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A for Anti-stress Lamb"s Lettuce is the anti-stress green par excellence. Folic acid, the "wellness vitamin," found in large quantities in Lamb"s Lettuce, helps you sleep well và prevents irritability and fatigue. Incidentally, did you know that the well-known drug Valium gets its name from valerian?

B for BeautyLamb"s Lettuce can help you get that beautiful figure: with only 19 calories per 100 g, Lamb"s Lettuce is an ideal slimming food - a delicious & well-balanced addition lớn a diet. Recipe Idea: bầu Rice with Lamb"s Lettuce, Coconut Milk and Crunchy Vegetables

D for DietWith its low calorie content, 19 calories per 100 g, Lamb"s Lettuce is recommended for slimming regimens and as part of a balanced diet.

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E for Energy100 g of Lamb"s Lettuce contains 15% of the daily recommended intake of iron to lớn ensure the health of our red blood cells. This is twice the amount found in other salad greens. Furthermore, the large amounts of vi-ta-min C contained in Lamb"s Lettuce optimize the iron"s beneficial effects.

F for FitnessLamb"s Lettuce is a concentrate of energy & dynamism. 100 g of Lamb"s Lettuce contains 2/3 of the vitamin C found in an equal amount of orange! This is 5 times more than raw carrots & 3 times more than lettuce. 150 g of Lamb"s Lettuce provides 95% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

H for HealthLamb"s Lettuce is a healthful food, good for you because it naturally contains beta-carotene. This substance helps combat cell aging and certain diseases. It is a major part of many dietary supplements.

I for ImmunityWinter is a difficult season for the body. It"s more vulnerable, and our immune defences tend lớn weaken. The best remedy is vitamin C, a true defender of our immune system. Did you know that 150 g (one basket, about 5 oz.) contains 95% of our recommended daily intake of vitamin C?

L for (fewer) Lines & wrinklesThe vitamin C in Lamb"s Lettuce is directly responsible for synthesizing collagen, the molecule that helps size connective tissue, particularly that of the skin. Thus it helps protect the vitality of your skin tone and prevent lines and wrinkles.

O for OriginalIn the family of salad greens, Lamb"s Lettuce is the most original of its siblings. Both a vegetable and a crudité, it serves equally well as a side vegetable, in soups, mixed salads or even in sauces.

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R for RawYou can best enjoy Lamb"s Lettuce"s nutritional qualities by eating it raw. When cooked, it can thất bại up to một nửa of its folic acid content.

S for StimulatingFor a stimulating and delicious tonic, combine a bunch of Lamb"s Lettuce with a grapefruit that has been peeled và cut into small pieces. địa chỉ cửa hàng a few peeled pink shrimp. Dress with olive oil và the juice of a lime.

T for TanningLamb"s Lettuce, rich in beta carotene, helps fight the không tính phí radicals responsible for skin aging, while promoting the synthesis of melanin, which causes us lớn tan. By eating Lamb"s Lettuce throughout the year, you help protect your skin from harmful sun rays, while developing a healthy base tan.

V for VitaminsSee the table of nutritional values.

W for WaterLamb"s Lettuce consists of 92.8% water. It contributes khổng lồ the body"s hydration, necessary for the elimination of waste.

Y for YouthThanks lớn its anti-oxidant properties, contained particularly in beta-carotene (or pro-vitamins A & C), Lamb"s Lettuce helps fight cell aging and cardio-vascular diseases.