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Usually after the age of 19 months, when the child has 16 or more baby teeth, you can start to introduce the baby to the sticky rice so that the baby is strong và healthy. However, teaching children khổng lồ eat rice is never easy.
Teaching children to eat rice is also a step to show that children have grown up. But not so that you feed your child too soon or too late will adversely affect the health of the child. Because when children do not have enough teeth to be able to chew & crush food, eating rice will make their immature digestive system hurt. On the contrary, if you practice feeding your child rice too late, it will be difficult for the child to adapt lớn chewing, even the child will be anorexic, making it more difficult for you to practice feeding. According to lớn medical experts, usually after 19 months of age, when the child has at least 16 baby teeth, you can introduce your baby khổng lồ pureed rice. By the time the child is 24 months old và has about trăng tròn baby teeth, they can practice giving them soft rice because at this time they already know how to lớn bite và chew lớn crush food before swallowing them down to the stomach. After the baby is 30 months old, you can give your child normal rice, but you should choose foods that are easy khổng lồ chew or chop food for your baby. When you choose the right time to lớn teach your baby to lớn eat rice, children will be interested in eating, because for children every meal is an interesting learning session, children can explore different flavors, explore Explore the extremely rich culinary world that porridge or powdered snacks cannot satisfy children.
Besides choosing the right time, you also need to pay attention to lớn how to lớn feed your child, because this greatly affects the child"s excitement about food & eating habits later on. The eating stages of a normal child are eating flour, eating pureed porridge, eating porridge, then eating crushed rice, và finally feeding the child with normal grain rice like an adult. Therefore, you should let your child learn to lớn eat crushed rice first so that he can adapt gradually. At the getting to know stage, you should not rush to lớn force your child lớn eat a lot. Children should eat little by little and gradually increase the amount. Children can also eat a meal a day combined with eating porridge as before, in the first week then completely replace porridge.
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To create self-disciplined eating habits for children, each meal should only last for 30 minutes. If your child does not swallow or is not interested in the food, then you should not force it, doing so will cause more inhibition và loss of appetite for the child. During the period of learning to eat, you may have to lớn accept the "sacrifice" of not being able khổng lồ feed your baby the desired amount and the baby may lose weight. At this time, you should also be firm, should not pity your child, but need to have a consensus in how to learn khổng lồ feed your baby with other family members to lớn practice self-discipline for children. You need to lớn keep in mind that it is important khổng lồ create fun for children to love to lớn eat, to crave for food. When teaching your baby to eat rice, you need to lớn be very patient, vị not rush to lớn force your child to lớn eat rice immediately, it will make them afraid & dare not eat rice in the long run.
A common mistake that many mothers make is that they often grind the rice lớn a fine powder và then pour the broth into it. This approach makes children very bored và discourages chewing movements in children. Before meals, you are not allowed lớn give your baby candy, drink milk... Sweet sugar will make children feel full so they don"t want khổng lồ eat rice or other foods. Eating rice is like eating solid food, you need khổng lồ give your baby enough food. Each child"s meal should have enough starch (rice), protein (meat, fish, eggs, shrimp, crab, tofu...) và green vegetables. Protein foods need khổng lồ be processed soft, cut into small pieces. Foods of the green vegetable group need to be soft, have beautiful colors lớn attract children, rich in fiber & rich in vitamins. Fatty foods should be selected according to the child"s preferences and family economic conditions. When teaching your baby lớn eat rice, you need lớn be flexible in using enough fat in the process of preparing dishes, to lớn meet the great nutritional needs of children in the first years of life.
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In order for children not lớn be afraid of food, you should choose or prepare foods that are suitable for their chewing ability. It is better khổng lồ stew or cook food more tenderly than it is for adults or chop it up before cooking. However, you need to lớn limit the use of a blender that makes the food too crushed và crumbly. As such, the child will not be able to enjoy the true taste of food and lose the chewing reflex that you are training your baby. At the stage of learning to lớn eat, your baby will be very excited lớn try new foods. Therefore, you should also regularly change the way of processing to create a delicious feeling. To make sure your child gets enough nutrients, you should also showroom snacks with fruit, yogurt, & whey for your child every day. In addition, you should give your child enough water to well absorb nutrients from food và eliminate waste products from the body. When cooking normal rice for the whole family, you can choose a portion, use a spoon to lightly beat the rice grains, và then boil them again in the rice cooker. Or you can tilt the rice cooker to one side to lớn get a slightly more mushy portion of rice for the child. A common problem that mothers often have when teaching their children to eat rice grains is to lớn show găng when the child does not lượt thích to eat rice, only likes lớn eat noodles, vermicelli... According to lớn experts, should not be allowed khổng lồ eat rice. Family atmosphere is too stressful because of children"s meals, let children choose what they like. If your child doesn"t lượt thích to eat rice, you can give him other dishes that are different from rice but still have enough nutrient groups. For example, if your child likes to lớn eat noodles, you can địa chỉ more rolls, sausages, eggs lớn ensure protein, then give them more vegetables và fruits. You need to be persistent to lớn coax your baby to eat rice even if it"s just a little bit first, và then give them the foods they like later lớn maintain the habit of eating rice. One way khổng lồ help children learn to eat rice & other foods is lớn let them eat by themselves & eat together during family meals. Let your child pick up what he wants, even pick up food, don"t force him lớn eat what he doesn"t want. In addition, to improve taste, eat well, reach the correct height và weight, & exceed the standard, have a good immune system, strengthen the resistance to lớn get sick less often and have less digestive problems... Baby need additional necessary micronutrients: Zinc, selenium, chromium, vitamins B1 and B6, ginger, acerola fruit extract (vitamin C),... Also as recommended by leading nutrition experts, For children at this age, parents need khổng lồ be calm và persistent when supplementing with nutrients, even through food or functional foods. In particular, the use of functional foods should choose those of natural origin that are easily absorbed, bởi vì not allow simultaneous use of many types or continuously change the types of functional foods. Besides, nutrition experts also emphasize on the role of biological zinc, parents should learn & supplement zinc for children properly at the appropriate time, lớn avoid zinc deficiency affecting lớn the holistic development of the child. to have more knowledge about raising children & taking care of children by age, you should regularly visit the website & make an appointment with the leading doctors, pediatric experts - Nutrition when visiting the website need advice.