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As of 2021, the only states that do not charge a state income tax are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington và Wyoming. If you live or earn money in one of the other 41 states or the District of Columbia, you may need to file a state income tax return by the filing deadline. It is a separate & independent requirement from filing your federal tax return & failure to file it on time may result in interest and penalty charges.

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State filing extensions

Several states allow automatic extensions of time to tệp tin your personal income tax return only if you first obtain an extension to tệp tin your federal tax return. However, in some cases, you must make a separate request for it by the filing deadline. Some states, like Massachusetts for example, don"t require you lớn obtain an extension if you don"t owe any tax. But just like your federal return, if you are due a state refund because of too much employer withholding, you will not receive it until you file. On the other hand, if you thought you didn"t owe tax but actually do, you may face some additional penalty và interest charges.

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Filing after the deadline

If you fail to tệp tin a state income tax return by the due date, it"s still better to file late than to lớn not tệp tin at all. Generally, the penalties charged on the tax you owe increase over time, but you can minimize them by filing your state return as soon as possible. If your state does charge late-filing penalties even for returns that report a refund due lớn you, filing sooner rather than later will minimize the amount of penalties deducted from your refund.

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Tax amnesty programs

Some states offer tax amnesty programs as an incentive for taxpayers to lớn voluntarily pay past-due taxes. Generally, amnesty programs provide you a limited time frame in which you can pay your taxes and receive a waiver of all interest & penalties. In some cases, states are reluctant khổng lồ waive penalties if you had an opportunity lớn participate in an amnesty program but still file your return at a later date.

Consequences of not filing

State tax penalties can be just as harsh as those imposed by the IRS. In the most severe cases, the state can even prosecute you for a crime if it believes that your failure to file tax returns was part of a fraudulent scheme. Just lượt thích other crimes, the punishment can include time in jail.

However, the majority of taxpayers who don"t tệp tin their state returns are only subject lớn penalties, interest and other fees in addition khổng lồ the amount of tax due. & since your tài khoản is charged on a monthly basis, the longer you wait, the more you"ll pay. Some states can even put liens on your property, seize your assets, garnish wages and intercept a federal tax refund if too much time passes without any tax return or tax payment.

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