The cure for humanity's natural state of abject poverty


“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.”~Lao Tzu

Just about every single person I meet with is consumed in shame and self-doubt. It’s a dis-ease that’s rampant in our society today. We feel worthless và inadequate. The language in our minds that we use to describe ourselves is so harsh & disparaging.

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And we’ve come lớn believe that what these thoughts tell us is the truth of who we are.

Right now, reflect on the possibility that these thoughts of brokenness và inadequacy don’t accurately describe you. They’re programmed ways of thinking about yourself, but they’re not an accurate reflection of the truth.

You absolutely did not come into the world believing yourself khổng lồ be inadequate. You came in innocent, whole, and filled with potential. Thinking you’re unworthy and not good enough is an identity you learned through your interactions with others.

Returning to Your Natural State

So the medicine for this identity is to lớn return lớn your natural state. This is the state of who you were before the identity took hold. And this state, your essential wholeness, has always been here và available to experience.

Distorted beliefs grab our attention và become our reality. But the invitation here is khổng lồ untangle from these beliefs by withdrawing your attention from them.

Thoughts such as, “I feel worthless; I’ll never amount lớn anything,” might be very familiar to lớn you. But what happens when you stop feeding them with your attention? What happens when you stop using them khổng lồ label yourself?

They’re seen as a pattern of words that are random và meaningless. & amazingly you’re không lấy phí of their impact!

Nothing khổng lồ Get Rid Of

Every time you notice that you’re caught in thinking that you’re unworthy or lacking, it’s possible to relax your attention away from the story in your head and xuất hiện to being here right now.

The story may recur many, many times. But don’t see that as a problem. Your job is not to get rid of these thoughts, but khổng lồ soften your connection with them. & you vì chưng that by withdrawing your attention from them. You stop feeding the hopelessness and despair so you’re not reinforcing this way of being.

So here’s how it works. The thought comes, I’m inadequate, I’m worthless, I messed up again, I’m a failure, there’s something wrong with me. Then you stop, và say, “Wait a minute. This pattern of thinking isn’t serving me. I don’t want lớn believe this about myself. I don’t want this thought pattern ruling my choices any longer. I don’t want khổng lồ feel so bad.”

With this fire in your belly lớn stop the suffering, you withdraw your attention from these thoughts. Let them float away lượt thích a cloud or burn in the fire of your intention to be free.

You don’t need these painful beliefs about yourself to function in the world. In fact, you might find you’re a whole lot happier without them. Not that they go away, but you don’t use them to lớn define yourself.

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The Simple Truth

These thoughts tell you that you’re broken và need to lớn be fixed. But what you realize when you stop buying into them is that right now, you’re here, present, & okay. You don’t need khổng lồ be fixed or improved.

You’re no longer stuck in the conversation in your head about how you’re inadequate or what you should or shouldn’t have done. Your attention opens to lớn presence, to relaxation, and to the simple fact that without these thoughts, everything is okay. You are okay.

Now there’s space in this present moment. You release into your natural wholeness, into not knowing. Now, you wonder, “How can I be without these thoughts? What will I do? What will I say?”

These are beautiful questions that arise when you step out of limiting thoughts & into a world of new possibilities.

So right now in this moment, notice that without your attention feeding the thoughts of inadequacy and brokenness, you can’t possibly be inadequate or broken. Self-doubt disappears. You no longer need to lớn strive for attention, approval, and validation.

The only true solution to lớn any problem is khổng lồ realize that your thoughts are not who you are. Then you’re available khổng lồ the magnificent, never-ending river of life.

What About You?

How vì chưng you handle feeling unworthy & inadequate? How have you found freedom from these thoughts? I’d love to lớn hear…

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So much love…Gail

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Gail Brenner says

July 2, năm nhâm thìn at 4:30 pm

You have had such a fierce journey, Artemis, và your willingness khổng lồ keep doing the work is so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your story here.


Kitty says

July 2, năm 2016 at 3:15 am

Some time ago, I became aware of how one disparaging thought about myself could mix the tone for the whole day. I never spoke to lớn other people the way I spoke khổng lồ myself. Something had khổng lồ change. I developed the habit of telling myself when those dark nasty thoughts rose in my mind that “I’m not going there.” Then I learned to lớn steer my mind elsewhere; if others didn’t deserve lớn be spoken to so harshly và accusingly, then neither did I. At first that phrase sounded lượt thích a broken record. Now I rarely use it. I’ve been enjoying my journey over the last few years and changing my life for the better.

Dona Swenson says

September 29, 2016 at 1:13 pm

The timing of reading this article feels like a gift from God. Just yesterday I was thinking about how some women have this aura of confidence & their very presence draws people to them. With that thought came “How is it that other people lượt thích myself have always done their best, tried their hardest, been kind và thoughtful of others, yet are treated as though they are worthless. Extending any amount of civility is unnecessary because people like me don’t matter anyway. This is hard enough from family and others who know me but often from strangers. It baffles me & I wonder what kind of message am I sending that I am not even aware of that would provoke such negativity from others.” It has made me fearful of interacting with people và often I think “Please, just leave me alone and let me be.” I have tried to make connections with others but it seems I fall short. Thank you for putting words to painful feelings.