Increase your productivity by using 365 with your Surface Earbuds. Here are a few of the things you can do in Office apps.

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You’ll need to have a 365 subscription (sold separately) or Office Home & Business 2019 (sold separately).

To use Surface Earbuds with Office apps, they’ll need to be paired over Bluetooth LE.

Dictate documents and email in Office

Don’t type, talk instead. Find a quiet space and dictate in many Office apps—including Word and Outlook (to name a few). As you talk, text appears on your screen.

To get started, make sure your Surface Earbuds are connected to your PC, and then select Dictate in the Office app you’re in. For more info about dictating in Office, including things you can say, see Dictate your documents in Word.

Use your earbuds during a PowerPoint presentation

During your presentation, use your Surface Earbuds to navigate through your slides. For more info, see Use Surface Earbuds in your presentation. Here’s how:

In PowerPoint, open your presentation.

Select Slide Show > From Beginning.

Select More slide show options (…), then select Surface Earbuds Settings > Use Gestures to Control Presentation.

During your presentation, do the following using the left earbud:

To go to the next slide, swipe forward.

To go to the previous slide, swipe backward.

You can also use your earbuds and PowerPoint together to have captions appear on-screen as you talk during your presentation. If you want, you can have the captions translated in real-time, so they appear in a different language. For more info about captions and subtitles in PowerPoint, see Present with real-time, automatic captions or subtitles in PowerPoint.

In PowerPoint, open your presentation.

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Select Slide Show > From Beginning.

Select More slide show options (), then select Subtitle Settings > More Settings.

In Captions & Subtitles, for the Microphone, choose Headset (Surface Earbuds Hands-Free AG Audio).

Play your emails in Outlook mobile (iOS only)

On your iPhone, use Outlook mobile and Surface Earbuds to manage your email on the go. Use them together to play your email messages, go through messages, reply to them, delete them, and more.

To use Play My Emails and Surface Earbuds

On your iPhone, open Outlook.

Swipe from the left side of the screen, then select Settings.

Tap Play My Emails, then select the email account you want to use. Follow any other instructions to finish setting it up.

After you”re set up, select the Play My Emails notification that appears at the bottom of the screen. Use any of the following touch gestures on your Surface Earbuds:


Do this

Play or pause your messages

Double tap either earbud.

Go to the next message

On the left earbud, swipe forward.

Go to the previous message

On the left earbud, swipe backward.

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Adjust the volume when email is read aloud

On the right earbud, swipe up to increase the volume. Swipe down on the right to decrease the volume.

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