pulling technique, lượt thích dangling a compliment khổng lồ him, then pulling it back. Example: “You’re the coolest guy I’ve ever met … at this bar, anyway.”

Pro Tip #2: Teasing is an art, which means it should be subtle (but with a smile, so he knows you’re teasing). Teasing by flirting should get him excited, not confuse him that he goes nuts. There should be a goal like, once he made his intentions known, you can let the teasing go.

7. Drop Subtle Hints

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The secret is not to ask him, but have him ask you, whether that’s for your number or a date. Because one of the most unfortunate things is this: while guys lượt thích to know if they have a chance or not, they don’t like it when girls are too forward.Hence, the secret flirting tip – make it seem lượt thích the ball is in their park, even when you were the one to put it in there! How? By using embedded commands.

It’s hypnotic language to lớn make them vày something without actually saying it outright.

For example: instead of saying, “take me out khổng lồ dinner,” tell him, “I’ve always wanted lớn try this restaurant, but my friend bailed on me.”

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Or, if he shared a story about his “skiing trip” last weekend, you could say that you’ve always been interested lớn learn how.

8. Leave Him Wanting

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Backing off from the “game” sounds frustrating. The waiting game is always the most frustrating part, but in this case, it’s the last và most critical part. You’ve flirted with him và let him know that you’re interested, that he won’t be rejected. Now, he needs lớn make the next move.

Pro Tip: Refrain from asking their number. If he wants to lớn hit you up, he’s going to ask for yours!

Because where there is no chase, there would be no reward. But don’t confuse it with the “unhealthy chase.” No one is treating another one like sh*t, never calling the other back because that’s not cute!

What we’re trying lớn say is this: how else would he know he really wants lớn be with you if he’s not without you?

If the guy gets his hands on the prize too easily and too quickly, would the reward (you) feel as special as it should?

This last part is also the make or break – saying goodbye, either for good or just for now. If there is something there, you’ll know it by this point or in the next day or two, or three!

How khổng lồ Subtly Flirt with a Guy from a Distance

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How vày you flirt with a xinh đẹp guy if it’s a “saw him across the room” situation? Maybe you saw someone you like in a bar, at a party, or a few tables away from you in a coffee shop, and you want to lớn get their attention.

The secret is this: magical eye contact flirting moves!

You don’t have khổng lồ talk lớn someone khổng lồ start testing the waters and flirting with them. Just use these eye contact flirting tips to make a great impression from across the room.

1. Start with a Casual Stare

See someone you lượt thích from across the room? Don’t be hasty. Flirting takes time, and it’s going to lớn be worth it! Start with casual glances. You don’t want lớn start ogling him và make him uncomfortable.

So, be relaxed và take the time to kiểm tra him out. You don’t want him to think you’re a stalker. Because flirty could turn creepy quickly if some stranger is staring at you endlessly from across the room.

2. Make Fleeting Eye Contact

Soon enough, he will start to lớn notice you. Và when he does & stares back at you with curiosity, lock eyes but only for a second or two.

The first eye contact should only be long enough khổng lồ send the message across to him that you’re interested. So, look away immediately.

3. Scan the Room & Make a Repeat Glance

Once you’ve made him aware of your existence, scan the room, then settle your eyes back on him. If that fleeting eye tương tác made him think that it was only a passing glance, this repeat-glance would surely send a clearer message across.But this step works best when you know they are looking at you to lớn make it as natural as possible. If not, wait for him khổng lồ make eye contact again.

4. Lock Eyes but Don’t Linger

Now that you’ve let him know what’s on your mind, it’s time to lớn build the excitement. Lock eyes with him a bit longer than before but stop staring at him for much longer.

By doing this, you’re making him curious why you’re not looking at him anymore. Now, with that curiosity planted, he may start to stare at you more often. Now, he’s the one interested in looking at you.

5. Reverse Eye liên hệ Flirting

Don’t stare at him directly but keep him in your line of sight. That way, you’ll know whether he’s trying lớn make eye contact with you. If he’s paying attention & is staring at you as often as you were staring at him previously, your eye contact flirting game is working. Và that means it’s time to vì chưng the reverse!

The timing is key for this step to lớn work.

Once you’re sure he’s staring at you, look back at him in an attempt lớn “catch his gaze.” Make him think that he’s the one eye flirting with you. Not the other way around!

6. Make a Longer Eye contact and Smile

Now, you’re certainly staring at each other, equally interested. After all those stolen glances, it’s time to take the plunge and send him a smile. & if you’re brazen enough, how about giving him a wink?

If he smiles back or sends you a wink, you’ve struck gold!

How khổng lồ Flirt with a Guy Over Text

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Flirting is best-done face to lớn face, but in situations where face-to-face conversations are impossible, you can also flirt with a guy over text! More importantly, you can start flirting with a guy before meeting him.When you flirt with a guy over text, it goes beyond liking his profile photo on Facebook or liking and commenting on the photo of his dog he recently shared on Instagram.

So, how vị you flirt with a guy via text?

Flirty Texts lớn Send a Guy You Are Genuinely Interested In

Send him flirty texts. You can break the ice with some good questions lớn ask a guy, as well as keeping the following tips in mind:

Flirty Texting Strategy #1: Ask Something Flirty“Why are you so handsome?”“Have I told you I want lớn kiss you right now?”“Want to lớn hear a secret?”“I like you. What are you going to vày about it?”Flirty Texting Strategy #2: Be Suggestive (If Your Relationship Is Ready for It)“You’re going khổng lồ love the outfit I’m wearing tonight.”“If you send a sexy selfie of yourself, I might send one back” – don’t forget to địa chỉ a wink!“I can’t wait lớn be alone with you again.”“Just thinking about the things that we could bởi vì if you’re here by my side right now.”Flirty Texting Strategy #3: When in Doubt, Be Honest“I dreamt of you last night.”“Thinking about you makes me smile.”“Are you thinking about me lượt thích I’m thinking about you right now?”“This is me asking you out. Want to lớn go get some coffee on Saturday?”“I’ve wanted to lớn see *insert a scary movie*, want to see it together?“I keep thinking about how fun we had the last time we were together.”

Final Thoughts – How lớn Flirt with a Guy?

The flirting stage is considered an art because it needs to be subtle. You want lớn attract higher-quality men and let them know that you are interested in him in subtle ways, never being too obvious or aggressive.

But remember that practice always makes perfect, or so they say! Think of flirting as a muscle. If you don’t go to the gym or take the time to exercise, it’s going to lớn deteriorate rapidly. We hope you found this article helpful in brushing up your skills on how lớn flirt with a guy, và happy flirting!