Troubleshooting why your induction cooktop isn't heating your pans

Induction cooking is a simple & efficient process. But when something goes wrong with your induction cooktop, all the simplicity you love about it suddenly goes out the window. And, as it turns out, these intelligent machines are more complicated than they look.

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In this article, we’ll look at some common induction cooktop problems lượt thích uneven heating & abrupt shutting down. We’ll also provide the information necessary khổng lồ make a diagnosis and provide solutions like cookware compatibility and resetting.


Induction cookers often have a control lock setting. Many people think of this as a child lock, but you can also use it khổng lồ lock your temperature settings while the cooktop is in use.

Note: If you accidentally engage the lock setting while cooking, you will no longer be able khổng lồ change your heat settings.

Every model of induction cooker requires different steps khổng lồ disengage the control lock setting. Here are a few of the most common methods you can try if your owner’s manual isn’t handy:

Press và hold the power button for up to ten seconds. On some models, this is the method for turning on & off the lock feature, and on others, it will force a restart that will clear the lock setting.Look for a button with a key or padlock symbol. Press và hold until the control panel unlocks.Look for a button marked with a “P” or “L.” Hold the button for five seconds.

Here’s a reference video if you have an AEG induction cooker or are interested in seeing how your control panel might look in lock versus unlocked mode.

If your induction cooktop shuts off completely in the middle of cooking, the issue could be one of those mentioned above. However, you are more likely dealing with an automatic timer, incorrect pan position, or tripped temperature sensor.

Automatic Timer Switched On

Many induction cooktops feature a timer mode that lets you phối how long the burner stays on before automatically turning off. This is a great feature for busy chefs and precise cooking, but not so great if it’s accidentally engaged.

If the timer is on, your control display should show a numerical countdown. If your cooktop only has one display, this timer may alternate with the phối temperature display, making it less obvious that the timer is engaged.

Locate the button with the clock image và press it to lớn bring up the timer display. If it is active, you should see some amount of time remaining. Hold the button or press it again to clear this timer & deactivate tự động hóa shut off. The exact steps might vary for your model, so check the manual if you have trouble clearing this mode.

Incorrect Pan Position

As mentioned above, your pan position can cause heating problems with your stovetop. Similarly, a sudden change in pan position can cause your burner khổng lồ turn off in the middle of cooking.

As you turn your pot to stir your food or move your cookware around the stovetop, always make sure that you return or reposition it on the center of the burner. Keep in mind that the burner will turn off if you move your pot too much.

For most models, the burner will not come back on by itself just because you reposition the pot. So, be sure to kiểm tra your burner settings each time you cảm biến your pots.

Over Temperature

Many induction cookers use temperature sensors as a safety control. These sensors are there to lớn shut off the burner if the pot on vị trí cao nhất of it becomes too hot.

If you are cooking on high & your food begins to burn, you can automatically expect the burner to lớn shut off. Of course, if this sensor is faulty, false high-temperature readings can also cause the burner to lớn turn off.

Replacing these sensors is generally fairly straightforward. Kiểm tra your owner’s manual lớn find out how to locate the sensor & for guidance on which parts to lớn order.

Induction Cooktop Makes a Noise While Cooking

It is not uncommon for induction cooktops to start making low pulsing, clicking, or buzzing while in use. What you hear is the magnetic field establishing the coil. This noise dissipates the length of the stove.

If your once quiet cooker has suddenly started talking back, you’re likely experiencing an issue with the fan, uneven cookware problems, or other broken parts causing vibrations within the appliance.

Noisy Fan

All induction cooktops feature internal fans to lớn keep the components cool. You can usually hear these fans running during operation, but the sound should not be overly noticeable or disruptive.

A clicking or grinding sound often indicates an issue with the tín đồ or fan hâm mộ motor. If this problem isn’t addressed quickly, it can lead to fan hâm mộ failure and cause your hob to lớn stop working altogether.

Determining whether the issue is in the tín đồ or the motor can be difficult, especially if neither looks lớn be damaged. For a part lượt thích this, you may be better off hiring a professional lớn take a look for you.

But if you like a challenge, here is a great đoạn clip that goes over fan hâm mộ replacement in a single burner induction hob:

Cookware Surface Uneven or Inadequate

As we all learned in school, magnets have a tendency khổng lồ make things move around. When all is working correctly with your stovetop & cookware, the only thing that should be moving is the currents within the metal—a nearly silent phenomenon.

But, if your cookware is not perfectly flat, these currents will cause the pot to lớn rock or vibrate against your glass top. Similarly, if you leave a metal utensil in the cookware while it’s heating, you may hear it begin to lớn move or vibrate. It is crucial to lớn avoid this issue as much as possible because intense vibration can damage your glass top.

Some types of clad cookware, even though perfectly flat, can make noise on an induction cooker. Whistling or humming sounds are common with cheaper clad pots and pans. These sounds are artifacts of the magnetic field vibrating the magnetic layer against the non-magnetic layer.

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Similar sounds can develop if the burner size is too small or large for the pot.

If your cooktop suddenly makes strange noises, it is worth checking if the issue repeats with different cookware before getting the appliance looked at.


Vibrating pots và pans are fairly common with induction cookers. But vibrations can also develop within the cooktop.

Often, fixing this issue is as easy as pulling the glass top and securing all connections. In addition to checking where the electronics connect khổng lồ the burners, be sure the copper coils themselves are securely attached lớn their clips.

If this doesn’t work, the issue may be with the tín đồ motor or a faulty part within the inner components. Because there are so many different possibilities here, your best option is lớn hire a professional to lớn take a look.

Glass Stovetop is Scratched

Scratches on induction cooktops can cause issues with their use, especially if they are very deep & cause the temperature sensor khổng lồ flip. But, most often, these are just cosmetic issues that you can easily fix.

One of the best methods for dealing with a scratched cooktop is to lớn use a glass repair kit. For more minor repairs, a little baking soda, water, and elbow grease can go a long way.

Read more: For more great tips on how lớn remove scratches from glass vị trí cao nhất stoves, check out this article.

Like electric glass đứng top stoves, induction stoves utilize a glass-ceramic surface that is prone khổng lồ scratches. Lớn keep your stovetop looking—and working—its best, only use cookware with smooth, flat bases. For those in need of new cookware lớn use with your induction hob, here is our danh mục of the best cookware for glass đứng đầu stoves.

Lights on the Stovetop are Flashing

If the control panel on your induction cooker starts blinking, the issue might be as simple as the unit trying khổng lồ remind you khổng lồ turn it off, or it may be a more complicated problem.

Cooktop Left On

Many smart induction stoves will let you know if you’ve left them on. While these appliances don’t create any heat unless a compatible pan is on the burner, they bởi vì still draw some electricity when powered on. Lớn help save you money, many models will begin to blink if they’ve been left inactive for a certain period.

Hard Shutdown Needed

In more extreme cases, a blinking control panel can mean that something has gone wrong inside your appliance. An overloaded circuit or computer cpu error can cause your appliance khổng lồ stop working và begin blinking.

If this happens & the unit is not responsive khổng lồ being shut down via the power button, you’ll have to do a hard reset. For portable units, this is as easy as unplugging them & waiting a few minutes khổng lồ plug them back in.

For fixed or installed induction cooktops, you’ll need to lớn shut them off via your home’s breaker panel. Locate the breaker your stove is connected to và flip it off in the power nguồn box. Wait at least thirty seconds before turning it back on.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time to call the repairman lớn take a look.

Control Panel Not Working

If your appliance won’t turn on or basic functions aren’t working, this usually indicates that the control board has failed. But, sometimes, the problem is as simple as a nguồn interruption or activated lock setting.

Circuit Board Malfunction

As with most electronic devices, the control panel of your induction cooker relies on a functional control board. If anything happens to this component, some or all functionality of the stove could be affected.

One of the easiest ways lớn fry an induction stove’s control board is by removing the pot before turning the burner off. This is because breaking the magnetic connection between the pot và coil before turning off the power nguồn can cause the energy load to rush to the control board and overload the circuit.

Regardless of why the control board failed, you will have lớn replace it or điện thoại tư vấn someone to vì chưng it for you.

No Power khổng lồ Cooktop

If your cooktop won’t turn on and none of the lights are working, your issue may be a power nguồn supply problem. Start by checking your breaker box. If the circuit was overloaded, the breaker might have blown. Switch the breaker off for thirty seconds, then turn it back on. If this doesn’t work, check all the connections (between the outlet, the cord, and the appliance) and ensure they are secure.

If these two tricks don’t fix the problem, it’s time to hotline in the professionals.

Cooktop Locked

As we discussed in the first section, a locked cooktop can cause the buttons of your induction cooker to lớn become unresponsive. Locate the lock button, which usually has a key or padlock symbol on it, & hold it down for up to ten seconds. Alternatively, you can try holding down the power button.

Other Things lớn Try

Induction cookers are deceptively complicated devices. If none of the above options helped solve your issue, here are a couple more things you can look at before throwing up your hands và buying a new stove.

Reset the Cooktop

Resetting your appliance is a surprisingly effective way lớn solve many induction cooktop problems. How to vày this depends on your model. So, check your manual for instructions. If a soft reset doesn’t work or if you can’t find your manual, a hard reset, by switching off the breaker for 30 seconds, should vì the trick.

Call In the Professionals

If all else fails, it is time to điện thoại tư vấn in the professionals.

Just be sure the appliance repairman you liên hệ is up lớn date on their induction cooktop appliance knowledge. These efficient stovetops are becoming more popular in America, but they are not as common as gas and electric ranges.


Induction cooktops make cooking for your family more energy efficient & safer, but these complex appliances aren’t immune to problems.

If your cooker suddenly experiences heating issues, starts making noise, or won’t respond khổng lồ normal commands, there are many things you can try khổng lồ fix the issue. But for those more complex problems, especially ones that persist despite your best attempts, you may be better off calling in a professional technician.

Are you having trouble with your induction cooktop and looking for some guidance? phản hồi below, & we’ll be happy khổng lồ help!