Stay at home


While travellers all over the world have put away their passports temporarily, there are still plenty of ways khổng lồ experience from home. Now is the perfect time to lớn relish your travel planning và get inspired for future forays. Get acquainted with’s breathtaking destinations, delicious cuisine, and fascinating culture using these resources we’ve created just for you.

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Tour UNESCO Heritage Sites


Skip the queues and go straight inside some of’s most awe-inspiring attractions. We captured the most scenic spots in six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from the seascape of Ha Long bay to the caves of Phong Nha. Explore these 360-degree tours & transport yourself to a world-class wonder without leaving your home.

Take a 360-degree tour.

Taste nhatroso.comese dishes


Hungry for nhatroso.comese food? We understand. Food is a big part of why so many travellers love In this easy cookbook, we’ve prepared five timeless recipes for you lớn recreate in your own kitchen: bún chả, cao lầu,bánh mì kẹp,bún trườn Huếand cà phê sữa đá. Don’t forget to cốt truyện your efforts with us on Instagram or Facebook at

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Re-live colourful moments


Colouring is said khổng lồ reduce anxiety levels và benefit mental health. Enjoy a calm & focused colouring session with our hand-drawn, colouring pages. From savoury noodles khổng lồ intricate architecture, these much-loved nhatroso.comese motifs are just waiting for you to bring them to lớn life in full colour.

Download the colouring sheets.

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See like a local

Ever wondered what it’s lượt thích to grow up và live in We asked 10 locals from 10 different destinations to share with us what they love most about their hometowns. See the answers for yourself in our My videos, then send us your own stories using the hashtag.

Discover My

Learn about nhatroso.comese culture


If you have the time, why not go deeper into nhatroso.comese culture by taking up a new book, catching a film, or exploring nhatroso.comese music? We’ve curated a selection of outstanding nhatroso.comese books, music, art, and tv series, presenting an authentic look into Use these suggestions as a starting point to lớn unlock’s untold stories.

See our suggestions.

Try a virtual background


Working from home? Take your video calls from some of’s vị trí cao nhất destinations with our virtual backgrounds for Zoom. From a lakeside view in da Lat, lớn downtown Ho chi Minh City, to a lantern-strung street in Hoi An, your coworkers and friends will love these striking scenes.

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