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The SEO report. It is a calling card for some agencies. Smart companies use APIs to compile reports without spending manual hours. Some rely on automatic SEO reporting tools. For other companies, it’s a time-intensive and considerably low-value exercise.

The SEO report should be a tool by which you can gain insights and build powerful campaigns for organic search. You might think of this as a client deliverable, or a monthly expectation to appease your boss, but an effective SEO report is much more than that. It will give you an at-a-glance overview of your performance and will allow you to spot problems and opportunities. It can cover everything from organic traffic, external and internal link building, social media, and more.

What is an SEO Report and What Should it Cover?

For those entering the field, an SEO report is a common name given to any type of document meant to inform the viewer of their SEO status. But there’s no value in creating any kind of report if the data can’t help you answer questions.

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Here are some important questions that should be answered quickly and effectively by your SEO report:

What does the data tell me about our visitors?What direction should I take based on the data?Why is “X” happening?What dubious claims and theories can we correct?What campaigns should we renounce, and how can I change direction for the better?What data can I use to sell back the SEO investment?

What Metrics Should Be Included in Your SEO Report?

At Greenlane, we develop reports with a data-first philosophy, to which the KPIs that move your business are primary. Sure, we include the obligatory ranking, traffic, and conversion data, but we want to benchmark against the particulars that your business is based on. If our client hasn’t developed a KPI set or set goals for our SEO engagement, we will help them come up with a realistic plan. We do everything in our power to make sure keyword rankings aren’t the main KPI.

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Although SEO ranking reports are traditional, rankings are an imperfect metric. Expect flux in search engine rankings. Keywords that typically perform for a business can appear lower in the results on any given day. It’s important that a report doesn’t capture a snapshot of rankings (like a monthly report). If a keyword is down on the day you compile the report, but high on other days, you’re going to get a faulty signal.

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Some metrics that I focus on in addition to keyword rankings:

Organic trafficConversionsTime on pageBounce rateRevenue


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There’s no limit to how much customization you can do to your report template. (If you’re using Excel or Google Sheets for your report design, here’s a helpful bunch of resources for organizing your data.) As long as the data is relevant, and the insights are valuable, you’re on your way to creating the best SEO reports you can possibly deliver. Developing the template is certainly a bit of upfront work, but it pays off in the long run.

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