How To Use Google Meet Ing For Education


When students are learning from home, Google Meet can be the connection you need with them. Here are ideas for using it.

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When students and teachers can"t physically meet face lớn face, that doesn"t mean they can"t do it through video.

When doing elearning / distance learning / remote learning, video clip has lots of benefits:

It gives that personal connection that"s missing from face-to-face class time.It helps us khổng lồ communicate more clearly with facial expressions, body language and intonation.It"s quick & easy. Pushing record and talking can be much faster than other forms of communication.It"s a great creative outlet. Putting creative touches on a video is easy with many platforms.

Video calls can really make that personal touch. If your school is a G Suite school, there"s a lot you can vì chưng with Google Meet. Here"s how to get started!

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How to vị live đoạn clip calls with Google Meet
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Ideas for using clip calls for remote learning
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NEW: Updates in 2020 lớn Google Meet


Google has new updates rolling out lớn Google Meet for the 2020-21 school year. Some will be for standard G Suite for Education users, và some premium features will be available just for G Suite Enterprise for Education. For more information about these new features, kiểm tra out this announcement post by Google.

How to do live đoạn clip calls with Google Meet

This is a quick, easy way lớn connect with your students via live video. You can use it to bởi instruction, khổng lồ hold group discussions, & just khổng lồ help students see each other"s faces.

Google Meet is available for G Suite users (in education, business, etc.). If you"re a G Suite user, you can create meetings for others khổng lồ join. If you just have a personal gmail account, you can only join meetings that others have created.

NOTE: Until September 30, 2020, Google has made its enterprise features available to lớn all G Suite và G Suite for Education users. That means, among other things, you can record your đoạn clip calls and do live stream broadcasts. Click here for more information on that.

Here"s how to start a live clip call with Google Meet:

1. Go to lớn

Click "Join or start a meeting." Click "continue" lớn start a new meeting. (You can also add Google Meet calls to lớn calendar meetings in Google Calendar. Under "Add conferencing" choose Google Meet.)

TIP:You can just click "continue" to lớn start the meeting. But if you give the meeting a nickname -- maybe your last name & the date or something -- thenstudents can"t rejoin it once everyone has left. If it"s important to you lớn make sure students don"t rejoin your meeting after you"ve left, give it a nickname & make sure every student leaves before you leave at the end.

The people tab. See who is in your call & take actions. (More below.)The chat box. Send quick messages to lớn each other.Present your screen. If you want to bởi vì a screen nói qua to show participants something, this is what you use.Record meeting. If you want khổng lồ record the điện thoại tư vấn to watch later, click this.TIP: This is a G Suite Enterprise feature. If you"re using your school tài khoản before September 30, 2020, và you don"t see this option -- but want it -- ask your Google admin to turn it on.

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Change the layout. You can arrange the way you see everyone in a call. > Sidebar shows one person bigger and everyone else smaller along the side.> Spotlight lets you pick one person to lớn be seen full-screen by everyone.> Tiled lets you see lots of people all the same size on one screen.Full screen. This lets you make your video chat full screen on YOUR device.Turn on captions. This enables live captions, which transcribe your conversation into text captions in real time.Settings. Use this button to lớn pick which camera và microphone you"ll use as well as the resolution.TIP: To make it easier for students with slow internet connections, change the send và receive resolutions in the đoạn clip tab to standard definition 360p.Turn your đoạn clip off. This is helpful if your internet -- or your students" mạng internet -- is slow.Hang up. Use this when you want lớn leave the call. TIP: If you have given your Google Meet hotline a nickname, no one will be able to rejoin your điện thoại tư vấn if you"re the last one to leave.Mute your microphone. This just mutes YOUR microphone.Meeting details. This displays all the info you"d need lớn give someone to lớn join the call. If you created your meeting through Google Calendar & added attachments, they show up here.Menu. lớn display 4-9 in the list above, click this button.
4. Take kích hoạt on other participants.

Hopefully you won"t need to! But if you do, here are your options:

Google has added the ability to lớn enable Google Meet right from your Google Classroom!

Generate Google Meet links in Classroom.Click on the settings icon in your Google Classroom. From there scroll down lớn "General"Click "Generate meet link".Toggle on "visible to students" if you want your students khổng lồ be able lớn see and access this link when they log into Classroom.Once the liên kết has been generated you can copy the link if you want to mô tả it through another platform. You can also reset the liên kết from here as well.