Buying beef in vietnam

Beef is a very nutritious food, in fresh beef is rich in protein. Eating beef not only helps to lớn supplement nutrition, but also provides energy for the body. However, for delicious processing, you need to know how to lớn choose good beef. Here"s how to choose beef that"s both fresh và delicious.

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Fresh beef is known as a meat with many nutritional values, so its price is also more expensive than other types of meat. Especially in fresh beef is rich in protein, lipid, vitamins A, B6, B12, vitamin PP. In addition, other essential minerals are also found in beef such as: Iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, selenium, calcium,... Protein in beef is a muscle-building ingredient, very good for those people after surgery and those who have to vì a lot of physical activity. Vitamins B12 and B6 participate in blood formation và protect the nervous system.
In order to have a delicious and beautiful beef dish, when choosing to lớn buy fresh beef, we need khổng lồ pay attention: Good beef is usually bright red, the fat is light yellow, the beef tendons are white & hard if pressed. . Should choose to buy pieces of meat with soft texture, small but not too smooth. Press your finger into the meat, if the meat has good elasticity, does not stick lớn your hands, is dry, not viscous và does not have a bad smell, it is fresh & still fresh beef. Cow meat is usually more delicious than bull meat, if you choose heifer, the better, because it will be softer & sweeter. Fresh beef is always more delicious, nutritious & attractive than old and rancid beef. Vị not buy pieces of beef with strange colors such as pale green or strange round white spots between the fibers or the meat has a bad smell. In addition, pieces of beef with dark red color, dark yellow fat, yellow bones, mushy meat, sticky khổng lồ the cảm ứng or viscous juice should absolutely not be bought. Because these may be old pieces of meat, stale or because of poor storage. How lớn choose delicious, tender beef, suitable for different dishes: For stir-fry dishes: If making stir-fry dishes, you should choose pieces, the fresh beef is filet, fillet or rump meat. So that when stir-frying, the meat will be soft & not chewy, with a sweet taste. Beef should be stir-fried with high heat, when cooked, turn off the heat immediately, if you continue to lớn cook, the meat will be tough and reduce the juicy flavor of the meat. For grilled dishes: to make roast beef, a bit of fat in the fillet và shoulder, or beef jerky, would be the best choice. Because these meats are relatively tender, when grilled, they will be even more delicious. For stews: The parts of beef with tendons or tendons such as in the calf, beef tendon, beef thigh, tail, beef ribs... Are very tough but when stewed, they are very soft & delicious. Suitable for stews such as: beef curry, mushroom stew, braised beef, ..

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When preparing stir-fried beef dishes or meat dips, to lớn cut thin pieces of meat without being crushed. You should wrap the meat, put it in the freezer until the meat is slightly firm, then remove and slice easily. For beef that has a characteristic odor, khổng lồ eliminate this odor, take a ginger root and bake it, then pound it và rub it on the meat, và finally wash it with cold water. Lớn tenderize the beef, địa chỉ cửa hàng a little salt while cooking. The beef will be softer than the original. When marinating beef, it should be marinated with cooking oil or vinegar or alcohol, these ingredients will also help the meat lớn be tender faster. When slicing beef, bởi vì not cut along the grain, but across the grain. Before that, you can beat the meat khổng lồ soften & loosen after cutting. Above are the sharing on how khổng lồ choose good beef. Applying this sharing method and the processing notes just guided above, will help you have delicious, tender và nutritious beef dishes. Hopefully with the way to lớn choose delicious beef as above, you will be a wise choice, to ensure the safety of yourself và your family.