Seven signs of the greed syndrome


Workaholism is an acceptable sin in our day. We know corporate America loves greed. Things going well at work? Awesome, vì chưng 10 percent better next year. More, more, more—that is all.

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But then, there’s Jesus. Jesus told a rich guy khổng lồ sell all of his stuff and give it khổng lồ the poor. So, what are we lớn do? In this post, I’ll examine the sin of greed, how it plays out as a dad and how you can eliminate it. 

 We wrote the full eBook 7 Deadly Sins of a Disengaged Dad eBook because there’s a lot to lớn cover for each sin. More than we can cram into a series of blog posts. But for now, let’s look at greed.


Greed is the inordinate or insatiable longing for unneeded excess, especially for excess wealth, status, power or food. In case you’re reading this và don’t have loads of money, remember that greed comes for the rich and the poor. You can be poor và be greedy. It’s not the having wealth that’s the problem, it’s the motivation and consuming desire behind the wealth that’s the problem—this can be present in our hearts whether you have money or not.

The disengaged dad says: “I deserve more.”

The disengaged dad is a greedy dad. There are three things the dad who struggles here gets wrong in the life of his home and family.

1. The disengaged dad puts his own needs above his wife and kids.

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Jesus said khổng lồ His disciples in Matthew 16:24, “If anyone wants to lớn come with Me, he must deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me.” What does it mean lớn take up your cross? Taking up your cross is exactly what godly husbands and fathers do—they understand total commitment. It means sacrificing all your wants and needs.

2. The disengaged dad seeks instant gratification.

What is “instant gratification”? It’s getting satisfaction right away. Jesus told His disciples a great reward was coming—in the future. So, how about we stop asking “what’s in it for me?” We should serve simply because that is our responsibility. It’s not about what we get from the work. The work is the reward.

3. The disengaged dad is always looking for more.

The disengaged dad seeks more. He’s never satisfied with what he has. He cannot confidently say what 1 Corinthians 11:1 says: “Imitate me, as I imitate Christ.” Greed will have you constantly thirsty for that next thing. Greed is that elusive desire for “more” where “more” isn’t clearly defined. Greed is the lifestyle which constantly seeks & never finds contentment.

You must watch out for greed in your life & guard against it in your home. Part of intentionally discipling your child may mean practicing contentment và modeling it for your kids. What are you teaching your child about success? What’s your calendar & where you give your time saying lớn your kids about the sin of greed?