How to redeem pokémon go promo codes

The success of Pokemon GO unsurprisingly has it see many collaborations (Image via Niantic)

Much like a lot of other thiết bị di động games, Pokemon GO has the option to enter promotional codes to receive không tính tiền items. Unfortunately, these codes for không lấy phí items bởi not come around very often. Luckily, Niantic often shares these codes on their Twitter tài khoản whenever a new code or promotion is added.

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Due khổng lồ the nature of Pokemon GO as a game, it requires a lot of grinding to lớn get enough Pokecoins for cosmetics, & a lot of Pokestop visits lớn get the Pokeballs & berries players would need lớn catch Pokemon. Certain promo codes aim to lớn at least assist with cutting down on these time-consuming processes.

Accessing Pokemon GO"s Promo Section

The first method players can try for entering promo codes is to lớn enter them on the trò chơi directly. Much lượt thích Mystery Gift in the main series, players can enter these promo codes through the ứng dụng itself.

Players wanting to vì this will need to open the Pokemon GO application on the home screen of their điện thoại device. After the game boots up, players will want khổng lồ tap on the Pokeball icon at the bottom of the screen; this brings up a thực đơn with various options leading to other menus.

On this menu, players will want to lớn tap on the "shop" option. This opens Pokemon GO"s in-game shop. Here, players can buy items using Pokecoins or buy Pokecoins using real money. Players will find the option to redeem promo codes at the very bottom of the siêu thị after scrolling all the way down in the "promos" section. From there, players can enter any valid code lớn receive their items.

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Other Methods khổng lồ Redeem Codes


Some players report not being able to lớn see the "promos" section in Pokemon GO"s shop. As an alternative, players have another method khổng lồ receive promotional items.

Players who cannot find the option khổng lồ redeem codes in Pokemon GO"s in-game cửa hàng have the alternative option of going to the Pokemon GO website. From the website, players only have to lớn click on the icon on the đứng top right part of the webpage to lớn see the "Offer Redemption" option.

Afterwards, players only have khổng lồ enter the e-mail to their Pokemon GO account, as well as their password khổng lồ log in. As soon as the player is logged in, they will be able khổng lồ enter promotional codes. Upon starting up Pokemon GO on the player"s sản phẩm điện thoại device, they will receive the items they entered the promo codes for.

To summarize, players looking to enter promo codes in Pokemon GO will need lớn go to lớn the "promo" section in Pokemon GO"s in-game shop. If players cannot find this option, they have the option to go khổng lồ the official Pokemon GO website to lớn enter promotional codes from there.