9 of the most beautiful beers you've ever seen


As someone who hopes to maintain my healthy skin as I age, I have been diligent in slapping on the sunscreen and following a daily skincare routine for years. But what if I told you that a new collagen beer is said lớn achieve the same results without all that extra effort?


Nearly every woman on this Earth wants to lớn know the secret to looking (and staying) young, vibrant & beautiful.

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A human"s skin is made up of about 80 percent collagen. This natural protein is what provides our tissues và organs with necessary strength và stretching abilities. But as we age, the collagen in our skin begins lớn change. 

The skin starts khổng lồ become thinner & drier, and often develops sags and wrinkles due to lớn the collagen and elastin becoming disconnected. That"s why so many adults, mostly women, turn to cosmetic products that promise to lớn be the answer for healthy and youthful-looking skin.

But what if I told you that you could stop spending big dollars on products that don"t work và replace that time spent in front of the mirror with time lounging on the couch with a beer?

That"s right, a Japanese brewery says you can now simultaneously get plastered và become beautiful. 

Suntory Holdings Limited has introduced a beer aimed toward women, promising them if they drink it they will become more attractive.

The drink, named Precious, has five percent alcohol và two grams of collagen per can. Sounds pretty good, right? Not so fast.

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The beer is donned with a tag line of: "Guys can tell if a girl is taking collagen or not." 

First of all, ouch! That"s a little harsh. & secondly, I doubt that.

While the beer is only available in Hokkaido right now, if it were lớn hit the U.S. I can"t deny I would at least give it a try.

But is this collagen-laced beer too good to lớn be true? According lớn Dr. Ariel Ostad, a collagen expert & Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at thủ đô new york University Medical Center, it is. 

According to what Ostad told Forbes, alcohol is not healthy for the toàn thân or for your skin. Ostad said alcohol can actually vị the opposite, inflaming your skin & resulting in irritation, puffiness & rosacea.

"There isn"t enough collagen to make a remarkable difference for your skin"s complexion," Dr. Ostad said.

While it would be great to believe that an alcoholic beverage could actually improve the unique of my skin, even Suntory Holdings admitted that there is no truth behind their claim. 

According lớn Taito Mikami, Public Relation representative for Suntory Holdings Limited, the company only decided to lớn start adding collagen to lớn their beer because there are "findings that Japanese women wanted khổng lồ take collagen, so we created this regionally-marketed product to meet their needs."