How to enable monetization on youtube


Is the dollar sign or monetization option not showing on YouTube/YouTube Studio?

Is the monetization tab missing while you’re trying khổng lồ upload a video?

If you have 1,000 subscribers và 4,000 watch hours on YouTube, you’ll be eligible for monetization.

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However, you need to lớn meet the community standards và guidelines.

In some cases, your đoạn phim might be eligible for monetization but you cannot enable it.

In this guide, you’ll learn why is the monetization option/tab/column not showing on YouTube or YouTube Studio và how to fix it.

Why is the monetization option not showing on YouTube?

we've seen similar reports & are now looking into it

— TeamYouTube (
TeamYouTube) October 8, 2022

The monetization option is not showing on YouTube because your channel is not yet eligible for monetization.

If your channel is eligible for monetization but you can’t see the option, it means that there’s a bug/glitch on the YouTube or YouTube Studio app.

As of October, many creators are reporting about the YouTube monetization bug.

Some creators are unable to see the option while others cannot enable or disable it.

TeamYouTube I’ve been a YouTube partner for years now & my monetization just disappeared. Any reason for this? Is there a bug that is going on right now? Is anyone else having this issue?”.

“Is anyone else’s monetization tab missing? I have no strikes on my channel and no emails from YouTube”.

“There appears lớn be an issue with YouTube right now where monetization is just not there. I can’t view my monetization status và can’t monetize any videos. It’s just gone. Any other fellow creators have this issue?”.

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How to lớn fix monetization option not showing on YouTube

To fix the monetization option not showing on YouTube, you need lớn hit 1,000 subscribers và 4,000 watch hours khổng lồ be eligible.

If you’re already monetized but can’t see the option/tab, it’s probably due to lớn a bug/glitch on YouTube’s end.

As of early October, there’s a monetization bug on YouTube that affected a ton of creators.

According khổng lồ TeamYouTube on Twitter, YouTube is aware of the issue & is investigating it.

Here are some of TeamYouTube’s replies:

“We have seen similar reports about the monetization column or icon missing in Studio. We appreciate your patience while we look into it!”.

“Sorry for the trouble, we’ve seen similar reports và are currently working on a fix. We’ll let you know once we have an update”.

Once the bug is fixed, there should be a new update for the YouTube tiện ích on the ứng dụng Store và Google Play Store.

For now, you need to be patient and wait for YouTube khổng lồ fix the bug on their end (source:
TeamYouTube on Twitter).

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