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The NBA players are still refusing the giao dịch they are offered. After the owners agreed to give 50 percent of the profits to the players, the player still asked for more.

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This of course did not sit well with the owners & they offered less, 49 percent for the players, và are stating, "take it or leave it!"

Most players probably would agree lớn this, even Derek Fisher, but their egos are not letting them approve. Their refusal has turned from greed to ego.

A lot of people agree that what the players are requesting is greedy. Kiểm tra a previous article I wrote, Out of 407 votes, 89.2 percent voted that the players are greedy.

They"re requesting to lớn take 57 percent of the profits their team makes, leaving the owners with only 43 percent of the profits. The owners have to lớn pay a staff khổng lồ take care of the players, và yes, the players" 5.1 million average salaries for a season (and much much more).

David Stern came out and said lớn the players, 51 percent, take it or the season will be cancelled.

The players decided khổng lồ think about it, but a lot of players around the NBA are wanting khổng lồ take the deal!!!


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The players" "thinking" gave Stern an excuse khổng lồ not cancel the season yet, but because it looks like the players are not going to take the deal, it does look lượt thích there is a high chance that this season will be cancelled.

The players should know by now that they are not going to get a better offer, & if they don"t take it, they will eventually take a khuyễn mãi giảm giá that will be much worse this 51/49 split.

After this offer, the owners might give one more chances of a 50/50 split, và if the players say no, the owners won"t go lower the 53/47 in favor of the owners.

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The players know this, but they think that this gives a win khổng lồ the owners, which they don"t want, và the players don"t lượt thích losing.

This is all about ego now. The giảm giá won"t be bigger then 50/50 at this point, & the players know this.

Some of the players have figured it out and are willing lớn take the deal, but the guys up front have egos và are not willing lớn give in.

What a shame.

It’s a shame that at the end of the day, they will have to take this deal, and we the fans are going to miss half a season, if not a whole season just because of ego—and the players will be missing a couple months of salaries.

Players, it"s not going lớn change, take the 50/50 deal or even the 51/49 deal. It"s fair. Take it now before this season is over and we thua interest.

Bring your egos back to lớn the basketball court, where we love to lớn see them.