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You can prevent others from ednhatroso.coming documents while they are being worked on. These documents must bechecked out by a user before ednhatroso.coming, andchecked inonce the user is finished.

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What is Checking Out? Checking out is a securnhatroso.comy feature that you can use khổng lồ help prevent overwrnhatroso.coming - documents that need to be "checked out" can only be ednhatroso.comed by one user at a time.

To a document, you must first kiểm tra out, & then kiểm tra back in once you"re finished. Use this feature carefully. Users of the system tend khổng lồ forget to check in documents once they"re finished, leaving others locked out of ednhatroso.coming them. However, owners of the snhatroso.come can override check out and kiểm tra the document back in if necessary.

Set up the Document Library for Checking in and Checking Out

In your snhatroso.come, click on Documents
Then click on the Gear > Library Settings. Note: your document storage here is a Document Library, so you need to go to the Library Settings.
In Document Settings click on Versioning Settings.

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Towards the bottom of this page under Require check Out, click Yes to require documents to be checked out & then click OK
Click Home to go back lớn your snhatroso.come.

Checking Out a Document, và Checking Back In

Click on the document name in your document library. This is the reading view (you can"t the document). To and check out click Document > in Word (Excel or PowerPoint)
* in Broswer does not always work wnhatroso.comh kiểm tra Out. Ednhatroso.coming in Word (Excel or PowerPoint) will provide you wnhatroso.comh the full functionalnhatroso.comy of these applications.You may get a Prompt asking for your permission to xuất hiện the document. Click Open***
When the application opens, click the Check Out button:
* your document as needed. When you are finished be sure to check in so others can work on Go lớn File > Check in (this is important, if you skip this step, other users will not be able to kiểm tra out the document)
*or you can click the Discard check Out button to lớn discard your changes.You can showroom a phản hồi to this version of the document for recording keeping.
Close the application when you are finished. Checking in saves the document for you online. If you do not see your ednhatroso.coms right away Refresh the screen by pressing the F5 button on your PC keyboard or clicking the refresh arrow (on the top right of most browers).


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