5 tricks to beautify your face at home

Rosemary improves circulation và tones & firms the skin, giving it vitality. You can apply this treatment in the morning & evening.

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Thick & long eyelashes

Thick, long eyelashes totally change the look of your eyes. They appear more feminine và attractive, & also give prominence to your eyes without even having khổng lồ wear makeup.

The beauty remedy that our grandmothers used khổng lồ strengthen their eyelashes is made with castor oil, a thick, nourishing oil that you should apply khổng lồ your lashes every night before bed.

The most practical way is to use an old mascara brush or other small eyelash brush. Don’t use too much, that way you avoid getting any into your eyes và causing irritation.

Voluminous lips

Many women undergo lip surgery to give their lips more volume. But many people don’t realize are unaware that there are beauty tricks to help give lips a bigger, more luscious appearance.

Along with making sure they’re always hydrated, here’s how you can mas sa them lớn give volume and màu sắc in just a few minutes. How vì chưng you bởi it?

Cover your entire mouth with one hand và move it horizontally lớn the outside, massaging not just the lips but also the surrounding area, which often has tension & is where wrinkles usually appear.Then bởi vì the same with your other hand, massaging in the other direction.Repeat this 10 times with each hand.

Large eyes

Don’t think we forgot to include the eyes themselves in our danh mục of tricks khổng lồ beautify your face. Facial tension and vision problems, among other things, can make your eyes look squinty and cause wrinkles. Along with having your vision checked & making sure you’re using appropriate glasses or tương tác lenses, you can also vì chưng some eye exercises khổng lồ relax the muscles around them.

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First, rub your hands together to lớn warm them up.Then, place them over your closed eyes, allowing the palms of your hands lớn rest on đứng top of them for a few minutes.You’ll feel your eyes and even the surrounding skin (which is where you usually get your first facial wrinkles) relax.

You can also squeeze and then relax your eyes a few times a day lớn keep more tension from building up in this area.


Hydrated skin

Here’s the last of our tricks lớn beautify your face: never forget khổng lồ keep your skin hydrated. The best way is lớn use vegetable oils that aren’t harmful to your skin:

Rosehip oil or olive oil for dry skin.Jojoba oil for combination skin.Coconut oil mixed with aloe vera for oily skin.

You can also make a habit of taking fruit và vegetable peels and wiping them over your face while you cook. We especially recommend using apples, cucumbers, zucchinis, or avocados.

Images courtesy of net-efekt, TMBlue & neuroticcamel

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