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The effect of tea after giving birth is a hot topic many pregnant women are looking for. Postpartum mothers always abstain a lot to lớn protect themselves as well as their children. After giving birth, a mother always sacrifices everything for her children. Body shape, skin, beauty have gone downhill. But don’t worry too much. Today, Dung Ha Dry Food will bring mothers very good products after giving birth. At the same time, also learn more about the effects of postpartum tea that mothers should know . 

1. What is tea tree?

Tea tree , also known by other names such as tea tree, trắng wire, … is a wild plant, growing in clusters or small clusters, can cling to lớn live on other trees. The parts used are the stems, branches and leaves. In order to lớn be convenient và easy to lớn use, people often dry all these parts. The drying process will reduce the water content, but the nutritional value of the tea will remain the same. 


Tea is found in many mountainous areas such as Ha Giang and the Central Highlands. In dried tea contains a lot of nutritional value. It is also a drink that helps khổng lồ cool the body toàn thân and detoxify the liver extremely effectively. Besides, tea is also very good for men. More prominently, this is considered as a herb that enhances milk benefits for pregnant women. 

Tea contains many beneficial nutrients. But perhaps Flavonoids, Glycosides, and Alkaloids are the three most important major compounds. They are directly involved in the entire effect of white tea on the body. 

2. The effect of tea after giving birth that pregnant women should know

2.1 Milk tea

The first effect of trắng tea lies in being extremely good for milk. After giving birth, it is difficult for a mother lớn get milk right away khổng lồ breastfeed her baby. The use of milk tư vấn products is extremely important. Breast milk is the main source of food for growing and healthy babies.Using dry tea will help breast milk come back more regularly, faster and more often. Green tea contains bitter glycosides. This is a substance that helps stimulate the appetite of young children. Breastfed babies mean breast milk will come in more regularly.Using functional foods is one thing. You also need to pay attention khổng lồ your diet. Drink plenty of water lớn increase milk production. Eat plenty of protein, full of nutrients.

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2.2 Losing weight after giving birth

During pregnancy, child rearing và childbirth, the mother is always nourished with the most nutrients. If the mother eats these substances, the child will absorb and grow healthy. During this period, the mother’s weight also improved markedly. However, mothers need khổng lồ drink in moderation. Besides, combined with gentle exercise & sports exercises to lớn regain a beautiful slim waist shape. Persevering in practice, after only a month, you will see other obvious results.

2.3 Treatment of insomnia

In dry tea contains active ingredients Glycoside will help mothers stimulate eating more appetizing. Stabilizes the nervous system. Help mom easily fall asleep. No more annoying, frequent insomnia.

2.4 Green tea against postpartum inflammation

The most terrible obsession of women is the risk of postpartum infection. But don’t worry too much. Strong antioxidants in dried tea like Flavonoids will help prevent the formation and invasion of fungal bacteria that cause disease. Soothes birth injuries. 

2.5 Regulating menstruation

Childbirth is a complex process. It occurs both inside và outside the body. If unfortunately, the hormones inside a woman have problems, menstrual disorders are inevitable. Menstrual disorders will also greatly affect the conception và pregnancy of many couples. Tea will help you solve this problem. Alkaloids in trắng tea will stimulate hormones, increase estrogen production. Helps the flow of the menstrual cycle become more stable.

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2.6 Treatment of breast abscess

Breast abscess is a dreaded, chronic error of many women. This is a size of infection caused by bacteria. It causes the mammary glands to become swollen, painful, và has a bad odor. To treat this condition, you just need to bởi the following. Crush fresh tea leaves with alcohol 50 degrees Celsius. Apply directly lớn the mammary gland 3 times a day, twice a night. Persistence to use for about 5 days is the obvious signs of breast reduction. 

2.7 Improve skin, treat pimples

3. The most effective way khổng lồ use tea after giving birth

Currently, trắng tea is trusted by hundreds of thousands of pregnant women in many different ways. But perhaps, there are only 3 methods below that are widely used and most effective such as:

4. Where to buy cheap unique and reputable dry tea?

Dried tea is easy to find in stores and supermarkets, but it is not sure of the quality. Many places sell dried tea with impurities, kém chất lượng goods, kém chất lượng goods, and poor unique goods. So when buying dried tea , you should pay attention to the chất lượng and origin of the product. Do not buy products with erased or faded labels. 

Dung Ha’s agricultural products are now selling quality and cheap dry tea in Hanoi và Ho bỏ ra Minh City . Dry food at Dung Ha is considered a unique product, absolutely safe for users’ health. With many years of business experience in the field of herbal medicine , nutritional seeds , powder , … So all products we sell are strictly tested according to VietGAP standards . Not only are you guaranteed the price of dry tea , the prestige of the brand, but you are also advised and answered enthusiastically by all of our staff. 

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5. Conclusion

Above is the most detailed article about all the effects of postpartum tea that pregnant mothers should refer to. Above, are just folk remedies for mothers lớn refer to. It is important that mothers need lớn consult a doctor before taking to lớn bring the best benefit for mother and baby. 


Wishing mothers a lot of health to lớn raise healthy babies.

Thank you, moms, for reading our post.

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