How To Use Microsoft Powerpoint For Android: Office Mobile


Working from home, on the train, in cafes, in hotel lobbies… Some of us have been doing it for years, but non-traditional working hours & locations are becoming more common as employers realise trapping people in the office from 9-5 doesn’t necessarily produce the best work. PowerPoint for apk is a version of PowerPoint you can use on your mobile device on the go lớn create, edit và present. Is it the answer khổng lồ our changing working practices? Or is it a poor replacement for the full-fat version of PowerPoint we know & love?


You’ll need a device with a screen kích cỡ of 10.1 inches or less, 1 GB RAM or more, running any of the supported versions of Android and with an ARM-based or intel x86 processor.

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Getting started

It’s super easy lớn get started, simply download the phầm mềm from Google Play then sign in with a di động number, Microsoft account, or your Skype details. That’s it! You can then pull in any PowerPoint files on your OneDrive, your device or that have been shared with you. The changes you make to lớn a file are synced across your account.

If you already have a Microsoft 365 subscription, sign in with your account and get access lớn ‘the full Microsoft Office experience’. If you don’t, you can nâng cấp for a month for miễn phí and demo whether it’s worth shelling out for the extra functionality.

Creating and editing presentations with PowerPoint for Android

To create a presentation from scratch, tap the + icon in the đứng đầu right-hand corner. Then choose where to save your new deck and pick a design style. Autosave is automatically turned on, so none of your changes will be lost.


To xuất hiện an already existing PowerPoint, tap Open in the bottom right-hand corner and select the location of your file.


What immediately strikes me is how small everything is! If you’re not comfortable using a điện thoại thông minh day-to-day – you keep hitting the wrong things or struggle lớn read small text – this might not be for you. Lớn navigate around the workspace, use common cảm biến gestures, such as using two fingers lớn zoom in & out of a slide.


So, what can you bởi vì with PowerPoint for Android?

You can insert a variety of elements including tables, shapes (all the basic shapes from the desktop version except Freeform), lines, & images (from device or camera). With a 365 subscription you also have access to lớn Smart Art graphics. Once you’ve inserted elements, you can format them in similar ways to the desktop version. Images can be cropped, & frames, shadow, reflection, & alt text added. You can change the size, colour, transparency etc. Of shapes and địa chỉ and edit text.

When you’re placing items on your slide, keep in mind that there are no alignment tools, you have lớn rely on smart guides to keep things neat. PowerPoint for app android has the usual Arrange tools (send to lớn back, bring forward etc.), so you can arrange your slide in layers. You can also easily copy formatting from one object to lớn another, this is super helpful for standardising decks quickly.

There are a few tools missing, such as a change picture option, & the Morph transition & PowerPoint Designer are not available with the không lấy phí version of the ứng dụng but on the whole, the tiện ích has everything you need.

My top tip for using PowerPoint for game android is, if you think you can’t bởi vì something, try tapping the light bulb icon and typing the action e.g. địa chỉ audio.


This is where I found animations, font size, insert a link and more. It seems that a bunch of functionality is hidden here, accessible if you need it, but not wasting precious screen space.

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The phầm mềm crashed for me a couple of times, but thanks to autosave my edits were safe and I could easily xuất hiện the tiện ích back up và carry on, without disrupting my work flow too much.

Collaborative working

PowerPoint for game android seems geared to lớn reviewing on-the-go. When you tap an element, you get cut/copy/paste options, then the very next kích hoạt is New Comment. It’s very easy to showroom comments & with a 365 subscription you can tag people in your comments và read và respond to lớn comments from your email. I can see this would be a great ứng dụng for collaborative working, allowing you to reviews decks & make small edits on the go.

Presenting with PowerPoint for Android

If you have PowerPoint for apk installed, you can present both on & from your device.

To present on your device, simply tap the start slide show icon then swipe left lớn advance the slide and to trigger animations. Note: This icon starts the slide show from the slide you are on.


in Slide Show mode there are annotation tools and the option to blank out the screen. Presenting wasn’t super intuitive; I kept wanting lớn tap, rather than swipe, when I knew there was an animation coming.

You can also present from your sản phẩm điện thoại device lớn a projector, using a HDMI cable, or khổng lồ a screen that supports Miracast, Chromecast or AirPlay. If you have an Office 365 subscription, you’ll be able lớn view your speaker notes on your phone as you present. You can also use your phone as a laser pointer by resting your thumb on the notes section and moving the phone up/down, left/right to move the on-screen laser.

To địa chỉ cửa hàng speaker notes, tap the menu in the top right-hand corner and select Notes.


PowerPoint for Android: Final thoughts

Obviously creating presentations with your fingers on a 5-inch screen is a bit fiddly và it’s difficult và time consuming khổng lồ get elements placed accurately. It’s also more labour intensive to lớn pull in nội dung from other sources, unlike being on a desktop, you can’t have several tabs mở cửa in the same way. For these reasons I would advise against using the PowerPoint phầm mềm to create presentations from scratch. You also miss out on great add-ins, such as BrightSlide, that help lớn speed up the kiến thiết process. However, if you’re simply adding text into a pre-made template, making last minute edits on the fly or responding lớn colleagues’ comments this app could be really handy.

Microsoft Office all-in-one-app

PowerPoint for apk is available to download now. However, Microsoft have another mobile-centric offering on the horizon – the all-in-one Office tiện ích where users can access Word, Excel và PowerPoint in one place. The ứng dụng was announced in November 2019 and promises extra functionality compared khổng lồ the individual Office apps. For example, users can take a picture of a document and automatically turn it into a Word file. There will be new actions including creating a PDF, signing a PDF using your finger, & easily transferring files between different devices.

This phầm mềm should significantly reduce the amount of space used on your phone compared khổng lồ having the separate apps installed. Lớn see screenshots, walkthroughs and to sign up for the public preview click here.

Check out more of our blog posts on the latest presentation công nghệ or let us know what you think of PowerPoint for game android in the comments below.