How to blur part of a picture with powerpoint


Summary: This post talks about 4 ways khổng lồ blur part of a picture, we introduced how to lớn blur part of a picture in PowerPoint, photoshop, and an online tool and recommend two apps to blur photo.

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For most people, blur photo is perhaps one of the most useful photo editing features. Whether it is lớn hide some information in a photo or to highlight a part of the subject, knowing how to lớn blur part of a picture is a very effective idea. Some bloggers also create a depth-of-field effect and get stunning photos by blurring part of an image.

Learning how khổng lồ blur part of a picture is very meaningful. So, what is the best way lớn get a blur out picture? In this post, I"ll introduce you khổng lồ the 4 easiest ways on how khổng lồ blur part of an image, please read on!

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4 Best Ways of How to lớn Blur a Part of a Photo

For different needs và different levels of readers, we will introduce four different ways about how to lớn make a picture blurry or how to lớn blur something in a picture using PowerPoint, Photoshop, online, & two recommended photo blurring apps, so you can blur your pictures anytime và anywhere.

How lớn Blur Parts of a Photo on PowerPoint?


Did you know that you can blur photo using office software? Powerpoint is used to create a slide show program, but it provides some additional photo editing tools that allow you khổng lồ blur pictures, và it doesn"t require you to download any extra software. In the following I will introduce how to create a blur effect on a picture using PowerPoint:

Click "Insert" and select "Shape". This will draw a shape around the area you want to blur. Select Shape Fill on the Format tab và fill the shape with a màu sắc similar to the selected area.Go to lớn Shape Effects & select Soften Edges. Adjust the effect & apply it khổng lồ the image.Press the Ctrl on your keyboard, select the area & the rest of the image, & click Group. Now you can use this photo in your presentation.

How to lớn Blur a Picture on Photoshop?


If you have Photoshop on your computer, you can also use it to blur some areas of your pictures. Such as blurring the background of a picture, blur face, or anything thing you want lớn hide in the image.

There are several ways khổng lồ blur part of photos with Photoshop, but we will introduce the simplest one. Using the lasso tool to lớn blur part of a picture. Here are the specific steps:

Select the Lasso tool from the left-hand toolbar. If you want khổng lồ select the area step by step, you can use polygonal lasso tool.Select the area by dragging the tool.Click filter>blur và choose gaussian blur. There will be a new window. Adjust the radius lớn blur the selected area. Click apply và you can save your image now.

The following is a detailed teaching video clip of how lớn blur some parts of an image in photoshop, you can also refer to it.

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How to lớn Blur Part of a Picture Online?

Need to blur a part of an image quickly but don"t have any available image blur editor on hand? You might want to try an online image blurrier.


Here we recommend"s không tính phí online photo blurrier, which allows you khổng lồ blur a picture into specific shapes including circular and linear on JPEG and PNG files. You can solve your blurry image problem automatically online. Following are the exact steps to lớn blur part of an image using"s blur photo tool:

Upload or drag & drop the photo in’s object blurry tool you want lớn blur. Select the "Circular" blur tool or "Linear" blur tool khổng lồ blur images. Besides, you can also click the "Background Blur" button to lớn blur background of the image. Apply the blur effect, distorting and changing the blur area lớn maximize the effect. After you have finished, click the "download" button to lớn save your blurry photo. There are PNG & JPG file formats for you to choose.

Besides, there are also other tools in that you can also hide part of a picture, such as: remove object from photo, vignette photo, showroom stickers to photos, etc. Explore more in!

How to lớn Blur Something in a Picture on iPhone?

You will inevitably encounter the situation you need to blur the background on iPhone or blur something in a picture on mobile device. Try some useful apps to lớn blur pictures. Nowadays, there are many powerful apps that can easily blur a picture on iPhone. I will introduce the best two photo blurry apps that can blur part of a picture easily on mobile.

*"s photo blurry tiện ích allows you lớn blur photos whenever và wherever you want. You can use it khổng lồ create beautiful và professional chất lượng images in incircle, linear, & ellipse shapes to lớn suit different photo blur needs. It"s miễn phí to tải về on both IOS & Android systems.

Download"s app on your iPhone, it is also available for app android system. Xuất hiện & upload the image you want khổng lồ blur. Click "Focus" lớn apply the blur effect lớn your picture. There are circular và linear blur effects. Once you have a blurred background, save your blurry image.

YouCam Perfect


This free app allows users khổng lồ fade certain elements into the background and direct focus on the object of the photo by blurring parts of the image. This easy-to-use photo blurrier makes blurring photos become efficient.

Open edit tab> click tools> blur. Choose the shape of the outline you’d like to use to lớn shape the blur effect. Once you’ve selected the shape, you’ll begin lớn see the effect in action.Adjust the blur photo size, you can totally control the size of blurry photo. After finishing your editing, you can download and save your blurry image.


Knowing how khổng lồ blur part of a picture is a useful skill. In this post, we shared five ways to lớn blur parts of a picture, including PowerPoint, photoshop, an online tool, và photo blurry apps.

With these strategies in this post, I hope you can make the best certain types of blurry images & make some great designs. Enjoy the creation!