How To Play Pixelmon (With Pictures)

Fixed Alpha Pokemon being able lớn go above maxLevel if using the Poke Editor Wand lớn make it an Alpha Fixed Hisuian Pokemon not displaying their Shiny Sprites Fixed inability to breed Sneasler Fixed Enamorus not being registered as a Legendary Fixed battles being wonky in general Fixed Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina not dropping their Crystals/Core- IF EXTERNAL DROPS ARE ENABLED, YOU NEED to lớn UPDATE THIS MANUALLY Fixed Dartrix not able to evolve into the Hisuian size Fixed Reveal Glass not working on Enamorus Fixed Discard All button not behaving properly và clicking each drop individually if there are multiple Fixed Basculegion being invisible after evolving from Basculin Prior Basculegions evolved from Basculin may need fixed manually! This was a form fix, their size will likely remain incorrect Fixed Alpha Pokemon IVs getting reset if edited using the PokeEditor Wand Fixed Fall Damage from Sneasler mounts Fixed Ultra Space not generating Fixed ảo diệu Pikachu not spawning Fixed some crashes when opening the Celestial Flute menu

Released on May 25th 2022

New Features

It"s been a while! We anticipated to release this update a month or so ago...

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But 1.19.x development has been taking up our time. Anyways... This is hopefully our last 1.12.2 update, baring any emergency hotfix update needed! We"ll see you on the otherside soon, meanwhile enjoy this MASSIVE content update! We"ll start sharing 1.19.x info soon- make sure to lớn join our Discord!

Added Legends Areceus Pokemon: Dialga-Origin Palkia-Origin Kleavor Overqwil Sneasler Basculegion Ursaluna Wyrdeer Enamorus Hisuian Growlithe Hisuian Arcanine Hisuian Voltorb Hisuian Electrode Hisuian Lilligant Hisuian Qwilfish Hisuian Typhlosion Hisuian Sneasel Hisuian Decidueye Hisuian Avalugg Hisuian Samurott Hisuian Zorua Hisuian Zoroark Hisuian Sliggoo Hisuian Goodra Hisuian Braviary Evolution Methods for new Pokemon: Goomy + holding Steel Gem + normal evolution method -> Hisuian Sliggoo Rufflet + holding Psychic Gem + normal evolution method -> Hisuian Braviary Petilil + holding Fighting Gem + Sun Stone -> Hisuian Lilligant Ursaring + Peat Block + night time -> Ursaluna Stantler + learn Zen Headbutt -> Wyrdeer Hisuian Qwilfish + learn Dark Pulse -> Overqwil Dewott + holding Dark Gem + normal evolution method -> Hisuian Samurott Quliava + holding Ghost Gem + normal evolution method -> Hisuian Typhlosion Dartrix + holding Fighting Gem + normal evolution method -> Hisuian Decidueye Bergmite + holding Rock Gem + normal evolution method -> Hisuian Avalugg Basculon + Water Stone -> Basculegion Added Alpha Pokemon: Alpha Pokemon are bigger than usual and tinted red They spawn between 6 & 10 levels higher than normal They have 3 guaranteed Max IVs Alpha Pokemon can spawn with moves that Pokemon of their specieis can"t normally obtain They can drop Heart Scales, PokeBlocks, & 1-2 of their drops from their species loot pool Alpha Pokemon are catchable! They have a special icon in their buổi tiệc ngọt overlay Added Noble Pokemon: Kleavor -> Forest Balm Lilligant -> Marsh Balm Arcanine -> Volcano Balm Electrode -> Mountain Balm Avalugg -> Snow Balm These Pokemon have a rare chance to lớn spawn from Feeder Blocks Noble Battles Requires Balms. They will attack you in live-action combat until you lower their health enough with balms. They"re TOUGH! Bewear! I mean, beware! By tough, we mean tough! Normal diamond Armor may not be enough We recommend AT LEAST 25 Balms when entering combat.

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Bring extra! If you bring the WRONG Balm, it WON"T WORK! Nobles are tinted yellow & are larger than normal Each Noble has three attacks Area of Effect non-block-damaging Explosion attack- Don"t get too close! Long Ranged Throwing attack- Don"t get too far! Close Ranged Dashing attack- Really, just don"t fight these guys Noble battles are designed for mid-to-late end-game & will put up a tough fight! Added PokeBlocks: Yellow, Blue, Pink, Red, Green PokeBlocks can be dropped from defeating Alpha Pokemon black PokeBlock can be crafted with Red PokeBlock, Yellow PokeBlock, và Blue PokeBlock Brown PokeBlock can be crafted with Red PokeBlock & Green PokeBlock white PokeBlock can be crafted with Red PokeBlock, Green PokeBlock, and Blue PokeBlock Added Feeder Block: This Block accepts PokeBlocks khổng lồ use as bait to attract Wild Pokemon If you"re unlucky enough, a vicious Noble Pokemon may make an appearance Feeder Blocks will emit a redstone signal when a Pokemon has been attracted Added Balms: Forest Balm- Craftable with Brown PokeBlock, Yellow PokeBlock, Brown PokeBlock Marsh Balm- Craftable with Green PokeBlock, Pink PokeBlock, Green PokeBlock Volcano Balm- Craftable with Red PokeBlock, đen PokeBlock, Red PokeBlock Mountain Balm- Craftable with Yellow PokeBlock, Red PokeBlock, Yellow PokeBlock Snow Balm- Craftable with trắng PokeBlock, xanh PokeBlock, trắng PokeBlock It"s recommended to lớn have at least 25 Balms on hand when initiating Noble Battles, bring more to be extra cautious. You get 3 per crafting recipe Balms behave similarly to Ender Pearls, meaning they are thrown Added the Celestial Flute: Dropped when a Noble is first defeated open the thực đơn with F Mounts unlock as you defeat more Nobles Clicking on a Pokemon summons it as a mount Added Space Time Distortions: These run on a spawner task, by mặc định a 30% chance lớn spawn every hour They will grow in size up lớn a max size, và stay that kích thước for 5 minutes (configurable) While they are at their max size, they will periodically spawn items & Pokemon After the 5 minutes are up, they will start shrinking back down until they disappear Added Legends Arceus Items: Adamant Crystal, used lớn transform Dialga into its Origin Forme when right clicked. Obtained from Dialga Lustrous Globe, used to lớn transform Palkia into its Origin Forme when added. Obtained from Palkia Griseous Core, used lớn transform Giratina into its Origin Forme when right clicked. Obtained from Giratina Peat Block Linking Cord black Augurite Added Mysterious Rings: No current usage besides servers creating a custom usage. Be creative! Added Hyperspace External Move: Usable by any Pokemon that knows Hyperspace Hole or Hyperspace Fury, will spawn a Mysterious Ring (if they are enabled) CHANGED TOTEM POKEMON: They will no longer spawn tinted yellow và bigger, và no longer will have 5x the amount of health They now spawn with a particle effect on them In battle, they will have their highest base stat(s) raised by 1 stage Defeating them will drop Totem Stickers Any Pokemon can now be a Totem, a conversion chance has been added lớn the config to determine if a spawned Pokemon gets converted to a Totem Added Totem Stickers & Totem NPC: Totem Stickers are dropped from defeating Totem Pokemon You can exchange Totem Stickers with a Totem NPC for several useful items- including Z-Crystals! Cosmetics are BACK Added a new Cosmetics website API so players can purchase và receive global cosmetics again Switched to using the roles web API for support of having multiple roles New Head Cosmetics Dragonair Hat Vileplume Hat Bellossom Flowers Klang Gears Shiny Klang Gears Ralts Head Arceus Head New Back Cosmetics Venusaur Flower Shiny Venusuar Flower Ninetales Tail Butterfree Wings Aegislash Shield Shiny Aegislash Shield Added New Blocks: black Bricks Block Bricks 2 đen Shingles Bleach Stone Bleach Stone Bricks Bleach Stone Layered Bricks Bleach Stone Tiled Bricks Bleached Stone Crumbled blue Shingles Brown Shingles Chipped Cool Stone Cool Stone Cool Stone Bricks Cool Stone Grass Cool Stone Layered Bricks Cool Stone Tiled Bricks Crusted Dirt Dark Mud Dark Mud Bricks Dark Mud Bricks 2 Dried Dirt Dried Dirt Grass Dried Dirt Grass đứng đầu Dried Pebbled Dirt Frosted Cool Stone Grey Shingles Layered Stone Moist Bricks Moist Earth Moist Layered Brick Mud Mud Bricks Mud Bricks 2 Polished Bleach Stone Polished Cool Stone Purple Shingles Red Shingles Rich Soil 1 Rich Soil 2 Rich Soil 3 Rich Soil 4 Shuffled Stone Smooth Moist Dirt Smooth Moist Dirt Bricks Smooth Moist Dirt Bricks 2 Stony Grass Sunburnt Dirt Sunburnt Sand Sunburnt Sandstone Sunburnt Sandstone Bricks Sunburnt Sandstone Polished Sunny Sand Sunny Sand Grass Side Sunny Sand Grass top Sunny Sandstone Sunny Sandstone Bricks Sunny Sandstone Polished Yellow và Red Picket Fence Blocks Dynamic Warp Plates (just like Dynamic Movement Plates - warp plates that are invisible) Dynamic Stick Plates Light Block, invisible Light Source Block New Config Settings Added a config setting to lớn catch Eternatus with Master & Park Balls Added a config setting to battle và catch MissingNo normally (without requiring the Corrupted Gem) Added a config option for mặc định aggro range for NPC Trainers Added ability khổng lồ turn off Pixelmon"s save methods in config Added ability lớn customize/disable parts (or all of) Pixelmon"s natural spawner Added config option to tự động hóa close battle UI on loss Changed the config option for showing IVs và EVs in the Pokemon summary thực đơn server-sided lượt thích it should have been khổng lồ begin with Added a setting for Rare Candies lớn decrease Pokemon màn chơi if player is sneaking (defaults khổng lồ false) Added the ability to lớn customize the aggression range on auto-engaging NPC Trainers using an external plugin, these can be set per-Trainer Added a sound to play khổng lồ players when shiny Pokemon spawn near them (configurable) Added a config setting lớn toggle wild Pokemon name visibility: If your Pokedex does not contain information on a Pokemon, its name will be set to lớn ""???"" for the immersion (credit to lớn PokeCube for the idea!) Upon catching said Pokemon, its name will appear normally Added New Developer Events SpaceTimeDistortionEvent.SpawnEvent SpaceTimeDistortionEvent.ExpandingEvent SpaceTimeDistortionEvent.StartEvent SpaceTimeDistortionEvent.ShrinkingEvent SpaceTimeDistortionEvent.EndEvent UseMoveEvent.UseMaxMoveEvent RepelEvent WriteMailEvent BerryEvent.WateredBerryEvent PlayerMovementEvent StickPlateEvent PlayerKilledPokemonEvent PlayerKilledByPokemonEvent PlayerAttackedPokemonEvent PlayerAttackedByPokemonEvent HyperspaceEvent.Spawn HyperspaceEvent.Click HyperspaceEvent.Collide NicknameEvent FeederSpawnEvent WarpPlateEvent DespawnEvent UrsalunaItemEvent Added additional methods khổng lồ Pixelmon"s storage handler class khổng lồ allow for setting file path & file extension of where the storage gets saved khổng lồ Added a task when riding Ursaluna summoned from Celestial Flute to lớn periodically have a chance khổng lồ give a player an thành tích Added Display/Window Customiztions Added new hệ thống side image overlays Added uncatchable và unbreedable PokemonSpecs Added a permission node to the breed command khổng lồ execute use on other players Added general performance enhancements Added a halloween texture for Duraludon

Bug Fixes

Fixed some Pokemon being unable lớn learn moves based on forms (for real this time) (thanks Stampede!) Fixed battled Pokemon (wild/NPC-owned/player-owned, etc) not properly being registered as "seen" in the player"s Pokedex (wonder how long that was broken và no one noticed...) Fixed warp plate teleportation being janky for players in survival mode Fixed EXP Charm"s drop code being backwards (config said to set chance to lớn 0 to disable it, but was *only* giving the chance lớn drop it when its chance was set lớn 0) Fixed Dynamic Movement Plates pushing players in the direction they are facing instead of the direction the plate is "facing" Fixed Baneful Bunker poisoning Steel và Poison type Pokemon (and basically all other possible instances where it could poison when it shouldn"t) Fixed Butterfree"s wings disappearing when looking at it from behind Fixed Neutralizing Gas not interacting well with Slow Start Added a "Discard All" button khổng lồ the drops menu Fixed battle errors caused by horde battles when Pokemon were killed one by one Fixed a typo in Celebi"s achievement Fixed the TurnEndEvent firing twice per turn (once per battle participant) Fixed exclusive cosmetics being giveable using /givecosmetic Fixed some shop Front Blocks not being centered lớn their hitbox in the X asis Changed the mặc định lakeTrioMaxEnchants setting from 3 to 6 (to enable the chance of getting all 3 dragons as well as their Legends Arceus items) Fixed models in Pokedex looking weird Fixed meleeing Pokemon in general Fixed Eternatus getting its HP set lớn whatever it would be at màn chơi 100 when captured, regardless of what cấp độ it was captured on Fixed an error in console from Gible, Gabite, & Garchomp not having scales set for their models Fixed PixelmonTradeEvent.PlayerTradeEvent và PixelmonTradeEvent.NPCTradeEvent not being cancelable Fixed an error with Galarian Yamask"s animations Fixed EV reducing Berries being useable in situations they shouldn"t be Fixed Grassy Glide not having prority in Grassy Terrain Fixed Alolan Rattata & Alolan Raticate having no level up moves Removed the Totem Sticker from the Custom Icon selection Fixed (added?) the ability lớn set forms using form number in the starter selection menu. An example: Sandshrew-3 or Sandshrew-Alolan