How to force restart an iphone and enter recovery mode


If you have recently bought or received an táo apple Gift Card, you can find below the steps to Redeem táo apple Gift thẻ on iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC.

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Redeem apple Gift card on iPhone, Mac or PC

Apart from táo bị cắn dở Store, apple Gift Cards are easily available at Costco, Walmart, Staples, Best Buy, Pharmacies, Grocery stores & and many other locations.

Once you purchase or recieve an hãng apple Gift card from a friend or relative, they can be used just lượt thích cash to lớn make instore purchases at any táo apple Store.

However, if you are planning khổng lồ make online purchases, the Gift thẻ needs to be redeemed using iPhone, iPad, Mac or a Windows computer.

When you redeem an táo Gift Card, it gets credited to your táo apple ID, which allows you khổng lồ make purchases from ứng dụng Store, iTunes Store, táo apple Books or subscribe to táo apple TV, hãng apple Music & other services.

Important: Before going ahead with the steps to lớn Redeem iTunes Gift Card, make sure that you peel of the label at back of the gift thẻ to reveal the Redeem code.

1. Redeem táo bị cắn dở Gift card On iPhone

The easiest way to lớn Redeem táo apple Gift card is by scanning the Gift thẻ by using the rear camera on your iPhone or iPad.

1. open the phầm mềm Store on your iPhone & tap on your Profile Icon, located at top-right corner.


2. On the tài khoản screen, select Redeem Gift card or Code option.


3. On the next screen, select Use Camera option, which automatically opens the rear camera on your iPhone.


4. Now Scan the back of the Gift thẻ using the rear-camera. As soon as the code is recognized, the Gift card will be validated and credited to your táo bị cắn ID.

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2. Manually Redeem Gift card on iPhone

If for some reason you are unable khổng lồ redeem the Gift card using iPhone camera, you can follow the manual method as provided below.

1. xuất hiện App Store > tap on the tài khoản Icon > select Redeem Gift thẻ or Code option. On the next screen, select Enter Code option, which automatically brings up the keyboard.

2. Use the keyboard to manually type the Redeem Code (located at the back of the Gift Card) và tap on Redeem.


Note: If you enter the code incorrectly, you will see an error message & you will be provided with the option lớn enter the code once again.

3. Redeem apple Gift card on Mac or PC

You can also redeem táo khuyết Gift card on your Mac or PC by going khổng lồ the ứng dụng Store.

1. mở cửa the phầm mềm Store on your Mac > tap on your hãng apple ID Name (bottom-left corner) & then tap on Redeem Gift card option.


Note: If you are not logged-in, tap on the Sign-in option (bottom-left) & enter you táo bị cắn dở ID Password to Sign-in to tiện ích Store.

2. Next, enter the Redeem Code (located at back of the Gift Card) & tap on Redeem button.


If you are on a MacBook, you will see Use Camera option, which allows you to scan the Gift card using the camera on your MacBook.

Once the code is verified by Apple, the Gift thẻ amount will be credited to lớn your táo bị cắn ID.