Toddlers And Swollen Gums ? What You Should Know What You Should Know

Piwy Pierrot Children’s Toothpaste with organic calcium ingredients effectively removes plaque & prevents tooth decay.

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When your baby’s first teeth come in, he’ll begin the journey of chewing. If the baby eats without good hygiene, he will have dental problems such as tooth decay, yellowing…..

Therefore, many pharmacists advise that parents should choose a specialized children’s toothpaste with organic calcium. Important, benign ingredients help clean plaque, protect baby’s teeth strong.

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Parents need to choose the right children’s toothpaste for their children. Photo: Pierrot

Currently, on the market, you can find a lot of children’s toothpaste products from many domestic và foreign brands. In which, Pierrot Piwy children’s toothpaste strawberry flavor 75ML is the suggestion. With nearly 100 years of operation, Pierrot Piwy children’s toothpaste offers a new solution khổng lồ help protect teeth.

Organic calcium toothpaste contributes to lớn healthy smiles

Organic calcium is a natural calcium substance, extracted from nature, with almost no unwanted side effects for the body. When applied to lớn the production of strawberry-flavored Pierrot Piwy children’s toothpaste, Spanish experts have rigorously researched & brought products containing organic calcium suitable for children.

Pierrot Piwy toothpaste contains organic calcium to help clean, prevent plaque formation, remove stubborn yellow stains, give your baby strong teeth, và repel concerns about tooth decay.

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Pierrot Piwy Children’s Toothpaste Strawberry Flavor contains organic calcium ingredients. Photo: Pierrot

To protect children’s oral health, parents should choose toothpaste products that meet the requirements below:

Fluoride nội dung meets standards, suitable for children’s weak teeth. Fluoride is an important substance in the process of creating tooth enamel to prevent tooth decay, and at the same time increase the ability lớn restore tooth decay before a cavity has formed. However, using toothpaste with fluoride content must be in accordance with standards so as not lớn harm your baby’s teeth.

According khổng lồ the Spanish Association of Pediatric Dentistry, children aged 0-3 can start using a toothpaste with a fluoride nội dung of 1,000 ppm which is about the kích cỡ of a grain of rice, equal khổng lồ a pea at the age of 3 or older.

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Children should take the right amount of toothpaste lớn take care of their teeth. Photo: Pierrot

According to many dentists, child-friendly toothpaste should be free of parabens, foaming agents (SLS) and sugar. Because young children have not yet fully brushed their teeth, they may accidentally swallow when brushing their teeth, so if the hàng hóa contains these substances, it will be harmful lớn their teeth & the health of the body.

Through testing, Pierrot Piwy strawberry toothpaste has a Fluoride nội dung of 504ppm, all ingredients vì not contain parabens, foaming agents (SLS). The product has a fresh, non-spicy natural strawberry scent for babies to lớn enjoy when taking care of their teeth.

(Source: Pierrot Piwy)

Pierrot is a Spanish brand specializing in the production of high quality oral care products since 1945. Today, Pierrot is a global brand present in more than 55 countries worldwide.

Over nearly 80 years of development, Pierrot has always been creative, constantly learning và researching khổng lồ launch comprehensive oral care products, from brushes, gels/toothpastes, mouthwashes, mouth spray,…combined with natural ingredients such as honey, green tea, aloe… lớn help take care of the whole family’s health.