Without a doubt, since 2005 Shopee has been one of the fastest-growing and most used e-commerce marketplaces in Vietnam.

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That’s why the online marketplace is becoming more and more competitive. Therefore, choosing keyword tool Shopee to optimize SEO for products is extremely important. In this article, nhatroso.com will share with you how to a tool specialize in pushing your keywords to a higher position on the page- Keyword tool Shopee.

What is Keyword tool Shopee?

The keyword tool Shopee is a tool that Shopee makes available to its channel partners. The tool’s goal is to allow vendors to bid on keywords in order to display advertising on search results pages, similar to how CPC works on Google. The tool will supply us with keywords that customers frequently search for in relation to the product for which you plan to run adverts.

You must have a seller account (connected with your Shopee shopping account) in order to utilize this tool, and it is sufficient that you are selling something.

Steps to determine hot keyword

Step 1: Google search keyword

Simply go to Google, input a term regarding the product that you believe others will look for, and Google will recommend a number of other keywords at the bottom of the results page. For all new sellers, this is the most typical method. When you search, you’ll pick up a number of keywords, which can help you build a mental picture of the thing you’re selling.

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Step 2: Filter and choose top searched products on Shopee 

The products with the biggest sales in a certain category will be highlighted on the App Shopee homepage each month. These are also products with a significant volume of searches.

Step 3: Keyword tool Shopee Keywordtool.io

Keywordtool.io is the most widely used keyword search engine nowadays. This tool will allow you to determine the exact search volume for a certain keyword over the course of a month.

Note that with the free edition, you may only monitor a limited number of keywords, not Search Volume (total search volume) or other indicators like Trend (search level), CPC (price), and Competition.

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Advertising statistics on Shopee

 Advertising statistics on Shopee

Step 2: Access to keyword Tool Shopee

Click on any product to obtain full product data if you’ve already run an ad. This is the section where we will select keywords to use in our product advertisements. It’s similar to using Google Keywork Planner to find keywords for Ads.

Step 3: Save keyword

You select “Confirm and add keywords” after adding all of the ideas, and an interface with all of the stored keywords appears. You copy all of the keywords and manually paste them into the excel file. So you’ve already created a list of Shopee-specific SEO keywords?

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