40 ways to store teacher supplies


Knowing multiple ways lớn store teacher supplies will assist you when you are forced to lớn move to lớn a different classroom. Some rooms are small, have closets, no closet, some wall space, zero wall space, too many student desks, an oversized teacher desk – or as in my case: pipes from the urinals from when it was a boys’ locker room not joking.

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Classroom storage ideas will need lớn be quality to the teacher’s room size, included classroom storage furniture, how many supplies the teacher has to store, and even his or her personality/preferred method of classroom organization.

What works for one teacher will not necessarily work for the next – & it can even vary from class lớn class annually with the same teacher too! Just lượt thích your classroom management strategies, organizing your classroom supplies will constantly be reviewed & changed as necessary.


Organize your art supplies by using a multi-drawer cart and labeling your tools!

Classroom Supply Bags

One of the most overlooked storage solutions are using bags for teacher supplies! The best part? Get them in discount stores or online và they are super economical too! check out a few of my favorite suggestions:

This one was easy to lớn create & perfect for students who need khổng lồ carry supplies from classroom to lớn classroom.

These pencils pouches are wonderful for containing all the writing utensils for students – & they can then be added lớn a folder or binder for safe-keeping. Bonus? They are super inexpensive khổng lồ make or replace when you need more!

No bags? No problem! If I can make these (and I can’t sew), then anyone can!

Need small center work but you don’t have a place for centers? Try out this idea!

Use baggies to lớn store your manipulatives by standard!

Classroom Cubby Storage

Even if you don’t have classroom cubbies built-in to your room, I love finding a way to lớn either make them or buy them. It’s important for students to lớn have a place in your space where they have something that is their own personal area. While that area might not be “just theirs” if you switch out classes all day long, even if they have their own spot for even that class period, it is something they can điện thoại tư vấn their own.

Using classroom cubbies as a storage organizer for papers that need to lớn be handed in or returned, special surprises for doing a good job, or a spot to lớn store their own personal effects, really helps khổng lồ keep your classroom systems streamlined.

Some ideas:

Use cubbies khổng lồ store papers & important notes to lớn be sent home!

No money in your classroom budget to buy a paper sorter? They are super expensive! Take a look at this solution for using donated used parcel service boxes!

These are a lovely option for making your own cubbies too – I love the extra tip of adding student pictures right lớn their box – perfect for littles who haven’t learned how to lớn read yet!

Classroom Desk Organizers

Having an organized teacher desk is usually something that comes last when you are in “spring cleaning” mode. This is because it is essentially hidden to lớn everyone else. Your administrator, parents, and students won’t be seeing your eclectic junk pile of broken pencils with no erasers, stash of mints, extra safety pins, and random coins.

But, in my opinion, this is where you should start organizing first. Being that you vị see it daily, you want lớn feel good about that space. And it typically takes less time than a major organization project, such as a classroom library.

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You can even use a teacher desk for double duty in the room: as a center, star student incentive, or take it out altogether and không tính phí up much needed floor space!

A few things lớn think about:

Easy & cute desk organizer:

The possibilities are endless when you use varying sizes of jewelry boxes to put everything in its place in your teacher desk drawer.

Do you need more space in your room – and you rarely actually sit at your teacher desk? Perhaps going “deskless” might be an option.

Classroom Storage Shelves Solutions

The ultimate classroom dream for classroom organization supplies is khổng lồ have walls fills with empty storage shelves and an unlimited budget lớn get plastic bins that are neatly labeled và placed in smart rows và columns. For most of us, that is truly a dream.

Not only aren’t there any storage shelves to lớn be seen, but sometimes we’re lucky to have a small wall that doesn’t have an additional use. Kiểm tra out these solutions if you don’t have storage shelves in your real-life room either:

Love this for storing headphones off the ground or freeing up counter space!

Use a hanging jewelry organizer as an incentive store for classroom management! You can even take it off the wall và roll it up when not in use.

Have extra old furniture that is no longer in use? Find a way lớn repurpose it for your own version of a supply closet!

Would you lượt thích to know step-by-step routines that put teachers back in control in just 4 weeks?

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Classroom Crate Organization

I ADORE using simple filing crates (and other items similar to basic crates) for organizing tons of things in my classroom! Everything from lesson plans, manipulatives, files, và even as book baskets or theme boxes!

Storing basic filesin a crate works wonders when you don’t have a filing cabinet.

I have always used a filing crate lớn create my “classroom command center” where I place all my current week copies, manipulatives, và lesson plans in one spot. This makes it super easy when I have a last-minute emergency and need to call in a substitute teacher. He or she is quickly able khổng lồ find everything in one spot.

Classroom Paper Trays for Storing

Classroom paper baskets are amazing for turning in and passing back student work! You can also use them for organizing your own professional papers. How about using them for organizing your student supplies at student desks?

Check out a couple ways you can think outside the box:

Every think of using a muffin tin to store items và other papers for art projects?

Classroom Chair Pockets

Chair pockets are wonderful for storing classroom essentials right at student desks! Perhaps you haven’t looked at some of these choices before:

Make your own DIY chair pockets! Best part is that you don’t have to lớn a sew a thing!

Classroom Storage Other Options

Classroom storage drawers andplastic book bins for a classroom library are pretty obvious choices for classroom organization, but sometimes you just need lớn be a little more creative when your options and budget are limited:

Make your own pocket chart holder if you don’t have access to lớn a rack.

I love this method for storing tablets in the classroom. Even includes a spot for student password cards.

Have an extra 2-pocket folder laying around? Use it khổng lồ make pockets for student sight words or math flash cards!

No matter what organizational system you use, you will have a few items that just don’t fit anywhere. If they are long and narrow, try this tip:

Have some old buckets that aren’t being used? They have a handle and are great for storing items – plus they will stack! #score

I love this tip for hanging large posters and anchor charts: grab a wreath holder or clothes hook that fits over the đứng top of your door. As long as the door still shuts ok, you are golden!

What are some of your other storage solutions for organizing your classroom supplies? We would love khổng lồ hear – you can never have enough inspiration! Leave us a phản hồi below & join the conversation!