The automatic features on the smart induction


The induction cooker is gradually being improved by the development of science and technology, in which the automatic features of the smart induction cooker are appreciated by the utility that it brings. Let’s find out what these features are through this article

1. Automatically turn off when the timer for the kitchen (the most common feature)

This is an automatic feature on the induction cooker, which is very useful when cooking stew dish, soup dish or cooking for long periods of time. You only need put the timer icon on the cooker’s surface, select the time off the cooker và then go bởi other things you want. The timer will automatically switch off lớn ensure absolute safety for you.

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The timer can be canceled even if the appointment has not ended by adjusting the appointment time back to 0 or pressing the timer icon to lớn turn off. This automatic feature is very useful và safe for the user.

Timer Symbol on the smart induction cooker from Capri brand2. Automatic over-break function

When the temperature of the electric cooker is too high, it will heat the electronics inside khổng lồ the glass surface, which will automatically trigger a warning signal for the E1 error code. You should turn off the stove to avoid damaging the parts of the stove, avoid burning food. After the cooker has cooled down, you start it to lớn keep going.

At present, there are some smarter product lines, which automatically overcuts themselves when overheating and re-activates when the cooker is no longer overheated. If you choose this smart product line you will be more comfortable to lớn use.

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3. Automatically turn off the kitchen when you forget

When housewives vày too much work at the same time, it is inevitable to forget khổng lồ turn off the cooker when cooking. For example, when cooking food & remind the pot out of the cooker but forget khổng lồ turn off the cooker, then the cooker will automatically disconnect. This automatic feature gives the user safety, minimizes heat loss, reduces cooking time and saves on user costs

4. Automatic warning pot not suitable

When the non-magnetic pot is placed on the induction cooker, the bottom of the pot is flat or the bottom of the pot is sticky with food, water...the control screen will display the E0 error code và the cooker will not work.

The bottom of the pot which can be used on the induction cooker must be magnetic, flat, dry.

When the pot is placed on the stove for a long time without food, the cooker will report the E2 error code & stop working. The cooker will automatically turn on when we put the food in.

The E0 Error Code on the cooker from Capri when there is no pot5. Automatically switch off the cooker when the water spills out

On the smart induction cooker is integrated a sensor eye, during cooking if the liquid spills on the cooker surface or may accidentally spilled water to lớn cover the eyes, then the cooker will be interrupted. It ensures safety & helps you khổng lồ know that your food is being spilled out through the sound of the cooker.