Olive oil for skin lightening?

Olive oil is an oil that is used a lot in today"s life, which is effective for skin lightening. However, in order for olive oil lớn lighten the skin in the safest & most effective way, you need khổng lồ know the basic properties, as well as the correct way lớn use olive oil on the skin.

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Olive oil is extracted from the fruit of the olive tree, after crushing and pressing, it will collect the oil that flows out in this step. Olive oil can be used in cooking with many health benefits, or can be used for daily skin care. Currently, there are two popular types of olive oil: extra virgin olive oil or slightly refined olive oil. In particular, olive oil that undergoes the least processing is considered virgin olive oil & contains the most nutrients, typically phytochemicals that have the ability khổng lồ fight cardiovascular disease & cancer. . There are many studies that show that when the body is supplemented with extra virgin olive oil through the diet, it will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, they also contribute khổng lồ lower blood pressure, keeping the arteries from hardening. Replacing unhealthy fats with olive oil in your daily menu can reduce your chances of having a stroke by up khổng lồ 40%. Besides, olive oil also fights inflammation of the body as an anti-inflammatory agent.

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Dầu oliu
In addition to the very good uses for health & skin through the addition of olive oil to lớn the diet, olive oil for skin is also applied in the field of beauty with the effect of lightening the skin. However, olive oil cannot lighten the skin in all cases. We need to better understand the skin lightening process, as well as the effect of olive oil in this regard to use it more effectively. Skin lightening process means lightening skin spots, patches or overall skin tone. Skin-lightening agents are also known as skin-whitening agents, skin-lightening agents, mattifying creams, or skin-bleaching creams. These skin-whitening agents usually work at the surface of the skin or the đứng đầu layers of the skin. There are 2 mechanisms of kích hoạt of skin whitening agents as follows: Reduces melanin pigment in the skin: When the amount of melanin in the skin decreases, the skin will become lighter. Melanin is produced from melanocytes. Applying a whitening cream will help slow or stop the production of melanin, or some creams can stop the process of melanin being transferred to the đứng top layers of the skin. However, these skin whitening agents vị not last forever because the melanocytes are always growing as a person"s skin changes over time. Increase skin exfoliation: Removing old skin cells will help brighten the skin, especially with tanned or damaged skin. Normally, the skin"s natural exfoliation process slows down as we age. Some skin whitening agents will have the effect of activating the exfoliation process faster than usual, from which, more skin cells will be replaced, more light skin cells will appear. Olive oil can benefit the skin through ingestion & use as a skin oil: For the diet, olive oil contains good fatty acids, omega-3, which have the ability lớn reduce inflammation, prevent inflammation, & prevent inflammation. Prevent skin damage such as damage from sun exposure, age spots, wrinkles, rashes on the skin. Olive oil for skin: This is the application of olive oil in skin care products, with names in the ingredients các mục of these products such as olive acid, hydrogenated olive oil, olea europaea fruit oil, potassium olivate, sodium olive oil,... Applying olive oil khổng lồ the skin can block the harmful effects of UV rays because they help strengthen the sunscreen proteins on the skin. With the function of lightening and whitening the skin, olive oil can also do, although very little. Olive oil, when applied to the skin, will not reduce pigmentation or enhance the exfoliation process, but it will only help prevent sun damage, inflammation, redness, thereby helping khổng lồ lighten the skin.