How to monetize tiktok: generate income with your content


It went from being a fun tiện ích designed for kids lớn an phầm mềm that is currently used by all ages across the world by the tens of millions.

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Zhang Yiming, a 38-year-old software engineer from China, initially founded the app’s parent company, ByteDance.

He then rebranded it to Douyin in china in December 2016.

Before long, TikTok (formerly took off worldwide. There are around 689 million monthly TikTok users today, making it one of the biggest social media platforms.

Now that TikTok US has received $1 billion in funding for its Creator Fund and has a value of over $50 billion, you would have lớn agree that creating content on TikTok is no longer a joke.


You have an incredible opportunity to lớn make a lot of money online with TikTok.

And you don’t need khổng lồ be an expert marketer or have specific technical know-how either. Making money from the video-sharing platform is much simpler.

You can go live on Tiktok, encourage viewers to donate, & make money from sponsorships with famous brands.

You can even promote your own brand and products.

How to lớn Make Money on TikTok.

Let’s talk about the vị trí cao nhất ways of making money on TikTok in detail. Keep in mind that how much money you will make depends on a variety of factors that I’ll cover below.

1. Get Paid Through TikTok’s Creator Fund.

TikTok Creator Fund is TikTok’s way of supporting and rewarding innovative creators on their platform. It’s the latest move by the tiện ích to make it a go-to platform for user-generated content.

Like other platforms, TikTok Creator Fund doesn’t depend on the advertising model. Instead, your fund amount grows along with your channel & content. It also depends on factors lượt thích views from real accounts, the region of your viewers, và more.

And since content engagement on TikTok is dynamic và changes day after day, your funds will also change daily.

You need lớn meet some requirements lớn join the program, including:

You should be 18 years or older.Have a minimum of 10K authentic followers.Gain at least 100K authentic đoạn clip views in the last 30 days.Based in the U.S., UK, Germany, Italy, France, & Spain.

You also need a Pro tài khoản to apply for the Creators Fund program.

You can apply for the program by heading lớn your tài khoản settings, then clicking on the Pro tài khoản option, & then “TikTok Creator Fund.”


If you earned a payout, it would show up in your Creator Fund Dashboard roughly three days after your đoạn phim views get accrued.


And you can transfer your funds ($10 minimum) to PayPal or Zelle 30 days after the month ends.

However, for all that brouhaha around the program, it doesn’t help make TikTokers a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of money.

For instance, Anika, a TikTok creator with over six million views và a million likes, was only able to garner about $200 in five months or so.

The TikTok Creator Fund may help you make enough money to splurge on Christmas gifts similar to lớn money making apps – but it’s hardly going khổng lồ be enough khổng lồ make a dent in your college debt.

That’s not lớn say you can’t make big money through TikTok. You most definitely can. You can partner with sponsors, promote brands, receive virtual gifts, & more. This takes us to lớn our next point.

2. Receive Donations for Your Live Streams.

One of the many ways khổng lồ make money on Tiktok is by taking donations from your followers/viewers. It works similarly to Twitch, where your fans donate cash lớn appreciate your live stream.

As a creator, you can turn on Live Gifting while live streaming on TikTok, get awarded in real-time, and cash out your rewards through PayPal.

There’s a slight twist here, however.

Instead of cash, TikTok has several in-app coins that viewers have lớn purchase before gifting them khổng lồ their favorite influencers.

They can find the coins in their Settings >> Balance >> Recharge tab.


The next step is khổng lồ exchange these coins for virtual rewards.

Each reward comes in a bunch of exciting options. They also have different values & require a different amount of coins.

Here’s a danh sách of the rewards you can get in exchange for in-app coins:


Image Credit: Hottiktok2020

Note that only users aged 18 (or the age of majority in your jurisdiction) or older can send or receive these rewards.

Viewers can also send stickers directly during the live stream without purchasing the coins.

Here are some of the stickers you can receive:


Now, if your viewers lượt thích your content, they can start sending you gifts during your LIVE broadcast. The gifts will pop up on your screen for everyone to see.


Image Credit: Hottiktok2020

No matter how small the gift may appear, it feels nice to lớn have someone sending you a message lớn recognize your work.

Don’t forget to give a shout-out every time you receive a gift khổng lồ connect with your audiences. If your fans feel appreciated for their gesture, they’re likely to spread the word around, helping you boost your popularity.

Even a simple, heartfelt “Thank You” is good enough.


Image Credit: Hottiktok2020

At the over of your stream, you’ll be able khổng lồ see the total number of gifts you received. You can easily see your balance in the “Balance” tab from your account settings area.

You will get awarded with “Diamonds” (virtual credit) in exchange for the gifts based on your popularity. They’ll also take the number and type of gifts into account. Usually, a đá quí amounts to một nửa of one coin.

Finally, you, as a creator, can exchange those Diamonds for real currency.

It may not seem like a lot of money at first. But the more donors you have, the more gifts you receive, which may result in a significant amount.

3. Partner With Sponsors and Brands.

Because of its popularity, brands and advertisers are willing to pay big bucks to creators to lớn promote their products on TikTok.

Most brands contact creators through their agents, especially if the creator is already viral on TikTok.

But there’s one way that creators can also earn money directly from advertisers – through TikTok Creator Marketplace.

TikTok is the only social network to lớn offer a built-in program for content creators.

The Creator Marketplace is an official collaboration platform for brands và creators on TikTok. It makes it possible for innovative nội dung creators to partner with brands for paid campaigns.

You drive awareness & attract customers for the brand by mentioning them or using the sản phẩm in your video. & then you get paid in exchange for posting sponsored content.


Image Credit:

The Creator Marketplace allows brands to tìm kiếm for creators & see your profile, follower count, audience demographic, essential engagement metrics, etc.


Image credit:


Image credit:

Unfortunately, there’s no way for creators to tìm kiếm for brands where they can find suitable brands khổng lồ collaborate with. There’s only a brand-facing version available currently.

But before collaborating with brands, you have to meet specific eligibility criteria (based on age, video content, followers count, & engagement). You also have lớn switch khổng lồ a Creator tài khoản first.

Once you meet all of these requirements, you’ll get invited by TikTok to either join or apply.

After joining the Creator Marketplace, head to lớn your settings, click on “Creator Tools,” and then “TikTok Creator Marketplace.” It’s where you can manage your creator profile. Make sure to lớn edit your profile & set your rate for sponsored videos to get noticed by brands.

Once you get famous, you can rake in a significant amount for your content.

It’s difficult to predict the potential earnings, but famous creators earn around $500 lớn $20,000 per video.

However, keep in mind that TikTok doesn’t allow you to lớn take payments from brands directly on their platform. You have lớn arrange for payments directly.

Once you reach a certain level, it’s not the only platform where you’ll earn money. Some particularly famous TikTok stars are all over the internet and collaborating with brands on Instagram as well.

4. Manage Influencers.

TikTok is one of the biggest rising platforms for influencers. Và there are a lot of influencers out there who are willing to create good jingles và lives about brands.

But not everyone wants lớn be viral on the internet. You can be camera shy or simply wary of the scrutiny that’s part và parcel of being famous. If that’s you, then you can earn money by managing influencer campaigns instead.

One of the best ways to vị this is by becoming a middleman between the brands and influencers. Your job will be to manage the relationships between brands and influencers, just like brokers or agents.

You will be in charge of all agreements, activities, dealings, negotiations, & payouts. Besides, you’ll have to lớn make sure everyone follows through with their part of the contract.

Your job is khổng lồ be able to lớn handle all of these tasks without any hiccup. & in the end, you get to lớn enjoy a service fee made from brand deals you clinch between creators và brands.

Beyond that, you can start your own TikTok agency, where you can also help creators shape their careers. As an agency, you will also handle your performers’ public profile & persona và save them from taking any misstep.

Here’s how you can get started with your own influencer agency:

Plan và Build Your Website.

Begin by making a business plan & building your website khổng lồ appear professional in your field. Your trang web should be professional và trendy at the same time. After all, the entire influencer marketing business is nothing if not trendy.

It should also specify the type of influencers you work with và what you have in store for both creators and brands.

And most importantly, get the official rights to lớn create your agency lớn protect your privacy and legal rights.

Scout Influencers in Different Niches.

After you’re done legalizing your agency, it’s time khổng lồ scout influencers in different niches. The reason why you need creators in various industries is lớn cater to lớn different brands. Most brands are naturally going to prefer creators in their key demographics.

For instance, if a sports brand reaches out to lớn you, they’ll prefer lớn work with an influencer in the fitness or sports niche.

Luckily, you can scout influencers from different niches using TikTok influencer search tools.

Take InfluenceGrid, for instance.

The tool helps you discover different performers by their country, topic, niche, engagement rate, followers count, average đoạn clip views, etc.


Image Credit:

TikTok’s in-app tool TikTok Creator Marketplace is also a great place to search for relevant creators.

Finally, you might want to make a các mục of influencers specifying their niche on your website.

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You might not be able to scout celebrities và A-list influencers initially. Thus, start by collaborating with micro-influencers & work on building their career and help them get viral on TikTok.

Once you get more experience và build successful careers, you can achieve greater reach by adding more creators khổng lồ your network.

Expand Your Team.

There’s no reason for you to vì chưng everything yourself.

If you think you can make your plan more efficiently than reaching out khổng lồ brands và creators, just hire someone to vị that for you.

There are tons of things that need to be done, including trang web design, Tiktok content creation, handling legal documents, và more. This means you need lớn hire a manager, accountant, sale experts, & web developer.

Don’t hesitate lớn hire the best possible options for relevant positions. A good team is a key khổng lồ build and grow a successful business.

Diversify Your Influencer Platforms.

One of the best things about building an influencing digital marketing agency is that you don’t have lớn stick to a single platform. Aside from TikTok, influencer sale campaigns work similarly when it comes to lớn social truyền thông media marketing. This includes social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, và YouTube as well.

Brands seek relevant influencers, và influencers promote their product or brand in return. Naturally, your job as a TikTok consultant will remain the same, more or less.

And you’ll notice that most TikTok influencers already have a significant presence on other social media platforms.

So, once you acquire a pool of TikTok influencers, you can also get them lớn promote brands on different channels. This will help you grow và diversify your revenue stream.

And if you look at all of the vị trí cao nhất influencer marketing agencies, they all market themselves their influencer network for TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.

Here’s an example of Fanbytes, one of the largest influencer agency:


5. Sell Your Own Products on TikTok.

You can generate revenue from your TikTok channel by creating indirect tiktok ads that sell merchandise or other products on the platform. It’s another self resilient revenue mã sản phẩm similar to building your influencer agency.

Bringing your products on TikTok means tapping into a diverse audience, consisting of ren Z and millennials predominantly. Và when combined, these generations have the buying nguồn of around $150 billion in the US alone.

This is incredible potential lớn tap into.

First, you have khổng lồ get your products in front of as many viewers as possible.

One way to do this is through TikTok’s Hashtag Challenge Plus.

The concept is similar to user-generated nội dung – which includes prompting your audience to lớn create & share nội dung featuring your product. The only addition is the shoppable hashtag that lets interested buyers purchase the sản phẩm within the app itself.

TikTok also creates a shoppable trang đích cần seo for you where potential buyers get directed to after they click on the hashtag. The hashtag will also appear on the discovery page, helping you drive more traction.

Kroger, an American retail brand, was the first brand lớn try out the Hashtag Challenge.

They roped in four influencers khổng lồ prompt more and more TikTok users to share their dorm makeover videos accompanied by the hashtag #TransformUrDorm.

The campaign ended up generating over 477 million đoạn phim views và hundreds of thousands of UGC video creations.


Image Credit:

Kroger even created a shoppable brand page, where the users could even discover và purchase their products – within the app.


Image Credit:

Creating a UGC chiến dịch is likely lớn inspire more trust in your target audience than regular ads, compelling them to lớn buy your product.

If you have an ecommerce website, you can also add your site’s liên kết in your bio.

If you don’t have a specific product to sell, you can even create your own merchandise & sell it lớn your dedicated fans. It can be anything, T-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, etc.

The idea can work wonderfully, especially if you already have a growing following on the platform.

With TikTok’s upcoming partnership with Teespring, you won’t even have to worry about the process of designing, manufacturing, resourcing, and shipping.

Collaboration with Teespring will even allow your viewers to lớn purchase your merchandise within the TikTok tiện ích itself.

Until then, you can turn to several other print-on-demand (POD) platforms on the internet if you want khổng lồ sell your own merchandise on TikTok.

Here are some of the POD platforms you can use if you want to lớn sell your merch:


These platforms help you cover every part of the process, including dropshipping, printing, manufacturing, và more.

6. Grow và Sell TikTok Accounts.

Flipping social media accounts isn’t a new way lớn make money.

Many people already bởi that on social truyền thông media sites lượt thích YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

You’ll have lớn grow a Tiktok account by gaining a significant number of TikTok followers & ongoing engagement. & once you reach a specific number, you can reach out lớn brands và individuals who might require a profile in that niche.

I’d suggest you build your trương mục around a specific theme, as they are easier to lớn sell. Brands that are unwilling to grow their profile from scratch can take it over easily. & their viewers might not even notice the takeover.

For instance, if you build a fashion-based profile, any fashion-related brand might buy it from you. Advertising such niche profiles is also easier than generic profiles with regular dances và skits.

Brands or individuals seeking niche profiles will naturally search for specific terms, which might lead them lớn your page.

You can also build a website to advertise your profiles & get in touch with interested buyers. Or you can sell them on third-party marketplaces lượt thích Fameswap.

Here are some of the TikTok profiles on sale:


Looking at this list, you can deduce the approximate selling price based on the number of followers. Naturally, the higher your following, the more you can make.

However, there can be several variables involved other than the follower count.

While there’s no official information on this, here’s what you can make flipping TikTok profiles:

1-13k followers = ~ $10013-50k followers = ~ $100-$50050-100k = ~ $500-$1000100-500k = ~ $1k-5k500k-1M+ = ~ $1k-30k

7. Launch Your Own Music or Artist Career.

If you want khổng lồ showcase your talent và catch the eye of a credible talent agency, TikTok is the place to lớn be.

The social truyền thông media platform can be a stepping stone lớn immense international fame và recognition.

Think Addison Rae.

She has done well on every other platform – even better than on TikTok – and is now a household name in the US. The influencer also got invited by the well-known talk show host Jimmy Fallon & even bagged her own Netflix show recently.


Image credit:

And not just that, her recently launched song earned #10 on the latest editions of New Music Friday và Pop Rising on Shopify. And if the recent Forbes report is anything khổng lồ go by, she makes anything around $5 million a year.

And she’s not alone.

TikTok can take credit for more than a few success stories of teens like Addison.

The growth trajectory one can achieve from social media platforms lượt thích TikTok is nothing short of incredible.

You can launch any career you want through TikTok. You can showcase your cooking or baking, singing talent, acting chops, comedic genius, và more.

Your content could be seen by a producer, or someone equally important, which may help you land a life-changing gig.

And getting noticed by someone prominent isn’t even all that important. You can simply get famous and start earning on your own – without getting scouted by an agency.

Begin by getting viral on TikTok và then plan your transition lớn other platforms like YouTube & Instagram. You can then start posting your content on various outlets, thereby growing your audience base và revenue sources even more.

Now you already have three essential things you need khổng lồ become a famous artist – a relevant audience base, digital publishing outlets, và a regular revenue stream.

How to lớn Grow Your TikTok Profile?

The foremost step lớn earning big bucks from TikTok is by getting viral on the platform.

No matter which monetization mã sản phẩm you plan khổng lồ use (barring opening your influencer agency), you need to lớn grow your audience base first. The more viewers you’ll have, the more revenue you’ll be able khổng lồ earn.

As a side benefit, you’ll be able to consider other small business ideas for teens since you’ll have built an audience of people that listen to lớn what you have lớn say.

Here’s a quick overview of the ways khổng lồ get viral:

Piggyback on Trending Hashtags – If you use trending hashtags with your content, your story might get across millions of users worldwide. Collaborate With a Famous Tiktok Creators – Get famous initially by collaborating with a popular Tiktok creator và then keep viewers hooked with high-quality content. Even one of the most popular influencers today, Dixie D’Amelio, initially rose in the ranks due to lớn her already viral sister Charli D’Amelio. Stay Consistent – Followers initially start lớn follow you when they see that your nội dung aligns with their interests. But nothing is stopping them from unfollowing you if you change your content’s theme midway. Use Viral Background Music – TikTok can take credit for making numerous songs go viral. Và some of those videos with viral songs get featured on other channnel such as on a particular YouTube channel or even different Instagram accounts. Thus, you will likely reach a broader audience using viral music in your videos than in-app audios. Create video clip Tutorials – While many tiktokers are gaining traction using fun skits and short videos with lip sync, you can stand out by providing something more valuable with tutorial videos. For example, if you’re a tech enthusiast, you can show your viewers how the TikTok algorithm works. Or it can be a simple hair-cut tutorial.

If you’re also looking khổng lồ use TikTok lớn become a full-time creator & make real money on Tiktok, try out these tips.

The Importance Of Being Authentic

Even though Tiktok offers a lot of monetization opportunities, it makes sense lớn be authentic & engage with your audience for the long haul. The fact is you can’t use TikTok lớn make money without having an audience base that has a strong affinity towards you.

This means engaging with one’s audience by commenting on their videos, sending hearts, following them back, và being active on TikTok every day.

Authenticity is not merely essential for becoming a đứng đầu TikTok creator. It is also another way to make money on the platform as big brands & advertisers prefer sponsoring creators with high engagement (like likes, comments) on their videos.

As a result, your nội dung needs khổng lồ be something that people will actually want khổng lồ watch – whether it’s a tutorial clip or a lip-sync đoạn phim or a dance video – you need khổng lồ have an organic connection with the audience if you want them khổng lồ engage more often.

In addition, being authentic not only makes you stand out from other active users but also helps influencers create more personable relationships with their audiences. Và of course, brands love working with such influencers because they can relate better with consumers. In the end, it all goes back khổng lồ the importance of engagement.

Executive Summary.

TikTok is the hottest social media site right now, & everyone who wants khổng lồ be famous is uploading there. The app for short-form đoạn clip sharing is a roaring success among millennials and allows you to tóm tắt your skills with the world.

Looking at the success stories coming out of the platform, it seems like a place for ordinary people khổng lồ become overnight sensations.

Yours can be the next success story from the platform.

All you have to vì is follow the right steps, & you can also tap into all of the moolah.