How to blur an image in powerpoint


When using a background image in PowerPoint, we can adjust the visibility of the image by adjusting the opacity for the background image in the slide.

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One of the factors that creates an attraction as well as enhances the aesthetics of PowerPoint presentations, is to use the background image for the slide. The phối of backgrounds that PowerPoint provides to users is quite limited and simple, so many people choose khổng lồ use the images available on the computer as a backdrop for their presentations.

In the process of importing content, we also need to lớn pay attention khổng lồ the highlight of the content as well as other characters on the background we have chosen. If you bởi vì not choose the appropriate background, users can choose lớn blur the background to pop up the content, creating attention to lớn viewers. The following article will show you how to use the background images available on your computer, as well as how khổng lồ adjust the blurring mode of PowerPoint background images.

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How to lớn create a blurred background image in PowerPoint

Step 1:

In the PowerPoint interface, click the Design tab on the Ribbon & then click on the Background Styles section . Then select Format Background lớn replace the background image for the slide.


Step 2:

The Format Background appears, here select Picture or texture fill lớn make the option to địa chỉ images lớn the background.

Next khổng lồ the below we click the file button to download the image available from the computer.

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Step 3:

Find the image storage thư mục on your computer, click on the image & click Insert below.


Note khổng lồ users , lớn let the photo choose to lớn make the background balanced và highlight the content on the slide, users should choose photos with a light background, with small dark details.

Step 4:

Next, at the Format Background interface, looking at the Transparency section, users will proceed to adjust the horizontal bar lớn blur the selected background image. Or it can be adjusted by means of an arrow và an arrow to lớn select the percentage of opacity for the image you want.


The above blurring method will apply khổng lồ an mở cửa slide. If you want to lớn blur the image for all existing slides, click on any slide and then press Ctrl + A to select all. The blurring operation will vị the same as above. Or blur a slide và press Enter to lớn create many similar slides.

Finally, enter the text for the slide and adjust the font color to stand out with the fonts so the image is blurred.


Blurring the background image will help the content on the slide be more prominent when we create a PowerPoint presentation. In addition, you can also adjust the text in the slide to be able to combine with a reasonable background image, creating aesthetics for the presentation.