Deleting your tin nhắn or Google tài khoản is a permanent process. Depending on which of the two you delete, you’ll lose all your emails, Google Drive pictures and other files, bookmarks, favorite Google Maps locations, và access to all associated services.

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Here’s how lớn delete your gmail account:

Click on the “Data & privacy tab.”Navigate lớn “Delete a Google service” and click on it.Fill out your password khổng lồ verify your identity.Click on the trash can icon next lớn Gmail.Fill out a replacement thư điện tử address, xuất hiện its inbox, then look for an email from Google. Click on the link inside.Follow the steps lớn finalize the deletion of your account.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to lớn backup all your data from Google before you proceed with the deletion!

For proper step-by-step instructions on deleting your Gmail and Google accounts, read the full article below!

Scroll down until you see a big block titled “Download or delete your data.” Click on “Download your data.”Click on “Deselect all” at the top.Now scroll down and select “Mail” và any other Google applications you might want lớn back up. Click on “Next step.” Scroll down to “Data from apps và services that you use.”Click on “Delete a Google service.” Enter your password khổng lồ verify your identity.You’ll be presented with three services you can delete. Click on the trash can icon next to lớn Gmail.
You can also download your data before deciding to lớn delete your gmail account.Tap on “Delete a Google service.”Confirm your identity once more by using your fingerprint, password, or phone/tablet to lớn get a security code.Now, khổng lồ finalize the deletion of your tin nhắn account, just follow the on-screen instructions.You’ll have lớn enter another thư điện tử address to get the tin nhắn deletion links and click on it lớn complete the process. It’s the same as steps 7 to 10 from the previous section.

Backup your gmail data on Android, iPhone, or iPad

Please chú ý that you can also back up your Gmail and other Google data on your apk or iPhone. If you haven’t done so yet on your desktop before deleting your email account, we strongly remember taking the time to vì chưng this on a mobile device.

It’s very simple: when you’ve navigated khổng lồ your Google trương mục settings và tapped the “Data & Privacy” tab, just scroll down khổng lồ the little box that says “Download or delete your data“. Instead of choosing “Delete a Google service,” you’ll select “Download your data.”

Then, just follow the instructions on-screen lớn create a backup of all your emails.

What Happens khổng lồ Emails in the Deleted gmail Account?

To be clear, if you delete your gmail account, your emails will be gone forever. However, Google gives you a grace period. If you recover your Gmail account within a short period after deletion, you can save your mails. It takes Google 30 days khổng lồ fully delete a tin nhắn account.

In this case, you will have access to all of your emails, except for the ones sent to you while your tài khoản was deactivated. This brings us khổng lồ the next point.

What Happens khổng lồ Emails Sent to lớn My Deleted gmail Address?

If someone sends an e-mail to your Gmail address while it is deactivated (or deleted permanently), it will simply tỷ lệ thoát back. You’ll just get an error saying that your message cannot be delivered, as the recipient’s account does not exist. It will look lượt thích this:


This is exactly why it’s probably a good idea lớn tell your important và close contacts you’ve deleted your gmail account.

Can You Recover a Deleted tin nhắn Account?

If you recently deleted your gmail account, there is a decent chance you can recover it. However, keep in mind there are no guarantees, as Google doesn’t mention the exact timeframe for keeping data after deletion. In general, it’s 30 days, though it differs.

In order to lớn try lớn recover your account, go lớn the official Google trương mục recovery link. Fill out your e-mail address, click “Next,” fill out your password, và press “Next” again. If you’re successful, you’ll get the following message:


Now you are able to either continue và sign in, or change your password. The latter is a good security practice and definitely can’t hurt. Make sure you only use secure passwords.

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Deleting Your Google Account

Please be aware that, in principle, deleting your Google trương mục is just as permanent as deleting your email account. Unless you’re lucky enough to lớn attempt a recovery within the short after-deletion period (30 days) that allows for this, you will thua all your data.

The consequences of this are, needless khổng lồ say, much more severe than losing just your gmail account. After all, you will lose everything that’s saved in your Google Drive, all of your Google bookmarks, emails, và all information associated with your Google account.

You’ll also thua trận access khổng lồ any services that you’re using with your Google account, such as Facebook. We also have a guide on permanently deleting your Facebook account!

Make a backup!

We strongly recommend making a backup of everything within your Google tài khoản you deem important before deletion. In this case, just make sure not khổng lồ click “deselect all,” but only deselect the applications you really don’t care about.

Without further ado, let’s kiểm tra out how lớn delete your Google account.

How to Delete Your Google Account

Go khổng lồ “Data và privacy.”Scroll down lớn the bottom of the page where you will see “More options.”Click on “Delete your Google account.”Fill out your password to confirm your identity or use one of the other methods.You’ll be presented with the consequences of deleting your Google account. Read this carefully.Tick the two boxes to lớn confirm you understand the financial implications và to indicate once again you want khổng lồ delete your account. Now click on the “Delete account” button.

Note this method will work with any browser on desktop, Android, iPhone, or iPad.

How to lớn Recover Your Google Account

We don’t encourage deleting your Google account without making up your mind that that’s absolutely what you want or without backing up your data. However, we all change our minds sometimes!

If this happens lớn you, not too long after deleting your Google account, There is, fortunately, a chance to get it back. Follow the steps down below khổng lồ see if you can still recover your Google account.

Fill out your email address & click “Next.”Fill out your password and click “Next” again.

If you’re successful, you’ll get a message your trương mục has been successfully recovered. You’ll get the option lớn sign back in or lớn change your password.

Note: Google doesn’t mention a specific time frame for how long after deletion you’re able to recover your Google account. So there is no guarantee you’ll get your trương mục back, even if you feel you’ve deleted it very recently.

It’s also important to note that everything Google knows about you remains in Google’s systems for roughly two months after you delete your account. If it was removed unintentionally, the company also has a month-long recovery period, as per Google’s policies.