How to get two phone numbers on the same device


You might be wondering if you need a second phone number. And if so, whether or not you'll need to lớn purchase a separate phone. If you're wondering the best way khổng lồ get a separate business line, you’re in good hands because we will cover your questions in this article!

Imagine yourself as Bob. He is the owner of a growing home service business. Every day, he has over 30 clients calling him about quote requests. As the father of two girls, Bob is expected lớn drive his kids lớn school & pick them up afterwards. With commitments from both sides, Bob is bombarded with incoming calls on a daily basis. If you're in a similar situation, what options vì you have khổng lồ better separate your work from your personal life?

In many cases you'll find yourself needing lớn purchase a separate business phone & business number. This solution has quite a few downsides:

Leads to confusion: With two separate phone numbers và phones, it’s easy khổng lồ mix up who you’re getting calls from -- which phone am I using again?Highly Inconvenient: You have to carry two phones wherever you goVery expensive: It’s pricey lớn purchase a brand new phone

A better solution would be to lớn get two phone numbers on one phone.

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Benefits of Having Two Phone Numbers on One Phone

More Affordable:

Instead of spending $800+ on a new phone with additional monthly fees, you will only have lớn spend around $20 - $30 a month. Some services are even không tính phí if you only use a certain amount of minutes per month.

Faster Response to Both Parties:

If you have two phones, you will miss calls easily & your delayed response may kết thúc up in loss đơn hàng or family conflict. With the same phone, it will provide more convenience to access any calls or texts at the cảm biến of a button.

Better Time Management:

You may notice that you are frequently going back & forth between your two phones. This not only wastes a lot of your time but adds further confusion lớn who you are answering to. When you use one phone instead, all your information is centralized, thus more time is saved.

Don’t Need khổng lồ Carry an Extra Phone:

Do you ever experience the burden -- both physically and psychologically -- of carrying two phones? You always have to lớn remember to lớn take both phones everywhere you go & it’s not light in your pockets as well. By only using one phone, you will không lấy phí up your hands & your mind.

Keep Work và Personal Life Separated:

We all have our boundaries when it comes lớn work & personal life. Nobody likes picking up an urgent work điện thoại tư vấn at a family event or vice versa. This is why it’s crucial for you lớn know which calls are for which purposes. You will find yourself much more “present” when spending time with your family & enjoying your time off.

Privacy Concerns:

Nobody likes having their personal information easily acceptable lớn spammers và telemarketers. With you're personal line separated from business, you'll keep your personal number private from potential spammers.

How to Get Two Numbers on One Phone?

Here are four common options that allow you to lớn access two numbers on one phone.

Sim Card

A sim card is a portable memory chip that will store all your digital information ranging from your personal tương tác information khổng lồ your phone settings.

If you have a phone on hand with a SIM card, you can freely transfer it to another phone. However, you have lớn make sure that the new phone’s SIM is compatible with your existing phone. This is where you need to tương tác your current phone carrier for more information.

It might be more convenient khổng lồ also set up a SIM card manager, which organizes your address, dialing numbers, & other data before any transfer. Note, this is only available on android devices.



Some phone carriers do provide the option to lớn “forward your calls” by transferring calls to lớn another phone. You can set this up manually using two ways. 1) routing calls immediately from one number khổng lồ another 2) routing calls to the other number only if you miss the hotline from the first number.


Mobile Voip Solutions

There are multiple third-party mobile solutions that will allow you to lớn register for a new phone number while using your existing device. You can use this new number to lớn make/take calls on your phone and other connected devices (ex. Tablets and computers).


Telecommunication Services

A handful of di động carriers bởi vì allow users to liên kết multiple phone numbers to the same phone. We've shared a few of their services below.

Verizon One - Talk

Verizon One - Talk is a multi-line telephone solution connecting your office phone khổng lồ your smartphone devices, providing business telephone features on any of your common devices.


Easy khổng lồ bill: existing Verizon customers can just địa chỉ cửa hàng this expense directly to lớn their phone statement invoiceIndustry-standard pricing: $25/user/monthEasy lớn switch: Since it’s a cloud based service, there’s no need khổng lồ purchase additional hardware


Brand awareness issues: new sản phẩm to marketLack of desktop supportIP phones (Yealink) aren’t compatible with other providers except for Verizon

AT&T Number Sync

AT&T Number Sync allows users to lớn sync their AT&T điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh number with an app android tablet lớn make và receive calls on their personal cell phone.


Works with a wide variety of devices ranging from iPad, Alexa, & smartwatchesDecent pricing: $10 a month per deviceEasy to lớn bill: existing AT&T customers can just add this expense directly lớn their phone statement invoice


Lots of disconnection issues based on customer feedbackFraud issue -- hackers stealing data


T-Mobile DIGITS is a T-Mobile service that lets users use one phone numbers across various devices (directing multiple phone numbers khổng lồ a single phone or to a desktop)


Price-effective bundle: If you already pay for one of T-Mobile’s unlimited plans then you’re eligible for DIGITS for freeEasy lớn bill: existing T-Mobile customers can just địa chỉ cửa hàng this expense directly to lớn their phone statement invoice


More expensive option: $10 - $15/month to sign up for additional number & another $10/month for điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh pairing

Best di động VOIP Solutions

While there are many options khổng lồ get two numbers on one phone, di động VOIP solutions remain one of the best options due lớn how easy they are to cài đặt and the extra built in features they include. Below are some of the most popular options on the market. is a business phone for service pros. By using, all of your texts and phone calls will be centralized within a di động app. You will be able to share the line with multiple users and the tiện ích has build in tự động hóa reply text messages so you never need to lớn worry about missing another hotline from a customer.




Custom local phone number, automated text messages to lớn missed calls, multiple users on one line, vì chưng not disturb mode, contact notifications và reminders


Affordable pricing Ability to tóm tắt one line with multiple team membersModern UI/UX that easy to navigate và learn


Brand recognition -- we hope to lớn build a larger customer base và get our name out there!Available only for apple IOS

Download the app:

Check out the demo:


Sideline is a virtual phone number provider for small business owners. All of its services are within a communication ứng dụng that provides you và your business with a second phone line


$9.99/month, $49.99/6 month, $99.99/year for Standard Plan$14.99/month, $39.99/3 month, $69.99/6 month, $129.99/year for Pro PlanContact Sideline for Team & Enterprise Plan (with inclusion of auto-attendant)


International calling (as an add-on for $14.99/line), voicemail transcription & greetings, auto-reply text messages


Affordable pricing on lowest tierSuitable with very small teams who focus on SMS- branded text messages


No toll miễn phí number optionExpensive international calling optionNo desktop tư vấn (only mobile)

Google Voice for Business

Google Voice for Business is a cloud-based virtual calling tiện ích that provides không tính tiền and unlimited calling service. Through the Google voice app, users can combine multiple phone numbers into a single phone number. All users need to vì is to set up a Google voice number account via their desktops or mobile devices. After an account is registered, users can immediately begin texting & calling from any of their existing devices.


$10 for Starter: Up lớn 10 users, up to 10 domestic locations, with all basic services$20 for Standard: Unlimited number of users, unlimited domestic locations, with all features of the Starter Planadditional services include multi-level tự động attendant, ring groups, desk phone support, và eDiscovery$30 for Premier: Unlimited number of users, unlimited domestic and international locations, with all features of the Standard Planadditional services include advanced reporting (big query) và data regions


Voicemail, Voice - khổng lồ - Text Transcription, hotline Recording, Conferencing, Visual Voicemail


Supports both IOS và Android devicesFree service provides added accessibility for all usersAdditional features (refer lớn Services) included in registration at no additional costs


Porting does require an additional fee (one - time)Can’t port any landline phones khổng lồ Google VoiceNo hotline recording can take place for outgoing calls


Grasshopper is a virtual mạng internet phone service for small businesses that provides users a virtual PBX via a softphone (thus, Grasshopper is a hosted pbx provider) via a softphone. Users also have the ability khổng lồ directly transfer their phone numbers khổng lồ the Grasshopper platform through porting.

What is a virtual PBX? Phone system that uses IP communication hosted by a service or cloud provider. No hardware or additional phone line installations are required.

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What is a softphone? An application that replicates a phone interface (ex. Telephone keypad). Users are able lớn use this application and make any calls over any broadband connection.


$26 for Solo plan : 1 toll-free number with up khổng lồ 3 extension (with all the services)$44 for Partner plan: 3 toll-free number up lớn 6 extensions (with all the services)$80 for Small business plan: 5 toll-free number with unlimited extensions (with all the services)


Domestic voice minutes, Text messaging, Read your voicemail messages


Supports both IOS and Android devicesUnlimited access to lớn services (from voice minutes lớn text messaging)Added option to forward voicemails to email addresses


Lack of advanced VOIP featuresInability to lớn filter spam messages/calls


PhoneBooth is a cloud-based virtual telephone provider offered in the US only. It’s main service, PhoneBooth On-Demand offers unlimited local và long-distance calls with a HD voice capability. When you register for the service, you get immediate access to two phone lines -- local numbers in the area.


$20 a month/user with all the additional services

Services (all unlimited):

Access to lớn auto-attendants, sales/support groups, voicemail transcriptions, group conferences


Affordable pricing No contract required -- no long-term commitment and ability khổng lồ cancel anytimeFocus on customer service


User interface is not as easy to lớn useCan only receive 200 minutes of calls per month


RingCentral is a cloud-based VOIP. It’s main service, MVP, offers voice, fax, text, online meetings, conferencing, và collaboration services.


$19.99 a month/user for Essentials$27.99 a month/user for Standard$34.99 a month/user for Premium$49.99 a month/user for Ultimate


Some examples include extensions, call screening, điện thoại tư vấn delegation, vanity/toll-free numbers, gọi forwarding, voice-mail to lớn email, visual voicemail, paging, one-touch calling (ringout), call from any device (call flip), hotline holds, internet fax


Access to lớn a plethora of features Different plan options -- easy to pick & switchData-driven -- live reports, QoS reports and have a dedicated analytics portal


UI improvements -- hard lớn navigate for new users và can be clunkyChoice paralysis -- too much services offered that users don’t really need

What Type of of Business Number Should You Get?


The 1-800 is a nationwide toll-free number used for business purposes. Utilizing this number improves the customer gọi rate because all incoming charges go to the owner of the number (thus the business itself).

The 1-800 number provides an added credibility to the business. Because customers are more willing lớn call, businesses are able lớn reach more customers và improve lead generation. Additionally, it’s easier for customers to tương tác the business for any questions or concerns.

Local Business:

A business number that reaches a customer base within a certain locale (by area code number).

Unlike the 1-800 number that serves nation-wide, local business numbers only pertain lớn a phối location. This may work better for certain businesses that want to provide the “neighborly” feel & garner trust from local audiences.


A phone number that starts with a “09” và is in operation when certain services are provided by the business. It will cost money for the caller (up to lớn $4.18 per minute).

As a business, you’re able to earn extra money with each incoming call. It’s smart to lớn opt into this if your business is running competition or providing customer extra incentives to call.

What khổng lồ consider before getting a second number?


Question khổng lồ ask: Is there a business need lớn obtain a second number number?

A lot of the time, if you’re just starting out as a small business, there is limited customer bandwidth. It might not make financial sense to lớn purchase one. On the other hand, if you’re a fast-growing business with 50+ recurring and new customers every week, adding a second line will help offload a lot of the burden & better communication.


Question khổng lồ ask: What product features on my phone would be useful khổng lồ my business?

There are many features offered in the market. Some are không lấy phí given you already pay for the basic service while others aren’t. It’s important for you and your business to vày in-depth market research comparing all the features và its selected pricing. For instance, if you’re very busy with answering client calls, it might be wise to lớn set up an unlimited voicemail service. This way, you can get back to lớn potential customers when time frees up.

Ease to setup:

Question to ask: How easy is it khổng lồ set up an additional number on my phone?

Setting up a new phone is no easy feat. Not only does it cost additional money, you need to make sure it doesn’t disturb your current communication outlets. Any delays in transitioning services or getting set up could lead to lớn lost sales.

Tech support:

Question to lớn ask: Could I tương tác customer tư vấn easily if I have an immediate/ongoing problem?

If you’re opting lớn a new service, you want lớn make sure the team is reachable and can make mix adjustments.


Question lớn ask: Should I go with the porting option?

To port means to permanently move a phone number khổng lồ another provider (the old trương mục will be closed off). If you decide lớn port, you run the risk of having your phone number go offline for a period of time. It's important before porting to vì chưng research and kiểm tra with your carrier on all the potential risks. This will help you plan out the best way khổng lồ transition a number khổng lồ a new carrier.

Is it illegal to lớn have two phone numbers?

No, it’s not illegal lớn have two phone numbers. However, we vày recommend you to vị some market research lớn evaluate your best options. For instance, if you’re already a part of a certain mobile carrier, see if they have a service that can provide you two numbers. Many times, they carriers run special deals and discounts for their existing customers. If this isn’t the case, you can look for virtual phone services.

Can I get multiple numbers for landlines?

Yes, there are multi-line phone systems such as 2 - line business phone systems & 4- line phone systems. Multiple people can be the dialer at the same time. You can also forward landlines to cell phones.


There are many factors to consider before you decide the best solution for getting two phone lines. Two questions lớn ask yourself 1) What problems vì chưng I hope lớn resolve by getting two phone numbers? 2) What solution/package will make the most sense for my needs? After finding that sweet-spot, here are some further considerations that you can keep in mind:

Don't go with an option just because it's easy to do: Here, we covered the likes of call forwarding and SIM thẻ transfers. Both options take less effort & time to lớn set up compared to VOIP options. Nevertheless, the amount of features offered is limited. For instance, there are no auto attendants or advanced voicemail transcriptions. Both could prove khổng lồ be difference makers when it comes to lớn customer care and efficiency.Research and evaluate the long-term impact of each option: Sometimes, a certain option seems better than others from the get-go. For instance, it might be miễn phí until you hit a certain maximum quota or be complimentary khổng lồ your existing infrastructure. However, it's crucial to think beyond the immediate -- your business might be scaling rapidly & another, more expensive option will cut you the better deal.It's okay lớn change: We know this process of selection can be grueling và difficult since there's so many options. Make sure lớn take your time before any decision by using mạng internet resources (like our blog post:) or asking the likes of previous business owners. Keep in mind, you can always go back on your choices, if needed.

We hope this post was helpful in guiding what services you'll choose!