2 Super Easy Ways To Braid Your Own Hair

Learning how lớn braid hair is simpler said than done. Even the braids that are supposed to be "easy" (whether spotted on celebrities or social truyền thông tutorials) seem to lớn require some sort of hair sorcery or superhuman hand strength. Sarah Potempa is here lớn help fix that.

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If you're not already familiar with Potempa, she's a celebrity hairstylist & founder of the Beachwaver, the famous self-curling iron. She's also a braid expert. Potempa once completed a 365 Days of Braids challenge in which she wore a different braid every single day for an entire year. If that's not proof of her talent and dedication, we don't know what is.

On that note, we asked Potempa khổng lồ teach nhatroso.com staffers her favorite techniques based on our hair length and textures. The levels of difficulty vary from a 1—something you probably mastered at summer camp—to a 5, meaning you've got your braid trò chơi on lock. Here she shares her best advice on how to lớn braid hair—along with braid tutorials for short hair, fine hair, curly hair, và more.

How to vì a Fishtail Braid


Nikola Jocic/Andy Kissler
Level of difficulty: 1

Time lớn complete: 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how fancy you want to get


Alexa De Paulis
Step 1: Brush out your hair & decide which side you want your braid, then split it into two even sections.

Step 2: A fishtail is much easier than it looks; essentially you’re just bringing a piece of hair from one section over into the other. Start by taking a small piece of hair from one side & bringing it over và adding it khổng lồ the inside of the other side. Repeat on the other side, grabbing from the outside part of the section each time, and continue all the way down your braid. Potempa recommends keeping your hands right above where you’re braiding khổng lồ keep it clean, và to not let go of your hair, using only your pointer fingers to lớn move the hair across.

Step 3: Continue all the way down your hair and secure with a hair tie. Once the braid is secured, “pancake” it by tugging at small pieces of your braid so they loosen up & create more volume.

Step 4: Using the Beachwaver, curl any shorter layers or bangs.

Step 5: If you have any longer layers that didn't make it into the fishtail, braid them into a three-strand braid, và tuck and pin it into the fishtail.

Editor tip: "The only braid I can confidently bởi is a standard three-strand, so even this simple braid felt like a challenge. I had a rough start at first, but once I stopped thinking so hard and just repeated Sarah's mantra, 'little piece here, over lớn the side,' in my head, it was easy khổng lồ jet through the braid." —Bella

How to vì a Dutch Braid


Level of difficulty: 5

Time lớn complete: 10 minutes


Emily Kemp
Most Popular
Step 1: Separate your hair into three even sections.

Step 2: Create a Dutch braid by braiding the sections in a "left under, right under" pattern, weaving the left piece of hair under the center piece, then right piece under the center, grabbing and adding small sections of hair each time as you go. (Think of it lượt thích an inverse French braid.)

Step 3: showroom hair from your roots as you continue down the back of your head. Secure with an elastic.

Step 4: If any pieces from the bottom don't fit into the braid, simply video clip them up toward the middle lớn make it look cohesive.

Editor tip: "As a woman with short hair, I never really thought wearing braids was an option for me. I vì chưng other stuff, lượt thích dye my hair purple, instead. Which, fun fact, this braid really brought the màu sắc out more than a traditional three-strand or French-braid style." —Danielle

How to vày a Front Crown Braid


Nikola Jocic /Andy Kissler
Level of difficulty: 3

Time to complete: 5 minutes

Alexa De Paulis
Most Popular
Step 1: Divide your hair into three sections by creating a clean part at the arch of each eyebrow. Video clip all the hair on either side of the middle section away.

Step 2: Brush out the middle section and prep it with Beachwaver Braid Balm to lớn tame flyaways, và then starting at the back, Dutch-braid (directions above) the section toward your face. Don't braid all the way down—stop when you get to your forehead.

Step 3: Divide the unbraided hair into two sections, and video clip one off khổng lồ the side behind your ear. Braid the loose section by using a three-strand braid, and pin it behind your ear.

Step 4: Repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Prep the rest of your hair with the Braid Balm, và do a three-strand braid (all your hair should be braided at this point). Twist & pin the braid into a bun, either on the back or side of your head.

Step 6: Make sure all pins are secure và hidden. Loosen the two braids in the front to create the cool peekaboo effect.

Editor tip: "I'm not a super-strong braider, so I've always had someone else braid my hair for me. But how have I never considered braiding my own hair forward, và then creating a mini crown? The small Dutch braid is tricky khổng lồ get right, but after trying this at home a few times, I mastered it enough to địa chỉ this braid khổng lồ my weekly protective-style rotation." —Brionna

How to vì a Headband Braid

Emily Kemp
Level of difficulty: 3.5

Time to complete: 5 to lớn 7 minutes

Emily Kemp
Most Popular
Step 1: Separate your hair down the middle into two equal parts.

Step 2: Starting with the left side, take a handful of hair và separate it into three pieces.

Step 3: Following the Dutch-braid mantra, "left under, right under," adding small sections of hair as you go.

Step 4: Continue braiding around your hairline and secure it at the đứng đầu of your head.

Step 5: On the right side, create a second Dutch braid (following steps 2 through 4 above) & wrap it around your head on the opposite side, making sure the two meet.

Step 6: Wrap the end around the first braid & pin it in place.

Editor tip: "Figuring out the sectioning & what to lớn put where was definitely a struggle for me. But Sarah told me to keep repeating my 'braid mantra,' which is basically weaving directions, và that helped me find my groove. From there, it was easy." —Julianne

How to bởi vì a Braided Ponytail

Level of difficulty: 4

Time to lớn complete: 10 minutes

Emily Kemp
Most Popular
Step 1: vì chưng a deep side part.

Step 2: Taking the right section, separate your hair into three strands & create a Dutch braid (remember "left under, right under") along your ear.

Step 3: Pancake the braid.

Step 4: Take a two-inch section at the middle of your head (this will be your "Mohawk" part) và do a standard three-strand French braid (right over, left over, grabbing pieces as you go) down the middle, stopping at the curve of your head.

Step 5: Now, on the other side, create a two-strand twist & secure with a clear elastic.

Step 6: Pull all your hair up into a high ponytail và secure with an elastic.

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Editor tip: "This is such a badass take on your typical ponytail braid. Just be sure not to 'pancake' too much, unless you don't care about your shorter pieces sticking out all over the place." —Margo

How to do a Half-Up Crown Braid

Level of difficulty: 1

Time to complete: 2 minutes

Emily Kemp
Most Popular
Step 1: Part your hair in the center. Taking a one-inch strand from the right side, create a classic three-strand braid. Secure with an elastic.

Step 2: bởi the same thing on the left side.

Step 3: Pull the two braids behind your head & crisscross them.

Step 4: sạc the braids into place underneath one another.

Editor tip: "While this braid was easy, it was pinning the two braids that took some work. Just be patient, & maybe recruit a friend to help if you're having trouble." —Jessica

How to bởi a Half-Up Braided Bun

Level of difficulty: 4

Time lớn complete: 10 minutes

Emily Kemp
Most Popular
Step 1: Part your hair into three small sections at the top of your head.

Step 2: đoạn phim the right two sections down, & focus on the remaining left piece first.

Step 3: Create a small braid, angling it toward the back, but stopping at the curve of your head.

Step 4: bởi vì the same thing with the remaining two sections.

Step 5: Pull the braids into a half-up ponytail & style it into a bun. Secure with an elastic.

Step 6: Take any pieces sticking out and wrap them around the bun, securing with pins.

Editor tip: "It's tough to braid my hair because my curls are so spirally. But going slow & pulling the braids taught helped. I love this as a way to lớn spruce up a bun or ponytail." —Concepcion

How to vị a Low Ponytail Braid

Level of difficulty: 5

Time to complete: 15 minutes

Emily Kemp
Most Popular
Step 1: Part your hair into three sections.

Step 2: Taking the middle section (the "Mohawk" section) first, start a Dutch braid (refer khổng lồ "The Dutch Braid," above).

Step 3: Continue braiding down the back of your head, making sure everything is tight.

Step 4: As you continue down the braid, địa chỉ cửa hàng in extra pieces from the middle section khổng lồ create a thicker plait.

Step 5: Secure with an elastic.

Step 6: Take the remaining hair from the left & the right, and start a second French braid on đứng top of the first one.

Step 7: Continue grabbing more pieces and finish the braid.

Step 8: Secure with an elastic.

Editor tip: "French-braiding the back of your head is hard! Try setting up a mirror that allows you to see the braid at all angles. I think this look is especially great for a night out when you're not wearing much makeup—the wow factor of the braid makes up for a clean face." —Lauren

How to vày a Double Side Braid

Level of difficulty: 2

Time khổng lồ complete: 2 minutes

Emily Kemp
Most Popular
Step 1: Take a one-inch section at your hairline and separate into three smaller sections.

Step 2: Create a French braid: right over, left over, adding hair from the root as you braid along your hair line.

Step 3: Secure with an elastic.

Step 4: Next, địa chỉ a second French braid about an inch behind the first.

Step 5: Secure with an elastic.

Step 6: pin sạc back any flyaways or shorter pieces that are sticking up.

Editor tip: "This is no-joke actually easy. Try hiding the little nubs of hair that poke out when they're too short by covering them up with some surrounding hair and pinning them down. It looks a lot more polished." —Erin

How to vày an Upside-Down Braid

Level of difficulty: 4

Time lớn complete: 7 minutes

Emily Kemp
Most Popular
Step 1: Flip your head upside down. Take a large section and split it in two.

Step 2: Start braiding the left section up. Secure with an elastic. Bởi vì the same thing with the right section.

Step 3: Now, flip your head up, pulling all your hair into a high ponytail.

Step 4: Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure with a bobby pin. Done!

Editor tip: "The hardest part about this was definitely the upside-down braiding part & not being able to lớn see what you're doing. Just go slow, và after that, it's a breeze. It's a great idea for working out!" —Kate

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