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The National Verifier (NV) is Lifeline’s centralized application system. It determines whether consumers are eligible for Lifeline. manages the NV & provides customer service to lớn consumers through the Lifeline support Center.

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Service providers in all 56 states & territories (with the exception of the National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) opt-out states) must use the NV when helping consumers apply lớn Lifeline. Consumers may also apply lớn the Lifeline program on their own through the NV consumer portal, or by mail.

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Launches implemented the NV in phases. A group of states & territories received access khổng lồ the system at a specific time. Each group of states and territories is known as a launch. The launch title of a group is the month and year that grouping received access to lớn the NV.

All states and territories have been launched in the NV. For information on which launch each state & territory is in, visit the National Verifier Launches page.

Database Connections

The NV has automated database connections lớn verify consumer eligibility for Lifeline. If a consumer is not found in an automated database, they will need lớn provide documentation for manual review. For more information on this process, visit the Eligibility Decision Process page.

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National Verifier Database Connection Map

The bản đồ below outlines the existing NV database connection in each state và territory.


The eligibility verification process and available database connections vary slightly in the NLAD opt-out states (California, Oregon, and Texas). Consumers in California, Oregon & Texas benefit from state database connections available in their respective states. Visit these states’ launch page for information.

Stay Up to Date

We will use the National Verifier Launches page và the NV launch e-mail lists khổng lồ communicate with service providers about launch specific information.

To be added lớn an NV launch list & for any questions related lớn the NV, service providers must email Lifeline Program indicating which states and/or territories they vì business in.


This section outlines available resources on the NV, including plans, annual reports, and release notes from enhancements. Lớn watch short đoạn phim modules on the NV, visit the Videos page.

National Verifier Plans

Release Notes

MonthYearRelease Notes
March2020Production Release Notes
February2020RAD, NV API, and NLAD Release Notes
January2020RAD, NV API, và NLAD v1.1.0 Release Notes
January2020Production Release Notes
November2019v9.0 Production Release Notes
August2019v8.0 Production Release Notes
June2019v7.0 Production Release Notes
April2019National Verifier v6.0 Production Release Notes
March2019v5.0 Production Release Notes
December2018v3.0 Release Notes
November2018v2.0 Production Release Notes
June2018v1.0 Production Release Notes