33 ways to start the first year off right


As much as I hate lớn think of summer ending, it is time lớn be thinking about the new school year beginning. ‘Beginning’ is a concept worth giving thought to. To lớn begin is khổng lồ start or start again. A new school year start should not be marred by old expectations.

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Whether your kids are going lớn school for the first time or are in high school, a new school year marks a new beginning. & isn’t it always a new beginning for you as well? Of what, we don’t know, but new hopes & fears emerge at this time of year.

If your child is coming off a previously bad school year, you wonder and fear what this year will bring & hope it will be better.If your child had a good year, your expectations are likely a little higher this year.For a child just beginning, you wonder what school years will be lượt thích for this one. Will he succeed, will she have friends, will teachers like them? và always: What will my role be? How can I make this a great year for my child?7 Ways to start the year off right:Stay present and away from inappropriate expectations. do your best to lớn focus on right now and let go of past mistakes và old experiences. Your child is different than he was even three months ago. Talk to and plan with who he is now.Don’t ask a lot of questions at the over of the day. The last thing your child wants to talk about at the over of a long, hard day is how it was & what happened. She wants to lớn chill, play, call her own shots for awhile. Be patient. When she’s had her own time, she’ll be in a better place lớn tell you about her day.Make liên hệ with your child’s teacher. Even if you don’t have a special needs or strong-willed child, it’s always a good idea to set up a time with your child’s teacher about a month into the year. Talk about how your child responds best at home and what tends to set him off. Be sure to mô tả any family issues that could cause disruptive behavior in the classroom.Keep bedtimes and routines consistent.

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The younger your child, the more important is the consistency of routine. Keep after school activities minimal & consistent. Start the bedtime routine early & keep the order of things the same so your child gets into the sleep mode. Make sure all media is done an hour prior to lớn going to sleep as it stimulates the brain & can create stress. Any roughhousing or physical play should over a half hour before sleep (sometimes it helps for a child lớn wind up before winding down).Set goals. Ask your child how she would like to end this next school year. What she hopes lớn accomplish, what grades she would like to have, etc. Ask her what she would like to hear her teacher say about her if she overheard her teacher talking lớn someone about her.

What are your hopes and fears about each of these topics? Can you nói qua them with a trusted partner or friend và always put them aside when you talk with your child?

Be sure to send your children messages of confidence và competence. Let them know that you trust that they want what’s best for them as much as you do. Give them the opportunity to lớn begin again fresh. We can always begin again.

And don’t sweat the small stuff. Although it may seem huge now, a failing grade, a lost homework assignment, a missing library book, a bad demo score is only about right now. Resist the temptation khổng lồ catastrophize và assume that your child is NEVER going to lớn pay attention, listen khổng lồ instructions, stop losing things, get organized, care about grades, etc.

What we all want most for our children is that their school experiences are good enough for them to lớn continue imagining, creating & always being interested in learning new things—and having the confidence that they always can.

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