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Tooth decay is the most common oral health condition in the world. This condition is especially common in children, adolescents, và the elderly. But anyone with teeth can get cavities, even babies. So what to vì chưng to prevent tooth decay?

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Cavities are permanent damage lớn the enamel surface of the teeth, which develops into tiny gaps or holes. Tooth decay is caused by a combination of different factors, including bacteria in the oral cavity, snacking habits, sugary drinks, & poor oral hygiene. If tooth decay is not treated, the damage will grow và affect the deeper parts of the tooth. This can lead lớn severe toothache, infection và tooth loss. Regular dental visits along with good brushing và flossing habits are your best defense against tooth decay.
Tooth decay is a process that takes place over time, it develops through the following stages: Plaque: Plaque is a transparent sticky film that covers the outer surface of the teeth. Plaque forms because you eat a lot of sugar and starch và do not clean your teeth thoroughly. When sugars and starches stick lớn teeth, bacteria will quickly grow & form plaque. Plaque on teeth can be located below or above the gum line, it hardens to size tartar (calcium), making it harder khổng lồ remove and creating a shield for bacteria lớn grow. Plaque attacks teeth: Acids in plaque destroy minerals in the enamel layer. This erosion causes small holes in the enamel - the first stage of tooth decay. Once the enamel is eroded, bacteria & acids can attack the next layer of the tooth, called the dentin. This layer is softer than enamel và less resistant lớn acids. The dentin has tiny tubes that connect directly with the nerve of the tooth, so when caries attack here, it will cause sensitivity. Tooth decay continues to lớn grow: As tooth decay develops, bacteria & acids continue khổng lồ travel through your teeth, traveling khổng lồ the pulp, where nerves and blood vessels are located. The pulp of the tooth is swollen due to lớn bacteria entering, compressing the nerve causing pain. The discomfort can even extend beyond the root lớn the bone. Everyone is at risk for tooth decay, the following factors can increase your risk of tooth decay: Location of teeth: Cavities usually occur in the inner teeth (molars and premolars). These teeth have a lot of grooves, holes and crevices, and many roots where food particles are easy khổng lồ get stuck. As a result, they are harder khổng lồ keep clean than your soft and easily accessible front teeth. Certain foods can cause tooth decay: Certain foods can stay on your teeth for a long time, such as ice cream, milk, honey, sugar, soda, dried fruit, hard candies & mints, cakes, & cookies. , dry cereals và chips are more likely lớn cause tooth decay than foods that are easily washed away by saliva.

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