How do i chat with a girl i like?


It can be quite daunting to lớn start chatting with a girl you like, especially if you are shy or not very good at starting conversations. If you find it difficult, and you don't know how to start a conversation with a girl, then our tips và advice below are for you.


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Make a list. Write out everything you are interested in. Pay more attention to lớn details. For example, instead of "music" write as "playing the classical guitar, visiting concerts, collecting old rare albums";

Make a note in your mind about your opinion on each topic. This will help you khổng lồ know yourself better. When you talk about any topic you are interested in, you can confidently talk & explain why you are interested in this, it will make you an interesting interlocutor;

Practice in conversation or you can never speak well. The simplest thing you can bởi vì to improve your comfort màn chơi is lớn talk. This will help you to lớn understand better how lớn talk at all, và you will feel less shy. Talk more with the girls. It does not matter if you talk about work, school or anything else. This will teach you that there is nothing to lớn fear in conversation with a girl.

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Start this practice with familiar girls, for example, with employees. Be friendly with colleagues at work or schoolmates.

Always be ready. If you want khổng lồ make a good impression on a girl, you at least need to control your behaviour & hygiene. Always dress as best as possible, wear only clean clothes. Behave properly. Be kind, Think up your approach. Whenever you see a good opportunity to lớn talk with a pretty girl you like, even for a minute, come up & do it. Attract her attention, vị not wait for her lớn come lớn you;Be positive. Smile and do not be afraid to lớn look at her while she is speaking;Take the initiative. If there is a pause, but everything is going well, tell her about the last event in your life that relates to your personal interests;At the stage of the conversation, you should be comfortable và be sure that you are an interesting conversationalist, & you have something khổng lồ say about any topic. This is your chance khổng lồ impress her with the skills you have developed;If your question is how lớn chat with a girl you just met? - All the mentioned tips are also relevant, just use them.

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How to chat with a girl online?

Tips on how to lớn chat with a girl online. Photo:

How to lớn start a conversation with a girl online? This is another frequently asked question. Let's try to lớn figure it out.

1. Start successfully

Do not just say "hello" or send her a strange smile, think of a way khổng lồ make her smile.Enchant her with your wit. Make a witty remark, make her laugh. Show her that you can be smart, even in the message.Tell her something new. If you've just heard the great news that could surprise her, mô tả your knowledge.

2. Ask good questions

It is better to lớn start with a question so that the girl understands that you are waiting for an answer.Do not make her spend the evening thinking about what she should say. Make sure that your question can be easily answered.Do not complicate things.

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3. Avoid mistakes

The next answer lớn the question how to chat with a girl, is - avoid mistakes. This may seem silly, but you need to kiểm tra the spelling of words và punctuation before sending a message.

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4. Bởi not try too hard

Remember that you need to be yourself and not to bởi vì anything weird. Relax, vị not send long unnecessary messages.

5. Hold her attention

6. Find common interests

Mention something that you are passionate about.Find out what she likes and talk about it, you do not have to pretend that you lượt thích the things she likes. Allow her to tell you about the things she likes & enjoys, listen khổng lồ her & be pleasant.

7. Flirt

Flirting with a girl will tell her that you lượt thích her. At the right time, show her your cheerful side - make a foolish comment. Nobody likes guys who take themselves too seriously;Do not be afraid khổng lồ insert emojis. Bởi vì not use them too often.

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8. Show that you think about her & want to get lớn know her more

Ask her questions about herself, the questions should not be too personal, but ask what she is doing or what she likes to vị on the weekends; Show her that you remember your common conversations.

How lớn start chat with a girl?

1. Vì not write messages constantly & do not expect that she will respond immediately. Remember that she has other friends;

2. If the girl does not answer you right away, be patient. Vì not ask her why is she so busy;

3. Pay attention to lớn how long your conversations last. If the chats last for hours, she likes you;

4. Vị not write a lot often or respond immediately khổng lồ her message.

How lớn chat with a girl on phone?

Choose the right time and place for the hotline is you want to chat with a girl. Photo: pixabay.comSource: UGCChoose the right time and place for the call. Determine the time when your favourite girl will be free. Vì chưng not put her in an uncomfortable position và do not force her to choose between a conversation with you or with friends or family; hotline her from a quiet secluded place. The girl will be more mở cửa and honest with you if she knows that no one hears the conversation; Give her all your attention. She gives you her time, and you should bởi the same. Let her know that talking khổng lồ her is the most important thing for you; Be emotional. Vày not be shy to show your emotions, but vì chưng not forget khổng lồ control them.A casual conversation is suitable. A casual conversation creates a sense of connectedness because people can learn a lot about each other.

These are simple tips that can help you lớn feel free. We hope that they will be useful for you. So vày not waste time, go talk to a girl và apply these tips.

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