Postpartum beauty: how to care for your skin and hair post delivery


With two kids at home, here’s something I know for sure: no two pregnancies or postpartum experiences are the same. Your body toàn thân goes through a deluge of hormonal shifts during & after pregnancy. Some hormones drop, others soar, và what results is a true whirlwind of an emotional & physical journey. When I looked in the mirror postpartum, I felt unrecognizable, và couldn’t wait to recover my confident, pre-baby self. So, I started with my skin, digging into the best postpartum beauty products—and all the get-your-glow-back advice from the experts.

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After having Liam, I was so busy & overwhelmed with the experiences of being a first-time mom that I didn’t even notice some of the changes that were happening in my body. All I was focused on was getting khổng lồ know this new, tiny person & wondering if I was doing this whole motherhood thing right. When I had Norah, I was a bit more comfortable & had a better handle on things. Và while I certainly had my hands full, I was feeling more aware of the changes in my own body.

If you’re reading this in a panic because you’re experiencing the same, sometimes stress-inducing changes, don’t worry. This story has a happy ending. It took a few months, but with a little gentle coaxing và a lot of patience, I got my groove–and my glow back! So, how did I get there? Through a few essential steps that I’d highly recommend khổng lồ any new mama. Let’s get khổng lồ them.

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What are common skin conditions women may experience postpartum?

Among the many changes I experienced was a complete shift in my post-pregnancy skin’s appearance. Throughout my first pregnancy, I had that signature glow (you know, the one everyone’s commenting on). But after I delivered Liam, I was almost immediately left with dull, dry skin that didn’t vày anything to help my nighttime feedings-induced under-eye circles! My usual skincare routine was no match for the woes I was experiencing, và I just wasn’t feeling like myself. I tried reaching for the foundation & concealer, but when I applied my products, they’d only cling to lớn my thirsty, flaky skin. Not a xinh tươi look—and it only made me feel worse. It was abundantly clear that instead of attempting to lớn cover up my skin issues, I needed to focus on giving my skin some extra TLC.

What helped was knowing that I wasn’t alone in this particular struggle. Many women experience changes in their skin’s appearance postpartum. An onset of acne can be common with hormonal shifts and the high stresses that moms experience. Another common complaint is melasma. Those who experience melasma see uneven brown patches of hyperpigmentation on the skin develop as a result of a build-up of melanin. It’s totally harmless but can sometimes stick around even with intervention.

The dullness and dryness I was experiencing, on the other hand, are also common. Now I’m one for fully embracing yourself as you are, loving every inch of that mommy body toàn thân (and don’t forget about your face, too!). But during a time when so much of your devotion goes to lớn your baby, it can feel rewarding to bởi something for yourself. With hormones raging, I wanted a bit of my old self back—and khổng lồ feel good in my own literal skin. I turned to lớn an expert for the answers.

Elizabeth Geddes-Bruce, MD

Elizabeth Geddes-Bruce, MD is a board-certified dermatologist & dermatologic surgeon specializing in the practice of both cosmetic và medical dermatology. She views cosmetic dermatology as synergistic lớn a happy, healthy lifestyle và regularly counsels her patients in a balanced, natural approach to lớn both cosmetic và medical dermatology.

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Why does skin appear dry postpartum?

I spoke with Dr. Elizabeth Geddes-Bruce lớn get some insight into post-pregnancy skin. She shared that while new mothers have spent the last nine months with that rosy, pregnancy glow, it’s normal that they may now be experiencing skin that appears dull và feels dry post-baby. “Thanks to hooc môn changes, sleep deprivation, và stress, our skin can take a bit of a beating. Thankfully, many of these changes are temporary as the skin has an amazing unique of bouncing back and being amenable lớn repairs with a little TLC,” said Dr. Geddes-Brucewhen asked why our skin changes after having a baby.

“During pregnancy, the toàn thân has a higher blood volume and higher levels of hormones. Quickly after birth, these levels plummet và the effects on the skin can be a bit jarring. Couple that with some sleepless nights and general self-neglect, & you’ve got a recipe for skin that needs a little help turning over and retaining moisture.”


What steps can new mothers take to get their glow back?

When it comes khổng lồ the best postpartum beauty products, Dr. Geddes-Bruce says khổng lồ look for “products that contain niacinamide, zinc, azelaic acid, và hyaluronic acid during this time period. They are all safe lớn use while pregnant or nursing, và will keep your skin soft, hydrated, & bright.”

A Good Facial

The first thing I did when I noticed that my skin had lost its glow was book an appointment with my esthetician. When I finally had the chance lớn see her after my toàn thân had some time to recover, she suggested a LaserAway Clear + Brilliant skin rejuvenating facial. This tia laze facial permeates the skin microscopically và speeds up cell turnover, polishing away dull skin và revealing a more refreshed glow. This facial launched my postpartum skin journey, và while it definitely felt raw and red for a few days after, I saw a marked difference in texture after about a week.


Load On The Moisture

Part of the reason my skin felt so dry was because I was so busy juggling my two babies that I would entirely forget lớn moisturize. After a little research và recommendations from my friends and esthetician, I settled on the Therapi Honey Skincare Ultra Radiance Cream. This super-thick cream is formulated with organic botanicals, so it’s perfect to lớn incorporate into your pregnancy skincare routine, too.

My esthetician also suggested Three Ships Dew Drops, which is a serum that contains vi-ta-min C & hyaluronic acid. While hyaluronic acid works khổng lồ combat dryness, vitamin C is clinically proven to lớn brighten skin.

Together, this cream & serum duo helped bring life and plumpness back into my devitalized & stressed-out skin. I kept these products on my nightstand so I didn’t even have khổng lồ get out of bed lớn apply them during snuggle time with Liam và Norah.

Boost That Glow

While I was able khổng lồ sneak away lớn get a laser facial once, I didn’t have time khổng lồ get routine professional facials during the first year of Norah’s life. I knew that chemical peels could really help khổng lồ brighten my complexion, so I was thrilled khổng lồ find Goop’s Goop Glow. These glycolic acid overnight peels allowed me to get the benefits of a chemical peel safely at trang chủ once a week. This is a hàng hóa I still use today because the results were so dramatic. Within a few months, my glow was back in full force!

GOOPGLOW 15% Glycolic Acid Overnight Glow Peel

GOOPGLOW 15% Glycolic Acid Overnight Glow Peel, $165


Be Easy On Yourself

Little ones take priority, but it’s important to lớn remember that being a great parent means taking care of yourself, too. Bít tất tay shows up in so many ways, including your skin và hair. However, I’m not going lớn sit here và tell you to get more sleep because let’s face it—you’re not going khổng lồ get it. But this is a good time to lớn lean on your partner or loved ones khổng lồ give you some time khổng lồ yourself. Tyler goes out of his way khổng lồ spend quality time with Liam and Norah so that I have the opportunity to lớn take a relaxing Epsom salt bath to unwind. A little time lớn unplug goes a long way.

And there you have it. If you’re struggling from stressed out và dull skin, I hope you’ve found some helpful advice as well as a reminder that you’re not alone in this. If you’ve experienced the same thing, I’d love it if you shared your holy grail products and routines that helped you get your glow back.