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You are interested in accessing two or more different accounts at the same time gmail? No problem, as both the website version of the service and the tiện ích for smartphones và tablets allow you to lớn view & manage multiple accounts at the same time. Below I will explain how to proceed in both cases.

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To proceed from a computer, connect to your email mailbox, log in (if necessary) and wait for the inbox lớn be completely loaded in the browser; after that, click on yoursprofile picturelocated in the upper right corner of the page and press the buttonAdd accountin the thực đơn displayed on the screen.

At this point, indicate on the new page that thesecond tin nhắn addressin which you want khổng lồ log in, press the buttonNEXT, enter the password of the tài khoản in question và that"s it: after a few moments, you should be able to access the second mailbox!

If necessary, you can quickly switch from one thư điện tử to another by clicking on thepicture profilelocated at the đứng top right và choosing, from the proposed panel, the e-mail to be displayed. It wasn"t difficult at all, was it?

Smartphones & tablets


Associate a second email with the Gmail for smartphone and tabletit"s just as simple! If, for example, you use Android, you must first start the application by recalling it from the drawer of the device, press the button located at the đứng top left và then tap on the itemsSettingseAdd account.

Once this is done, cảm ứng the voiceGoogle, unlock the security settings in the most appropriate way (footprint,facial recognition,sequence,PINoPassword) and proceed with adding the second tài khoản to configure: enter theemail addressin the appropriate field shown on the screen, cảm biến the buttonNEXT, repeat the operation by entering thePasswordand finally, define the synchronization options for the newly added profile.

If everything went well, you should see the Inbox thư mục relating khổng lồ the account you just configured: khổng lồ quickly switch from one mailbox to lớn another, tap on thepicture profilelocated at the right kết thúc of the tìm kiếm bar & select, from the screen that opens, the thư điện tử you are interested in using.

ForGmail per iPhone, the procedure is quite similar: after calling up the phầm mềm from the iOS home screen, press the button located at the top left, then press the button placed in correspondence with the email address already configured and, subsequently, on the itemsManage accountseAdd account.

At this point, fai tap sulla voceGoogle, award-winningContinueto allow access toGoogle.comand indicates, where required, theemail addressandPasswordof the second mailbox that you are about to lớn configure; when you"re done, tap the buttonNEXTand, after making sure that the lever corresponding to the newly added profile is phối toON, presses on the voiceend lớn immediately access your inbox.

To quickly change the mail trương mục used, tap the buttonlocated at the vị trí cao nhất left and touches theimagefor the mailbox you want to lớn access. That"s all!

Regarding thư điện tử, things change slightly compared lớn what we have just seen for Gmail: although the homonymous ứng dụng for smartphones and tablets allows you lớn access multiple email addresses at the same time, this is not true, however, for the web version of the service. This means that if you are interested in accessing another e-mail via your browser, you will need khổng lồ log out of your current mailbox and log into the service with your new credentials. Below I"ll explain everything in detail.



To access a second Outlook e-mail via computer, proceed as follows: connect lớn the website, wait for the page relating to the currently configured mailbox to load và then click on yourspicture profilelocated in the upper right corner of the page và choose the itemDisconnectfrom the small panel that opens.

Once this operation is complete, you can log in lớn the second thư điện tử box simply by entering the relevant credentials in the fields displayed on the screen: that"s all!

Smartphones và tablets


After starting the Outlook ứng dụng for game android or tiện ích ios (the procedure is identical, in both cases), swipe from the left khổng lồ the center lớn access the application menu, press the button(I.e. located on the left side of the bar and touch the itemAdd trương mục / Sign in with Outlook.complaced in the next panel.

Once this is done, cảm ứng your voiceAdd email account, specify the second Outlook e-mail in the appropriate field, press the buttonLog in with Outlookand then enter the password of the mailbox; when you are done, press the buttonLog inand that"s it: now you can safely close the settings by pressing the buttonXlocated at the đứng top left.

From this moment on, you can quickly select the mailbox to kiểm tra by swiping from left to center and tapping on the relative personal image, located on the left side of the management panel.


As regards iCloud Mail, the email service made available by Apple, things are as follows: via the Web, it is not possible lớn access another e-mail without disconnecting from the one currently in use; on the contrary, it is possible to lớn configure multiple iCloud accounts together on smartphones & tablets, both Android and iOS, albeit in different ways. Below I"ll explain everything in detail.



To access another iCloud thư điện tử via computer, you must first connect lớn the website of the service và wait for the email box to be completely loaded; when that happens, press on yoursnamelocated at the đứng top right and, from the thực đơn that appears, choose the itemLogout. Finally, choose whether to lớn simply exit orexit and authorizethe browser, so as lớn avoid the request for two-factor authentication for subsequent accesses.

Once you have logged out, you will be automatically brought back to lớn the login screen: enter, therefore, the address of the second e-mail box you wish to access, press the buttonSubmiton the keyboard, then specify thePasswordaccess lớn the service & that"s it: if necessary, press the button Mail in the iCloud management screen to access the mailbox directly.

Smartphones and tablets


At the time of writing this guide, there is no iCloud e-mail app dedicated to smartphones and tabletsAndroid: What you can do, however, is to địa chỉ the additional mailbox to the gmail app, fully compatible with Apple"s service.

Due to some security settings, however, it is not possible lớn use the general iCloud password to configure e-mail within clients not produced by Apple, but a specific password must be generated lớn be associated with the ứng dụng in question; for this step to be successful, it is essential that thetwo-factor authenticationis active on the tài khoản in question: if you have not yet done so, you can fix it by following the instructions I have given you in this guide.

Once two-factor authentication is activated, you can generate a specific password for the Gmail ứng dụng for apk as follows: connect to this internet page directly from the device you intend to act on, log in by entering the necessary data and then , tap the linksSafetyeGenerate password.

At this point, enter a label to identify the password you are about to generate (eg.Android Gmail) and tap the buttonGenerates: take lưu ý of the password shown on the screen, respecting upper and lower case (and including any special characters), as you will need it shortly. Also know that app-specific passwords can be used once & only once.

Finally, launch thegmail, swipe from left lớn center to điện thoại tư vấn up its main menu, tap itemsSettingseAdd account, specify the optionOtherand proceed in the same way as indicated in the paragraph dedicated to gmail for Android, but taking care lớn use theemail address associated with the iCloud account và to specify thepassword generated previouslyand not the one you usually use lớn log into iCloud (which will be reported as incorrect).


If, on the other hand, you have khổng lồ enter another iCloud thư điện tử from iOS, things are much simpler, as the service is natively integrated into the operating system. Khổng lồ proceed, xuất hiện theSettingsof your device by touching the gear-shaped icon located on the home screen of the same, tap on the itemsSettingsePassword and account (on iOS 14 and later you have to lớn go up Settings> Mail or Settings> Contacts) & tap the optionAdd accountpresent in the new proposed panel.

At this point, tap on the iconiCloud, enter the thư điện tử address in the appropriate field, press the buttonNEXT, specify the access password và tap again onNEXT; Finally, define the synchronization options (taking care khổng lồ leave it on ON the stalk atMail) & il gioco trần fatto!

This will automatically showroom your mailbox to lớn the app Mailwhich, by default, will display all the mailboxes configured on the device. To access individual emails selectively, start the appMail, swipe from the left edge towards the center and choose the box of your interest from those proposed.

How to lớn enter another thư điện tử as a client


How vì you say? You have only partially found the information I have given you in this guide useful, as you would lượt thích enter another email through the thư điện tử client you usually use on a computer? Then this is the section of the tutorial that best suits your case.

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Most existing email programs allow you lớn configure and manage multiple mailboxes at the same time: a fundamental requirement, however, isactivate IMAPfor the e-mail service you intend to configure; for your information, the IMAP protocol is what allows you to lớn manage emails across various devices, avoiding unexpected behavior caused by synchronization errors.

If you have not yet activated the IMAP protocol, I invite you lớn follow the instructions indicated in this guide lớn immediately remedy; also, I invite you to note themailbox configuration parametersspecific lớn your service, as you will need them to địa chỉ cửa hàng the thư điện tử to the program of your choice.

Below I show you the procedures to use khổng lồ configure an additional mailbox in the most popular desktop clients.

Windows 10 Mail


To phối up an additional mailbox in the programWindows 10 Mail, proceed as follows: first start the software by calling it from the menuHome(l"icona a forma dipennantlocated in the lower left corner of the screen), presses the button(I.e.placed at the bottom & then on the itemsManage accountseAdd account.

At this point, select the type of trương mục you intend lớn use (, GoogleoYahoo!) and proceed by entering the requested information. If your mail service does not appear among those listed, click on the công trình insteadOther account, insertion l "email address,nameto be specified in the messages sent & thePasswordaccount và click on the buttonLog in.

With a bit of luck, the optimal settings will be detected automatically & you will simply have to confirm the addition of the trương mục by pressing the buttonend; otherwise, you will be asked to lớn proceed with themanual configurationaccount: if so, enter iIMAP parameterspreviously noted in the proposed fields.

Apple Mail (macOS)


Enter an additional tài khoản in the programMail, the default mail manager already present in Macs, is just as simple: first, launch the program via its icon located in the barDock(Quella a forma distamp), pigia sul menu Mailplaced at the top và select, from the latter, the itemPrevious.

Once in the new window, click on the button<+>placed in the lower left corner, put the kiểm tra mark next to your thư điện tử manager (to be chosen betweeniCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google, Yahoo!orAOL), click on your buttonContinueand log in using your trương mục details.

If the service does not appear among those listed, put the kiểm tra mark next to lớn the itemOther Mail accountclick on your buttonContinueand entername, addressePasswordin the proposed fields; to finish, click the buttonLog inand select the items khổng lồ synchronize.

If Mail fails khổng lồ correctly retrieve the parameters of the configured mailbox, you should be offered additional mailboxes that you must manually fill in with the IMAP parameters obtained previously.

Outlook (Windows / macOS)


Do you want to showroom a new email account inOutlook, the client that comes with the Microsoft Office suite? Then proceed as follows.

They cost you onePC Windows, after starting the program, click on the tabFilletlocated at the vị trí cao nhất left, press the buttonAdd accountplaced immediately below the already configured mailbox & enter theemail addressto be configured in the appropriate field, then click on the buttonConnectto attempt automatic configuration, an operation that I recommend you vì chưng if your e-mail provider is one of the most used (eg.Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!and so on).

If, on the other hand, the automatic configuration is not successful, repeat the previous steps and, after entering the email address in the appropriate field, click on the itemAdvanced optionsand check the boxAllow manual account setup.

When you"re done, press the buttonConnectto access the next screen, select the protocolIMAPfrom the available choices & enter, in the proposed fields, the configuration parameters noted previously.


If, on the other hand, you are on a Mac, proceed as follows: after starting the program, go khổng lồ the menuOutlook> Preferences(above), press the iconAccountlocated on the screen that opens, then click on the button<+>located at the bottom left and choose the itemNew accountfrom the menu that appears on the screen.

Next, enter theemail addressyou want to showroom to the program, click the buttonContinue and indicates thePasswordaccess in the appropriate field: if everything went well, the program should automatically detect the server settings. When this happens, you just have lớn click on the buttonsAdd accounteDoneto conclude the procedure.

If, on the other hand, the settings are not detected automatically, select your mail manager on the screenChoose the provider for > or, if it does not appear among the options, choose the itemIMAP / POPto start manual configuration: next, set the drop-down menuTypesuIMAPand enter, where required, the configuration parameters noted above.

For more information about the Outlook configuration procedure, I invite you to consult my specific tutorial on the subject.

Thunderbird (Windows / macOS / Linux)


It was used Thunderbird, proceed as follows: once the program is open, click on the button located at the top right & go khổng lồ the menuOptions> account settings; alternatively, you can access the same thành tựu by clicking on the menuoptionslocated at the top of the window (you can make it visible on Windows by pressing the key Other).

Once this is done, press the buttonAccount actionslocated at the bottom left, select the itemAdd mail trương mục ...from the proposed menu và fill in the next size with the requested information:e-mail,nameePassword. With a bit of luck, Thunderbird will be able khổng lồ independently retrieve the configuration parameters of the mailbox, automatically adding it to lớn the program.

If this does not happen, you will be offered additional boxes to lớn fill in with the IMAP parameters retrieved previously.