Beauty From Tomatoes For Skin

Tomatoes are considered a nutritious food, so many people now use tomatoes as part of their skin care routine. One of the ways to lớn use tomatoes in beauty is to apply a mask. So what is the effect of tomato mask?

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Tomatoes are a healthy food, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants including: Beta carotene Lutein Lycopene Magnesium Potassium vitamin A Vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6 và B9 MORE: Eating tomatoes has thua trận weight?
A lot of people believe that tomatoes can be beneficial in improving skin problems lượt thích even skin tone or preventing signs of aging. In fact, the effects of tomatoes do not stop there, here are the answers about the benefits of using a tomato mask:
Sun exposure is one of the leading risk factors for skin cancer (including basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma). The composition of tomatoes contains lycopene, this is a carotenoid found in many different fruits, it is this natural compound that gives tomatoes their vibrant red color. According to lớn researchers, lycopene has a strong anti-cancer effect when regularly included in the diet, but there is little or no evidence to tư vấn anti-cancer effects when applied topically. Tomatoes directly on the skin. In a study in healthy, hairless rats that were fed mandarin or red tomato paste for 35 weeks. They were then exposed lớn light with three times the normal amount of UVB for 1 week. The control group of animals was fed the same diet but not exposed khổng lồ light. The researchers found that the rats that ate the tomato diet had fewer tumor incidents, which suggests that tomatoes may prevent the growth of human skin cancer cells. However, more studies are needed lớn be more certain of the anti-cancer effects when lycopene is masked on the skin.
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Tomatoes are not a substitute for sunscreen, but the lycopene in tomatoes can have a protective effect on the skin. Regular consumption of tomatoes or products made from tomatoes rich in lycopene has been shown to be effective in reducing the skin"s sensitivity lớn UV radiation, reducing the risk of sun damage. However, you should still use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher khổng lồ protect your skin from sunburn và skin cancer. In fact, applying a mask with tomatoes can have a soothing effect on the skin after sun exposure due lớn its abundance of water, but the effectiveness of protecting the skin from sunburn later on has not been proven by many studies.
According to the database provided by the United States Department of Agriculture, 1 cup of tomatoes contains about 30 grams of vitamin C. Vi-ta-min C is an ingredient commonly found in skin care products, helping to lớn promote growth of new connective tissues, helping to repair wounds and speeding up the skin healing process. Tomatoes have a soothing effect on skin inflammation thanks lớn compounds: Lycopene Beta carotene Lutein vi-ta-min E vi-ta-min C When masking with tomatoes, these compounds can help relieve pain caused by skin irritation or burning sunny. However, applying tomato can help reduce skin inflammation or not still needs more research khổng lồ prove.
As mentioned above, tomatoes are an excellent source of vi-ta-min C, besides boosting the immune system, vi-ta-min C can help stimulate collagen production in the skin when used topically. In addition, vi-ta-min C can help improve skin elasticity, making skin firmer.
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Exfoliation improves skin health & appearance. Some people believe that the enzymes in tomatoes can provide exfoliating benefits when applying a tomato face mask on the body. to make a tomato scrub, combine sugar và mashed tomatoes, then apply the scrub on the toàn thân but be careful to avoid the face as the sugar crystals are often too large. Can create wounds on the skin of the face (the skin in this area is usually thinner than the rest of the body).
B vitamins are essential for healthy skin. In tomatoes, this vitamin is very abundant including vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6 & B9. These vitamins have anti-aging properties, which in turn can reduce age spots and wrinkles. In addition, B vitamins also contribute lớn cell repair, reducing hyperpigmentation và limiting sun damage. However, the above benefits are only obtained when we use tomatoes as a food và there is not any evidence that applying a tomato mask can provide the same benefits.
free radicals are the cause of damage to skin cells, which leads khổng lồ an increased risk of wrinkles and signs of aging. Tomatoes contain antioxidants like lycopene và vitamin C. Consuming tomatoes can replenish these antioxidants and help fight không lấy phí radicals. Besides, a tomato mask is also a good option, although there is no evidence that using tomatoes topically helps replenish antioxidants.
Dry skin can be a factor in itching, cracking and flaking & requires the use of creams to treat it. Plus, some people claim the effectiveness of applying tomato juice on dry skin, instantly replenishing moisture. Tomatoes are an excellent source of potassium, and science has shown that low blood potassium levels contribute to dry skin in people with atopic dermatitis. However, whether applying tomato juice or applying a tomato mask on the skin has the same benefits as a traditional moisturizer depends on each person"s location, some people feel tomatoes. Very effective, but there are also people who think that the tomato mask method is "innocuous". SEE ALSO: What are the benefits of eating tomatoes? Is it good lớn eat tomato seeds?
Tomatoes bring a lot of benefits lớn health in general và skin in particular. However, beneficial effects on the skin vì chưng not occur in all users. Tomatoes are acidic, so if you are sensitive khổng lồ acids or allergic khổng lồ tomatoes, topical application of tomatoes can cause irritation. Signs of skin irritation include: Rash; Itchy; Redness of the skin; Some other signs of irritation. Before wanting lớn use tomato or tomato juice lớn apply khổng lồ a large area of ​​the body, chạy thử it by applying a small amount of the juice lớn a small area of ​​skin and watch for signs of skin irritation. . For people who vì chưng not tolerate acidity, tomato supplements should be taken through the digestive tract (eating or drinking) instead of using it topically.
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Use a cốt tông swab và dip it directly into the pure tomato juice, then apply it directly to lớn the skin. Finally, rinse the area with warm water. Besides, we can crush 1 tomato into a paste & apply the mixture on the skin - apply a tomato mask, after trăng tròn minutes, wash it off with water. In addition, instead of applying tomato juice to lớn a large area of ​​the body, users can use it on areas of concern such as hyperpigmentation or excessively dry skin. Tomato juice can be combined with oatmeal or yogurt to size a mask. Apply a mask with tomatoes and accompanying ingredients on your face and wash it off with warm water after trăng tròn minutes.
to take advantage of the wonderful effects of tomatoes on the skin, instead of using it directly, the best và safest way is to eat raw tomatoes and drink tomato juice. If using tomato juice drink, users need lớn be careful not to địa chỉ salt or sugar. In short, tomatoes are many people"s favorite food because of their great health benefits. Besides, tomatoes also have an effect on the skin, helping khổng lồ limit wrinkles và skin inflammation. However, the benefits that have been proven khổng lồ date are mostly through the diet, the application of a tomato mask has not been clearly studied, most of the beauty experiences are experienced by women. Passed on to each other.