100 ways to have fun with your kids for free or cheap


I know, I know… we’re nearing the over of the school holidays & you’re getting fatigued. You can see the light at the kết thúc of the tunnel but you’re torn… you so desperately crave routine, but you also want lớn soak up this quality family time together & want to make the most of it.

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I feel you. I do.

I’ve put together 32 really fun, and easy fun family activity ideas that you can vị together as a family. You’re on the trang chủ stretch baby, just knock off a few of these fun ideas và you’re going to be laughing, smiling and loving your way back to school.

1. PLAY A thẻ GAMEOh card games rock! I’ve mentioned we love playing UNO before, but there are many more. You can play SNAP! or Go Fish! too.

2. VISIT THE BEACHI love the beach as a family trip. You can swim, build sandcastles, or just totally chill out. We go super early to lớn avoid that bright, cranky sun.

3. GO ON A PICNICPacking the picnic basket is part of the fun, so get the kids involved. Grab some bread rolls, bottles of water, salad và some chicken teriyaki kebabs.

4. GO GEOCACHINGThis is the best fun. All around the world little gems are being hidden, waiting for you lớn find them. I use this Geocaching App, and it’s so much fun. Just pack a pen, a little notepad, và some little trinkets lớn put into the Geocache when you find it.

5. GO to THE LIBRARYVisit your local library & borrow some new books. My girls LOVE doing this!

6. HAVE A STAYCATIONNo need to jet off khổng lồ another part of the world for a getaway, stay where you live. Book a khách sạn cheap is good! and explore your trang chủ town.


7. GROW A HERB GARDENAll you need is a pot, some herbs you can grab them from your supermarket, & some soil & you’re on your way. Let the kids go crazy. Best of all you get lớn eat your garden later.

8. EXPLORE A NEW PLAYGROUNDThere are so many amazing playgrounds around our beautiful country. Check out this Playground Finder, and kiểm tra out a new one close lớn you.

9. PLAY A BOARD GAMEGet out your old board games and have a family game night. Try Twister, Monopoly, Pictionary or anything else you’ve got hanging in the cupboard.

10. GET THE lớn KIDS NAVIGATEA fun trò chơi I used khổng lồ play with the kids I looked after was this; I’d blindfold the kids & then drive for around 15 minutes, making sure they didn’t peek. Then I’d tell the kids to lớn try và get us home. They loved the challenge!

11. LET THE KIDS COOK DINNERThis will depend on the age of your children of course, but they love knowing they’re contributing to dinner. If they’re old enough khổng lồ chop, let them chop up ingredients using a kid safe knife, or if you’ve got teens on your hand… let them make the whole dinner.


12. GO FOR A bike RIDEGet on your bikes and explore the world as your ride along. Here’s 25 beautiful bike trails in australia for you to lớn try.

13. PLAY SHOW và TELLMy girls love this! They love show & tell at school, so they’ll do the same at home… and we get involved too. Stand in front of your family and talk about something, showing it off.

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14. GET IN YOUR GARDENI know this sounds weird, but my kids love weeding. We put on our gloves, crank some music & weed together as a family. They love the quality time together.

15. GIVE khổng lồ YOUR NEIGHBOURSTeach your kids about giving, và have them bake something, or pick flowers to lớn give to a neighbour. It’s a great way to get to lớn know the people who live near you, but also teach generosity too.


16. MAKE A CUBBYWe recently made a proper cubby in our backyard, which I love… but before then I’d make cubby houses out of the lounge with sheets, or under the dining table. Kids love a good or bad cubby house!

17. WATCH A SPORTING GAMEI know some people will roll their eyes at this, because sport… but trust me the atmosphere at a trò chơi is as fun as the game, or even moreso. It’s great for kids to lớn see the fun in team sport, and to get excited about supporting a side too.

18. GO TEN-PIN BOWLINGThis is an awesome family activity. If you’ve got a big family, you can even make mini-family teams!

19. GO ON A NATURE WALKExplore a little nature track and check out plants, wildlife & the beautiful scenery.

20. GO ROLLER-SKATINGPerhaps it’s been years since you wore skates, but it’s still a fun activity to lớn do. Our local rink has không tính phí lessons on Saturday mornings, so kiểm tra out your rink và see what they offer. My daughter has these skates which she loves, she’s been skating around at trang chủ and at the netball courts too.

21. PLAY FRISBEEPack a frisbee, head to a local field & have fun!

22. CREATE A FAMILY ARTWORKBuy a canvas from a local cheap shop, and some paints & get together khổng lồ make an artwork together. It will make a great talking point in your home.

23. VISIT A LOCAL FARM và PICK FRUITNear home we have strawberry farms and other farms where you can go và pick fruit. Find one near you and get together to collect some goodies from the garden.

24. PLAY UNDER THE SPRINKLERJust like you did as a kid!

25. TRY A NEW FOOD OR CUISINELook up a directory of your local eateries and pick somewhere entirely new. Let your tummy travel to lớn Japan, Mexico, Malaysia or where ever your taste-buds take you!

26. PLAY PUTT-PUTT GOLFTry for a hole in one! A little nhatroso.competitiveness between family members is always fun.

27. Vì A PUZZLE TOGETHERI’m not talking a small one, get a HUGE puzzle that really challenges you và tackle it as a family.


28. GET BAKINGBake cookies, or a cake together & have fun in the kitchen. I’ve got a whole heap of tried và tested recipes for you lớn try.

29. GO CAMPINGEven if it’s in your own backyard! Try camping as a family.

30. GO ON A PHOTO WALKHave your family play photo a day, or take photos while you go on a little walk. I love the little Instax cameras for kids because the photos are instant and so much more fun!

31. HAVE A FAMILY MOVIE NIGHTWhen I ask Lacey what her favourite thing from her childhood is, she tells me about the movie nights I used khổng lồ host for her. I’d make her buy a ticket from me, I’d put on a movie, serve her popcorn và we’d chill out together. It was và is so much fun!

32. RAID THE RECYCLINGGet crafty, and raid your recycling khổng lồ make fun creations. Turn your trash into art just by adding some glue, a bit of sparkle và a whole lot of creativeness.


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